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Title: Separated Lovers
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto,  Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary:  An old advisary returns
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC.  I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Imprisonment.

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A/N  Apologies for anyone getting this numerous times

Jack was woken by the sound of the rift alarm going off. Looking at his watch he realised they’d only been in bed a couple of hours and he’d only been asleep for a few minutes. Gazing at the man he had wrapped in his arms he smiled at the memories of their lovemaking last night. Kissing Ianto on the forehead, he carefully extracted himself from the comfort of his lovers arms, trying not to wake him. 

Ianto was a light sleeper and as Jack moved he woke up “mmmm what’s the matter cariad?”

“Nothing my love, go back to sleep, the rift alarm has gone off, I’m just going to see what’s arrived.”

Kissing Ianto he left him and went up to his office. Checking the monitors he noticed that the spike was originating in the old warehouse on the edge of the Splott estate. Strange he thought,we’ve not had anything appear there before. Why now? Checking the time again he knew that the team would not thank him for waking them so early but he needed to know what it was and the best person for the job was Tosh. He’d rather suffer the wrath of Owen than Rhys so he dialled Tosh’s number. True to form for the last several months, Owen answered the phone.

“Yeah?” he grumbled “Whoever it is do you realise the time?”

“Morning Owen, and yep I do know what time it is, but we have rift activity and Tosh is the best person to decipher the readings. I’ve tried but not had much luck, otherwise I wouldn’t have called you. In any case you can come and help me look for whatever it is while Tosh feeds us the information.”

“Uuurgh I suppose so, wait I’ll put Tosh on.”

“Mmm morning Jack, I won’t say good, because at this hour it isn’t. What can I do for you?”

“We’ve got rift activity in the Splott area again, looks like a disused warehouse but I can’t determine anything else from the information on the screen, I need your personal touch to help. I’m sorry, I know you deserve a night in but I…..”

“It’s ok Jack, Owen and I will be there in fifteen minutes. I’m sure it’s nothing, we’ll sort it out when we get there. Have you called Gwen?”

“No, didn’t want the wrath of Rhys, it’s the first night we’ve had off for weeks and I told her she wouldn’t be bothered, not tonight. I’m sorry that I’ve had to ring you, but I knew I’d find you both together.”

“Don’t worry Jack, I’m sure I can make it up to Owen once this thing has been sorted out.”

She put the phone down on him and he smiled knowing how she’d make it up to her lover, possibly in the same way he would have to make it up to Ianto.

“Anything I can do Cariad?”

“No sweetheart, go back to bed, I’ve rung Owen and he and Tosh are on their way in. If I need you I’ll call. No let me rephrase that, I always need you, I love you. If you can help out then I’ll call.”

Ianto went and put his arms around his Captain, kissing his forehead he whispered “I love you too Jack, just be careful, I want you back in one piece, not pieces.”

He left Jack and went back down to their quarters, knowing that Jack would come back to him no matter what.


Tosh had managed to locate the exact area where the rift had appeared and Jack and Owen had gone to investigate. They arrived to find a strange noise coming from inside. Jack drew his Webley and told Owen to have the tazer ready. If there was a creature or creatures inside he didn’t really want to kill them he needed to find out where they had come from and what they wanted. If they were dead that definitely would not happen.

Owen carefully opened the door. The warehouse had been empty for several years and the electric had been switched off, so he shone his flashlight into the darkness. Jack inched passed him and entered the building. Seeing nothing he motioned for Owen to follow. As their eyes became accustomed to the darkness of the room they noticed something moving at the far end of the building. Moving their way forwards they saw things scurrying across the floor. Whatever it was must have heard them as they began making their way towards the two men. Not knowing what they were they made their way up the stairs at the end of the building. Tosh had remained outside and was monitoring the movement and the rift inside. 

“Tosh whatever you do stay out there in the SUV, we have creatures running across the building but not sure what they are or how dangerous they are.”

“Ok Jack, I’ll see if I can scan them from here and let you know.”


“Ianto? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Jack, it’s just I couldn’t sleep without you and felt as though I was shirking my duties. I’ve been looking at the monitors here and they’re showing a humanoid in the old office. Be careful Jack that’s all I can tell you.”

“Thanks Yan, we’re a bit stuck at present, we’re kinda surrounded by scurrying creatures and not sure what they are exactly. If I can I’ll make my way to the office, I’ll let you know what I find.”



“Be careful.”

