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Title: Somewhere There's a Place....
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto,  Tosh, Owen, Gwen
Spoilers: Set after S2
Summary:  Ianto confesses to the girls
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC.  I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Singing

Masterlist iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

Ianto was first to wake and looking over at Jack he smiled and bent down to kiss his forehead. Jack stirred but didn’t wake. Ianto was thankful for everything his lover had done for him, he had to admit he’d been scared of telling the rest of them. Owen knew of course but true to his word he’d not told either of the girls. He’d promised to hold off until Ianto was ready.

Today! It’s got to be today, thought Ianto. He’d put it off long enough so decided to take the bull by the horns and tell Tosh and Gwen today. Jack had not asked him when he was going to say anything, he knew Ianto would do it in his own time.

He went up the ladder to Jack’s office and spent the next few minutes looking down into the hub thinking what things could have been like. He shuddered. Strong arms went around his waist. He leant back into the warm body of his Captain and his lover. 

He turned to face Jack “Morning Cariad, I didn’t want to wake you. I had some thinking to do.”

“You didn’t wake me, I was already awake. You know I don’t sleep, I just had my eyes closed resting.”

“So what was that noise then earlier, a train going by? Or was it your snoring?”

“Don’t snore”

“Yep, you do. But I’m not getting into this conversation again. I’ve decided, I’m going to tell Gwen and Tosh everything that’s happened to me. I don’t want them to find out accidentally and then get a grilling from the pair of them because I hadn’t told them.”

“If you’re sure my love? Don’t forget I’m there for you no matter what.”

“Thanks Jack, that’s why I love you.”

Jack pulled him closer and kissed him gently, teeth grazing his bottom lip. Ianto moaned in response and his tongue sought out Jack’s to explore every millimetre of it. They were still locked together when the roller door opened and in walked their three colleagues.

“Oh please, can’t you leave each other alone, we’ve not had our morning coffee yet?” shouted up Owen.

Jack and Ianto pulled apart, looked at him and smiled. Ianto nodded to Owen who nodded back, a secret message passing between them. Owen realised Ianto was going to tell the girls about his immortality. He had no idea how they were going to take it and worried for Ianto, even though he’d not readily admit it, that they would be ok with everything.

Ianto made his way to the kitchen to fix their morning coffee. They were all gathered in the conference room to hear the results of the autopsy Owen had just completed on the Hoix that had arrived two days earlier. It had very kindly, according to Jack, been ill and had decided to end its days on Earth. Thankfully they had managed to contain it in a garden shed before anyone saw it.

Ianto entered the conference room, slightly on edge this morning. The girls noticed but never said anything. They knew that if he wanted to talk to them about anything he would do it in his own time. He handed out the coffee and Danish pastries, and then went and stood at the side of Jack. 

Noticing his hesitation, Jack grabbed his hand and ran a thumb over the back of it, letting Ianto know that everything was going to be alright. He didn’t let go, instead Ianto’s grip around Jacks hand got tighter.

“You ok?” Jack whispered.

“Yeah Jack, I’m fine, I need to get this over with today otherwise it’s gonna slip out when I least expect it and then I’ll have some explaining to do.”

Jack could feel the tension in Ianto’s body so he stood and placed himself behind him wrapping his arms around his waist to let him know nothing was going to scare him away.

“Oi tea boy, we’ve already had a glimpse of your exploits this morning, you’re beginning to put me off my Danish.”

“Thanks for that Owen, you’re just jealous!”

Owen smiled, he’d had an idea Ianto was going to tell the girls from the look on his face first thing this morning, and if he could do something to lighten the situation then he hoped it would help.

“Ok guys, I’ve….erm….I’ve got something to tell you.”

“You’re not pregnant are you?” Laughed Gwen “You’d be worth a bloody fortune if you were.”

“Gwen, please this is serious.”

“I’m sorry Jack, but Ianto looks as though he’s had a shock and I was just trying to lighten the mood.”

“Yeah I know, but please can we all just listen to him.”