Owen looked at Jack and rolled his eyes. 

Jack made his way back down the stairs, he sent Owen up to the next level to see what was going on there. Getting closer to the bottom step he got a clearer look at the creatures. They looked like mechanical spiders and were clustered around the base of the staircase. Slowly he tried to step over them but the distance was slightly greater than he could manage. He jumped. He thought he’d missed them but heard a crunch under his left foot. Looking down he saw that he’d squashed one of the creatures and its insides looked just like a memory stick you put into the computer.

The others had heard their comrade killed and turned to face Jack. “Owen go up onto the roof and if you can get back to the SUV from there do so and get back to the Hub. Get Gwen in and the four of you get back here as soon as possible with heavy fire power. I don’t like the look of our little friends here. I’ll be ok, just get yourselves to safety.”

“Jack are you sure you’re going to be alright?”

“Yes Tosh I’ll be fine. Just bring the big guns back.”

“Jack, cariad, be careful please, need you in once piece, not pieces.”

“Yan I’ll be fine. Just don’t be too long getting back. I think we’re going to have fun catching these little buggers.”

Jack laughed and began to run towards the office. Owen managed to find his way down off the roof and back to Tosh. He drove at break neck speed back to the Hub calling Gwen on the way. She wasn’t too pleased to be woken up but once she heard what had happened she said she’d meet them at the Hub.


Jack slammed the office door behind him and rested his back on it, hoping that they couldn’t get to him. He saw movement just outside the window which led to the main warehouse area. There was someone out there, just couldn’t quite see who it was. He shouted “Whoever is there get yourself on to high ground there are things crawling around the floor and I don’t know how dangerous they are.”

Whoever was there must have heard him as the figure disappeared into the darkness. Turning around to look out of the window on the door he saw the creatures making their way to him. It must be his movement or his voice that was attracting them. He needed to capture one of them and take it back to dissect it thoroughly to find out where they had come from.

He found a box on the battered filing cabinet and carefully opened the door. Trying to crouch down and cover one of the spiders he didn’t see the smaller one crawl past the box. It reached his left foot and attached itself to his boot. He stood with the box and the spider and took it over to the desk. The spider that had attached itself to him crawled further up his leg. By the time Jack realised what was going on it had bitten him. He began feeling feint and sick. The next thing he knew he was passing out on the floor of the office. He tried to tap his comms for help but didn’t make it. Jack was dead.


Back at the Hub Ianto was desperately trying to contact Jack. He’d found readings on the monitor that weren’t good. The creatures were giving out one reading but there seemed to be humanoid readings and this was worrying Ianto. He couldn’t raise Jack, he had to do something, he couldn’t wait around for the others to get back and then go back to the warehouse.

He tapped his comms, “Owen I can’t raise Jack, I know you’re on your way back but I can’t wait. Tosh there are some other readings that show another human and I’m going to go and try to find out what’s going on. Please don’t try to talk me out of this, you won’t win. I’ll get a weapon and ammunition and go in my car, just hurry up when you get here, we may need more help.”

“Oi tea boy, can’t you wait, we’re nearly there. Jack will be fine, you know what he’s like he’ll survive, just like you do now so don’t give me the I’m worried shit.”

“I don’t care what you say Owen, Jack could be in trouble so I’m going to go help him, and that’s final. See you when you get there.”

Ianto disconnected his comms to Owen and dashed out of the Hub, just as Gwen was coming through the roller door. She looked at him, raised her eyebrows and stood open mouthed as he shouted back to her that Owen was on his way he’d see them all at the warehouse. Then he was gone.


Jack came back to life with a huge gasp and shouted Ianto’s name. Looking around he realised he’d been moved from the office and placed in a large cage. What is going on? Who’s put me in here? I need to warn the others, Ianto, he needs to know.

“Ah, we’ve finally come back to the land of the living then have we Jack?”

“Who’s there, let me see you.”

“Oh no, you’re not going to see me that easily. I’ve got a surprise in store for you, but I’m not saying anymore I don’t want to give the game away. You’ll have to wait until the rest of the gang get here.”

Jack listened to what this crazy guy had to say, he thought he recognised the voice but whoever it was had disguised it slightly. He just couldn’t put a finger on who it could be. He heard a noise, stopping to listen he realised someone was coming into the warehouse. He hoped it wasn’t Ianto, if this crazy person wanted to harm the team then he would be starting very soon. He tried to shout a warning but something hit him in the arm and knocked him out. It didn’t kill him this time, just put him to sleep.


Ianto entered the warehouse, careful to look for the creatures that they’d told him were there. He couldn’t see anything, just a large shape at the far end of the building. He moved towards it and as he got closer he realised it was a cage and Jack was in the cage.

“Jack….Jack, cariad, wake up, please, what’s happened?” He went to open the door but was hit from behind and knocked out.

Now he’d got both of them, this was going to be easier than he thought. How stupid these two were. Didn’t they know never to enter a deserted building without checking it was completely empty and shouting to see if anyone was there? No not these two. Now he would have them, well one of them to himself. After….after he’d gotten rid of the other one. How nice this would be just watching as one died and the other went to pieces. He’d have to take him away somewhere and comfort him, he would love him and everything would be alright. He smiled and picked up a packing case and set it between the two cages. He’d wait until one or the other woke up and…he’d forgotten about the other kids. They would be on their way here if he knew them. They wouldn’t want to be without their glorious leader. Right, he had to get them here as soon as possible to witness the demise of Ianto Jones. He suddenly had an idea he reached into the cage that held Jack and took the comms out of his ear.

Tapping it and disguising his voice he said “Owen, Tosh, Gwen, Ianto can any of you hear me? I’m trapped in the warehouse I can’t get out I’m surrounded by the creatures. Look I’ve found a container to put the creatures in and I need you here as soon as possible, Ianto has been hurt something fell onto him and I can’t reach him, please hurry up.”

“Jack, Jack is that you? You sound different, what’s happened?”

“Gwen don’t worry, it’s the building, it’s having a strange effect on the comms, don’t worry, I’ll be alright. Sorry Gwen it’s breaking up gotta go. See you guys soon.”

Gwen tapped off her comms and turned to Owen and Tosh. “Jack’s in trouble and Ianto’s been knocked out. I saw him leaving here but didn’t know where her was going?”

“Yeah, tea boy said that he was going to help Jack and he’d meet us back at the warehouse as soon as possible. He’ll be alright they’re like two peas in a pod now, so don’t worry.”

Gwen smiled at the thought of her two friends being described like that and the lack of sarcasm in Owens voice when he said it. Maybe, just maybe Tosh was managing to tame Owen. Now that would be a sight to see. Taking the lead from Jack the three of them settled down to wait for the call from him to go and pick them both up.


Jack slowly came around. He’d got a headache that he thought would last a week. Rubbing his neck he looked around him and went to tap his comms.

“Oh I wouldn’t do that if I were you Jack. It’s not there. I’ve got it here and oh yeah, the kids are going to be joining us very soon. I’ve got to have my guests for my party because I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Jack rubbed his hands over his face. He recognised the voice. How stupid could he have been? The only person who would call him that, other than his team, was Hart. What the hell did he want now?

“Captain Hart….what can I do for you this time?”

“Oh it’s Captain now is it? What about lover, friend, colleague? I thought I meant more to you than that?”

“You never meant anything to me, you were a distraction for a while, but that was all. Anyway what are you doing here? What were those little creatures all about? How come they didn’t bite you?”

“Oh my spider friends. Well they respond to instructions from a programmed voice….my voice and they will do anything I want them to, which includes killing your eye candy here.”

“Don’t you dare hurt Ianto, I’ll kill you if you do. Let him go, you have me where you want me, now tell me what it is you actually want and I’ll do whatever it is. Just don’t hurt Ianto….please.”

“I never thought I see the day when I heard the great Captain Jack Harkness beg for someone’s life. Especially someone he is shagging…..wait a minute….you’d only beg if….if you were in love with him. Now that’s it isn’t it. You. Love. Eye candy.”

“So what’s it to you? What does it matter if I’m in love with someone? Me and you were just having fun, we needed a distraction and our….our time together was that distraction, it meant nothing to me.”

“Don’t lie. We had….we had something….something good.”

“Oh I don’t doubt that. It was good….at the time, but now….now it’s over and I’ve got Ianto.”

Hart laughed. “Not for long my dear Captain, my little friends are just dormant, well that is until I wake them with a command to….kill. In fact I think that is in order now don’t you?”

“WAIT….wait, don’t hurt him. I’ll never forgive you if you do. Believe me I’ll kill you if you hurt him.”