They all stared at Ianto, which didn’t make things easier. But, he thought, if I don’t do it now I never will.

“Right, do you remember a few weeks ago I was sort of…well there were two of me? Well something happened when I was touched by the Brice, you remember that alien who tried to take my place. Owen doesn’t know how it happened but something changed in my genetic make-up and….well….I don’t think I can die. We’re not sure how it happened, it’s just….well….has. I’m sorry I’ve been a long time telling you but I’ve been trying to sort it all out in my head first. Jack’s helped me and so has Owen. Before you start on Owen he’s only been doing what I asked him to do. I wanted to be able to tell you myself. But I needed to get it clear in my head what’s happened, and today seemed like the right time.”

Gwen and Tosh looked shocked, Jack squeezed just that little bit tighter around his waist and Owen looked down at the papers he had in front of him.

“Ok, so what does this mean? Are you like Jack?”

“We’re not sure yet Gwen, I had an accident last week when Owen and I went to London. It seems that I, well I’m similar to Jack. I don’t know if it’s permanent but Owens still doing tests so we have to take each day at a time. I need your support in this and I’m sorry if it’s such a shock.”

Gwen and Tosh smiled and stood up to go and give Ianto a hug. They hugged Jack and smiled at him.

“Oi, where’s my hug girls? I was the one who discovered Ianto’s little secret.”

“Oh are you feeling left out?”

They both smiled and went and gave Owen a hug who then brushed them away, feeling silly that he’d said anything.

“How are you going to test whether it’s permanent or not?”

“I’m just going to take one day at a time Tosh and until Owen has more evidence I’m going to need your help. Jack’s been fantastic.”

“Yeah we know, we saw when we arrived this morning.”

“Owen can you please keep your mind off our sex life. That’s up to me and Ianto.”

Owen blushed. But they all burst out laughing.

“We should celebrate, not just the fact that Ianto’s immortal, but that he’s alright and he’s got all of us to look out for him.” Offered Gwen when she saw the looks on their faces.

“What I mean is a night out.”

“Look a night out is how this all started, do you think I could take any more?”

“No Ianto, not in a nightclub, I mean the theatre.”

They all looked at her. It was Jack who spoke first. “But you don’t like going to the theatre. What’s with the change of mind?”

“My old school friend, she has just finished a stint in the West End and now she has a job in the theatre here in Cardiff. They’re performing West Side Story and she said she could get me some tickets to go and see her. I thought we could all go tonight. Yes even you Owen before you say anything. I want you all to meet her. She’s done so well, she’s been in Legally Blonde, Grease and her last one was The Jersey Boys. I’m so proud of her. When we were at school she always said this is what she was going to do but no one believed her. In fact they used to bully her because she had such an ambition. But we’ve stayed in touch and now she’s coming home she wants me to take my friends to see her perform.”

“Great, haven’t been to the theatre since Tap Dogs have we Ianto?”

Ianto was remembering the escapade in the dressing room and then being upside down. His face turned a lovely shade of red and he had to turn away from the rest of them to hide his grin.

“Erm no Jack, it’d be a good night. I’ll look forward to it.”

Gwen squealed and said she was going to contact her friend and let her know they’d be there that night, and if she could leave the tickets at the box office.

They all left the conference room except Ianto, who turned to Jack “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I expected more questions.”

“Hey you know the gang, they are all behind you.”

“No Jack it’s you I would rather have behind me, if you know what I mean?”

“This hasn’t dampened your appatite for sex I see?”

“No Jack, I’m just thankful that we’re still together. I know what it could have been like for you if…..”

“Don’t Ianto, I don’t want to think about that.”

Jack pulled him close and kissed him again. Reluctantly breaking away Ianto smiled at him and went down to the archives to finish some work he’d begun the day before.


They had a fairly quiet day and each of them were able to catch up on jobs that should have been completed days before. That was until the rift alarm sounded.

“Tosh what have we got?”