“Oh I’m not going to hurt him, I’m going to kill him. Then maybe we can be something again. You’ll need someone to comfort you and hold you and tell you everything is going to be alright. I’m going to be here for you Jack. I’ve missed you.”

Ianto had come round, he stayed completely still, listening to this mad man ranting about what he was going to do. He recognised the voice and shuddered. He thought they’d gotten rid of him for good the last time he’d paid a visit. Why did he keep coming back? Ianto didn’t want Hart to realise he’d been listening. He groaned just enough to let Hart realise that he was no longer out cold.

“Urrgh, Jack….Jack where are you? What’s happening?”

“Ah eye candy, finally you come back to the land of the living. So nice to have your presence at this fine going away party.”

“What….what do you mean, going away party?”

“Oh eye candy, it’s your going away party. You’re going away for good. Jack and I have some unfinished business and we don’t want you around anymore, it would be too distracting for him thinking about you when he’s in bed making glorious love to me

“HART….Hart, I will never, never make love to you ever again. Have you got that through your tiny mind? You meant nothing to me and you well know that.”

Hart laughed, “Oh but you’ll need comforting when your….your lover here is no more. I’ll be there for you to help you recover, you’ll need me then. Just wait and see.”

Ianto smiled so Jack hasn’t told him. That’s good. We can beat this maniac. “So Hart, how do you envisage killing me? I want to be ready.” He looked at Jack and winked.

Jack smiled “Ianto my love don’t be scared, I’ll not let him harm you. He’s crazy, just hold on the rest of the team should be here soon.”

“Jack I’m not scared, you’re here and that’s all I would want. I love you cariad.” Ianto knew that would wind Hart up.

“Oh how very sweet, declaring your love, just before you die.”

“Yes Hart, and I love him. I’ll not let you harm him.”

Before Jack could say anymore the door to the warehouse opened, Tosh, Gwen and Owen walked in. 


Owen, Tosh and Gwen quickly left the Hub with more fire power, they didn’t know who or what they were up against, just that the spider like creatures were dangerous and reacted to movement. They’d tried to reach Jack on the comms but either he was out cold or he couldn’t answer them for fear of giving his position away. They tried Ianto’s comms, no answer there either. Something serious had happened. Ianto never removed his comms and he would always answer even if he was in a tight spot. Something was seriously wrong.

They raced back to the warehouse. They had containment boxes to capture these creatures and enough fire power to….well they didn’t like to think of the consequences.

Owen drove like a mad man, screeching to a halt outside the door. They saw Ianto’s car parked outside, as always doors closed and no doubt locked. Gwen tried the door and yep it was locked. She smiled to herself. Even inanimate objects always got the love and care that Jack and the rest of them received from this wonderful man.

Owen motioned them to quietly follow him into the building. They opened the door, letting their eyes adjust to the darkness before moving to find their friends. Quickly their eyes became accustomed and they were confronted with the sight of Jack and Ianto in separate cages with Hart sat in front of them grinning.

“Oh so nice of you all to join the party. You’re just in time kids to witness the demise of your lovely Ianto Jones here. Jack is going to see his lover die right before his eyes and then I’m going to be there to help him pick the pieces up.”

Owen was just about to take a running leap at Hart but he saw Jack slightly shake his head, and he stopped in his tracks. He still forgot at times that Ianto was like Jack and it looked as though nothing had been said to Hart about his condition. This was going to be interesting. Owen smiled to himself and nodded his head enough so Jack could see.

“Come and have a seat children, I’m sorry I can’t offer you any refreshments whilst we watch eye candy here take his last breath, but at least you can sit comfortably on the floor. I’ll keep our little friends away from you….on the condition you don’t try anything stupid.”

“We won’t, but why kill Ianto? And what are you doing here anyway? We thought you’d finally see sense and realised you weren’t welcome here in Cardiff.” Said Gwen

“Oh, I got bored, I needed a bit of excitement and you lot are always guaranteed to give that to me. Plus I was missing your Captain and thought that he’d be better coming back to me, I could give him the world. Well actually make that plural….worlds.”

“You’re sick Hart, that’s what you are.”

“Oh Doctor Harper, yes I’m sick. Sick of you all thinking you know what’s best for me. Jack is the best it can get. His love making is….well I’m sure eye candy here could attest to that?”

“Just leave us alone, we don’t need you or your little pets here.”

“So beautiful, Miss Sato, your eyes are filled with fire when you’re angry. I wish I could bottle that up and take it with me. You’ve changed and not only would I like to take you with me but just imagine the fun we could have. What are you like in bed Toshiko?”

“Oi, leave her alone, she’s mine now and if you lay one hand on her I’ll….”

“Oh so that’s the reason she’s looking so hot. You’re shagging her. Mmmm nice, how about the three of us go somewhere first before I take Jack here with me?”

“HART….Hart, just leave them alone. You have the both of us trapped just let them go back to the Hub and I’ll do what you want.”

All the gang looked at Jack who winked at Ianto and nodded at the rest of them. They realised he had a plan and if they tried to kill or disarm Hart then they would possibly be hurt themselves.

“Oh no not so fast my Captain, I want them to witness the demise of one Ianto Jones and the hurt that it brings you. If you’re ready people I’ve sat here too long chatting, I want to get this over and done with. Now remain still otherwise my little friends will get you and then there’ll be none of you left to save the world. Right eye candy say your goodbyes to the crew and I’m sorry I can’t let you say your goodbyes properly to Jack as you never know what you’ll do if you come into contact with each other.”

Ianto looked at Jack “I’m sorry cariad, I love you, take care of yourself, don’t mourn for me too long.”

“Ianto, I love you. Hart you bastard don’t hurt him, I don’t want you to kill him….please.”

“Oh how touching. You love each other, that’s enough to make me want to get this over with quicker, but it’s going to be a slow death and a painful one and I want you to see it all then I can take you away with me and love you and help you get over him.”

“You’re sick Hart. I’ll never love you, I never did love you. You were just a distraction till things got better.”

Hart screamed and rushed over to the cage that Jack was in and hit it with a strength that shook it. He stopped, this isn’t doing any good. I’ve got to get him to go with me, doing that will make things worse. I’ve just got to keep my emotions in check until….until eye candy is dead! He moved back to his seat and opened his wrist strap. Punching a few buttons the mechanical spiders seemed to wake up and turn around to face Ianto’s cage. Looking at Jack and then at the others he pressed another button and the spiders made their way to Ianto.

They scurried up to the cage, seeming to look at the man inside. There must have been about a hundred of them and they surrounded the cage and stopped. Ianto was looking from them to Jack to his friends and back to Jack. He smiled and nodded to Jack in recognition of his love for this beautiful man. He looked down at the spiders and as he did so they slowly inched their way through the bars of the cage. He couldn’t move anywhere as they came from all sides. They seemed to be moving in slow motion towards him, but he was ready, he was used to dying now this would be no different. He sat on the floor and the spiders sensed his movement and scurried quickly towards him not wanting their prey to get away. 

He took one final look at Jack “I love you Jack, don’t forget me” and succumbed to the onslaught of the spiders. They swarmed over him and with another command from Hart they injected their poison into him. He smiled and collapsed. Ianto Jones was dead.

Gwen, Tosh and Owen screamed and tried to get to him. But Hart stopped them threatening them with the same treatment. Jack screamed Ianto’s name and collapsed on the floor tears running down his face.

“Oh very touching kids. Now go home, you’re not required here anymore. I’ll look after Jack, he’s mine now and I’ll take him home with me and make sure he forgets you all.”

Hart fiddled with his wrist strap again and the spiders left Ianto, went to the far side of the warehouse and into a box. Owen saw a chance to capture one that was straggling behind the rest. Without anyone seeing – Hart was too interested in the dead Ianto and Jack’s grief – he threw a containment box over the top of it. 

Looking at Jack and back to Ianto Gwen said “Ok you have it your way. We’ll leave you for now, but believe me we’ll hunt you down and….and”

“And what Gwen, kill me? Oh I’d like to see that. NOW GO”

Before Owen left he bent down and retrieved the box with their visitor inside. He motioned for the girls to follow him and they left. Jack had been watching everything, boy was he a good actor, he had Hart convinced. He saw the others leave, but not before Owen had picked something up. Now he just had to keep Hart occupied whilst he waited for his gorgeous Welshman to come back to him. He hoped Ianto wouldn’t make too much noise when he did he didn’t want Hart to realise what was going on.

Hart went to Ianto’s cage and entered. He had to make sure he was dead. Checking for a pulse he smiled. This couldn’t have gone smoother if he’d wanted it to. Eye candy here was dead, Jack was distraught and the gang had gone home, tails between their legs without their leader. He smiled to himself so good when plans come together, now to just convince Jack that he was better off without Ianto and that he Captain John Hart could make things better for him.