“It’s coming from an area at the back of the Theatre. It’s getting stronger by the minute, but I can’t quite determine what or who has just arrived. I’ll keep checking.”

“Gwen, Ianto with me, Owen make sure we have containment if we need it.”

“Right Jack.”

Jack, Gwen and Ianto raced to the Theatre, and the alleyway at the rear. They were hoping they were going to be lucky and deal with the situation quickly. They didn’t want to still be sorting out aliens when the cast were arriving for their performance. If Jack remembered correctly there was a security guard at the stage door who was reluctant to let anyone in who wasn’t on his list.

They arrived to find the place deserted. “Tosh what’s going on, there’s nothing or no one here?”

“Jack it’s really strange but the signal’s disappeared. Not sure what’s happening, one minute it was there and then, nothing.”

“Ok, we’ll stay and check out a few places then we’ll be back.”

The three of them wandered around checking all the doorways down the alley, but their search proved futile.

Gwen’s phone rang, “Hello….oh hi Dawn….what?....No, I’ve not heard the news this afternoon, what’s happened?.....Where should they have been?....Ok, I’ll see if I can find out anything for you….Yeah, it’s no problem, what are friends for?....I’ll let you know if I hear anything….Look don’t worry I’m sure they’ll turn up before the performance tonight….Ok…yeah I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

“What was all that?”

“That was my friend, you know the one who’s come from London to appear in West Side Story.”

“Yeah it sounded serious, what’s happened?”

“She was supposed to meet Josh and Gareth at the theatre this afternoon, but they’ve disappeared, no one has seen them since they all arrived in Cardiff last night. They’re the two leading men you know the ones who play Tony and Bernardo? The show can’t go on without those two and they are worried that they have had an accident. She knew I worked in the police and she wanted me to check to see if anything has been reported about them?”

“Are they renowned for disappearing?”

“No, Dawn says that they are the most conscientious couple and are always first to rehearsals. Before you ask yes they are a couple but they wouldn’t compromise their jobs in any way. Dawn is really worried about them. Would you mind if I went to check the hospitals?”

“No, it doesn’t appear that anything is happening here. Just make sure you’re available if anything does happen.”

“Of course Jack. Thanks”

Gwen rang Dawn back and arranged to meet her and they would both check the hospitals. Jack and Ianto made their way back to the Hub.

They hadn’t been back too long when the rift alarm went off again.

“Whoever it is must know when we get home. They are doing this on purpose. Where is it this time Tosh?”

“It’s the same place Jack, sorry but this time something’s appeared on the screen. You better come and check this out.”

Jack went to look at what Tosh had found. “Hey where did they spring from? Ianto ring Gwen and tell her we’ve found the two leading men.”

Gwen and Dawn met Jack and Ianto back at the theatre only to find that the leading men were out cold and no-one could rouse them. Jack wasn’t sure but they looked like they’d been drugged.

“Owen, we need your medical expertise down her now. We’ve got two guys out cold and I don’t think all is well.”

“Right Jack on my way. Do you want me to call the ambulance?”

“No we’ll do that if necessary when you’ve looked at them.”

Within minutes Owen was at the back of the theatre. “Ok, quick observation is they have been drugged but I’m not sure what with. I’ll need to take them back to the hub to see what’s what.”

“Ok, but how long do you expect to be with them?”

“Not sure, but I’ll tell you this, they won’t be fit for the performance tonight. They may even be unable to perform tomorrow night too.”

Dawn heard Owen’s comments and burst into tears.

“Hey come on Owen will sort them out. He’s the best medic around even if he is a little cranky sometimes.”

Owen glared at Gwen, then smiled. He knew she was just trying to cheer her friend up.

“But what are we going to do about the performance tonight. It’s our opening night and lots of people are depending on us.”

“I’ve an idea” smiled Jack “how’s about you get your director to call a press conference and explain that a number of the cast have come down with food poisoning and unfortunately the show cannot go ahead tonight. Then tell him that Ianto and I will stand in for Josh and Gareth tomorrow night. That’ll give us the rest of today and tomorrow to learn the show. How does that sound?”