“Well Jack, just the two of us now. Come on let’s go and get you sorted out. You look like shit so it’s up to me to make you feel better.”

“Don’t you dare come near me you bastard, I will never….never go anywhere with you. You deserve to die, but it has to be painful and very very slow. I want you to feel everything he felt.”

“Oh but that’s not going to happen Jack, my little friends only respond to my commands. I found them on a hostile planet I visited once and knew that they’d come in handy one day. I had to do a little reprogramming but nothing too drastic and they’ve come in handy on more than one occasion now.”

He got up from his seat and made his way to Jack’s cage. Opening the door Jack made to go for him but Hart pressed another button on his wrist strap and had Jack on his knees as if someone had kicked him in the ribs. 

Hart went over to Jack and put an arm around his shoulders. “Come on my love, let’s get you out of here. I’ve got just the place we can go and I’ll comfort you, I’ll make you forget Ianto Jones.”

“I. Will. Never. Forget Ianto Jones. He is my life and my love. You can just go back to where you came from. I will not now or ever go with you. Do you get that?”

“Oh Jack, Jack you’re just grieving, it’ll be better when we leave here, you won’t have to look at his body for much longer. I’ll take us away and I promise never to leave you. Not like him.”

Jack was trying to stall their departure, he knew Ianto would be back with them very soon. Looking over to the cage that held his lover he could see feint stirrings of Ianto’s hand. Just a little bit longer. How to stall Hart?  He didn’t want to but….the one way to definitely put him off leaving would be to….to kiss him. Ianto I’m so very sorry you have to see this please forgive me my love I’ll make it up to you when we get back to the Hub. It’s now or never.

Jack pulled Hart towards him and planted his lips firmly on Harts. He snaked his arms around his neck and waist to make sure he didn’t move. Startled, Hart initially tried to pull away but realising what was happening, succumbed to the intensity of Jack’s kiss. Mirroring Jack he put his arms around Jack’s body and held him close. Unbeknown to Hart, Ianto had gasped back to life. Jack had noticed and signalled to him to be careful.

Ianto noticed the clinch that his lover was in with this evil man and his hate for him intensified. Quietly and as quickly has he could he managed to open the door of the cage. It was only locked with a normal padlock and the alien technology he always carried in his pocket for such an occasion sliced its way through it no problem. He nodded to Jack to continue with the kiss, even though it hurt him to see, just long enough for him to pick up an iron bar and hit Hart over the head. Jack found some twine and tied his hands and feet together, he didn’t want him to get away without some explanation.

“You took you time coming back to me my love.”

“It looked as though you’d found something to do to occupy your time though.”

“Hey Yan, come here….he means nothing to me. I love you and no one else, you got that?”

“I know you love me and I love you with all my heart, but from what I just witnessed you still have feelings for him.

Jack pulled Ianto into an embrace and gently kissed him. His tongue slowly pushing its way into his young lovers’ mouth. He found it’s partner and duelled, each searching one another’s mouths for the sensitive spots. 

Breaking apart Jack looked at Ianto “Yan, I love you, let me take you home and show you how much.”

“What are we going to do with….him?”

“Oh, I thought he could keep Janet company for tonight then in the morning we would send him to the farthest planet from here and make sure he has someone or something to keep him occupied.”

Ianto smiled and kissed Jack again. This time relaxing into the kiss and feeling his reaction further down in his groin. Noticing Jack’s same reaction he broke apart, took Jack by the hand and led him to the cage where Hart was.

“Mmm looks like he’s going to be out for a while, I spotted a desk in the office back there do you want to make use of it?”

“Yes please Jack, I’m sorry for doubting you will you please….”

Ianto didn’t get time to finish his sentence as Jack had covered his mouth with his own and was leading him back into the office. For what seemed like several mind blowing hours, they made love to one another whilst Hart was tied up in the cage.

Satiated they emerged from the office with kiss swollen lips and flushed with love. They picked Hart up and manhandled him back to the Hub and down into the cells where Janet was all too willing to keep him company. 




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    Title: Sea of Love - Chapter 13 Author: iantosdreamer46 Genre: AU Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Tommy, Owen, Martha Jones Summary: Jack is…

  • SEA OF LOVE - Chapter 12

    Title: Sea of Love - Chapter 12 Author: iantosdreamer46 Genre: AU Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Tommy, Owen, Martha Jones Summary: Jack is…

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