Ianto looked at Jack, as much as he loved him, he wasn’t sure that this was a good idea.

“Before you say anything my love” whispered Jack after seeing the look on Ianto’s face. “I’ll help you, and didn’t you say you were in a choir when you were younger? Plus we can use this as a test to see how long it takes you to come back to life again. Whichever character you play they both get killed and if we use real weapons, but don’t tell anyone about it, then Owen can monitor your death and the time it takes for you to come back to me.”

“But....but....how will I know if I’ll come back?”

“You came back to me after you were killed in London, this is going to be a walk in the park.”

Jack pulled his lover in close and kissed him. Ianto’s knees buckling under the sensual way Jack always got round him for what he wanted. Luckily Jack had hold of him and was able to keep him upright. Pulling apart Ianto smiled and agreed to give it a go.


Owen’s examination of the two men found they had been drugged, but it was something he’d not come across before. He promised to do more tests but in the meantime told Jack and Ianto to have fun!

They both looked at Dawn and smiled, but Ianto looked terrified and it was only Jack’s arm around his waist that told him everything was going to be alright.

For the next few hours they read and re-read the script, learnt the songs and even attempted to learn the dances. Jack took the part of Bernardo, he said he could dance better than Ianto and who was Ianto to argue with his captain? They got to the part where Ianto was to die, when Ianto asked for a break. He said he needed a coffee but Jack knew he was nervous.

The director agreed that they had been working hard and told them to go home for the night and be back at the theatre for 8am the following day. Everyone said goodnight and left, but Ianto held back. 

He looked at Jack “Can we do my death scene before anyone else has to see it. I don’t want to be killed and you know....not...”

Before he had the chance to voice his opinions Jack had planted a kiss on his lips. “I’m sure we can test the theory now everyone’s gone. Are you sure you want to go through with this? We can use the prop knife rather than the real thing.”

“We’ve been wanting a way to test Owens theory out and this seems as good a time as any. So Cariad, do your worst.”

Jack took the knife, stared into the gorgeous blue eyes he loved so very much and thrust it into Ianto’s stomach. Ianto clutched his abdomen, looked into Jacks blue/grey eyes mouthed the words I love you and collapsed on the floor, blood seeping from the wound in his stomach. Jack stared at what he’d done, tears in his eyes, praying silently that they’d done the right thing.

He waited....taking hold of Ianto’s hand he kissed it and waited some more.

Several minutes later, he heard a huge intake of breath and lifting his head he saw his beautiful lover come back to life. Jack hadn’t realised it but he’d been holding his breath. He didn’t quite know how long for, but he took a deep breath and smiled at Ianto.

“Welcome back my love. I....I thought....”

Before he could say anymore Ianto was kissing him and holding him tight. “I’m here my love and it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere soon. Owen was right, I’m pleased to say. But whatever you do don’t let him know I said that.”

Jack laughed out loud. “Looks like we’ve got a show to put on tomorrow my love. We’d better get home and get a good night’s sleep.”

“Who said anything about sleep Cariad? I feel good and I want to celebrate. I can think of a few things we could do until morning.”

Jack helped him up and they made their way back to the hub, knowing that however long this thing lasted with Ianto, they would always have each other and if performing in West Side Story was what they had to do to help a friend out then that’s what they’d do. Until then they could lose themselves in each other and pray that their stardom only lasted one night. Jack didn’t think killing Ianto every night for the duration of the run would be a boost to his ego. 

They were down in their quarters slowly undressing each other when Ianto looked at Jack “I’m here for you for as long as you want me Cariad I’m not going anywhere. And besides I love to hear you sing, I just wish those songs were for me instead of Anita.”

“Yan, if you want me to sing for you then I will, I’ll sing whatever you want.”

They kissed slowly at first then with passions rising they somehow made it to the bed and lost themselves in one another for the rest of the night. With Jack singing as Ianto fell asleep.



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  • BACKSTAGE - Chatper 1

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