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Title: Just The Way You Are
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto,  Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen, Martha, The Doctor
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary:  Jack doubts Ianto's love
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC.  I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Physical Imperfections - 3359 words

Masterlist iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

The Tourist Information office door opened and Ianto was surprised at the visitor. He’d not been told she was coming but he greeted her with the warm smile he greeted all visitors with.

“Good Morning ma’am.So nice to see you again. I didn’t know Jack had anything that was needing help from your good self.”

“Oh, he called me a couple of days ago and asked if I could come and help out for a while. He has something he needs to take care of and wanted my help to look after things for a while.”

“Oh….right….he’s not said anything to me.”

“No, I know, he wanted to keep it a secret. He has a surprise for you Ianto, but that’s all I’m saying otherwise he’ll not be too happy with me.”

R…right. I’ll let you through, you know your way now.”

“Well….I’d like you to accompany me if you don’t mind Mr Jones.”

“Of course.”

Ianto locked the Tourist Information Office up, put the closed sign on the door and went with their visitor down to see Jack.

Jack was waiting for them as they arrived through the roller door. “Martha Jones, the voice of a nightingale. I’m so glad you said you’d do this for me. The team have been told you’re in charge for the next week and they are looking forward to working with you again. Just go easy on them!” Jack laughed.

“Jack Harkness, you know I’ll look after your family here.” Martha went and hugged Jack and kissed him.

“Erm Jack, where are you going? You didn’t tell me Martha was coming to look after things.”

“No Ianto I didn’t. I’m sorry but it was a surprise for you. I’ve got another surprise too but that’s not here yet so you’ll just have to wait and see.”

Jack went across to Ianto and put an arm around his waist and kissed him. By this time the others had come through to see their visitor.

“Oi Jack, too early in a morning for that!”

“Owen, I’m surprised at you I thought it would never be too early for you to do things like this.” Said Jack as he kissed Ianto again this time with more passion.

Breaking apart, Jack looked at Owen and Tosh. He was pleased their relationship was lasting. They both deserved happiness. He noticed that he could still make Tosh blush even after all this time. What had it been now six months? Relationships had to be strong for them to last when you worked for Torchwood. He knew his was strong with Ianto and was pleased to see that the others, whom he loved like a family, were strong in their relationships.

“Hey guys come on, I need a coffee after my long journey and I expect you’ll need one before you go on yours.”

“Jack, what’s Martha on about our long journey?”

“Be patient my love, all will be revealed in about two…..”

Jack didn’t get the rest of his sentence out as they all heard the familiar sound of a certain mode of transport. They all stopped what they were doing and waited.

Sure enough right in the middle of the Hub the blue box began to materialise. Ianto looked at Jack questioningly, Jack just smiled. They remained together with their arms around each other as the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS.

“Hey kids, how’re you?”

“Doctor, so glad you could help out here. No aliens to battle? No damsels in distress to save?”

“Nope. You asked for my help and here I am. Doesn’t he know yet?”

“Don’t I know what Jack?”

“Well I’ve asked the Doctor here to help me out with a surprise I have for you.”

Ianto looked at Jack, then the Doctor then the rest of the team. They were all smiling. “Jack….what is going on?”

“Well, I thought after everything that has happened to you over the last few months, you know….the gift you’ve been given, the Nacluv trying to make you fly….well I thought you’d like to go away with me for a few days. And….the Doctor here has offered his services to take us on holiday. What do you say?”

“I….erm….well….What about the rift?”

“Ianto, that will be looked after by Martha and the rest of the team. I’m asking you….do you want to go on holiday?”

“Y….yes. Yes of course Jack. I’d go anywhere with you.”

“Oh please!”

“You’re only jealous Doctor. Anyway, you get to go all over the place. It’s about time Ianto and I had a holiday.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well that would be up to you my love. You decide and we will go there.”

“What! Anywhere in the world?”


“Well….I’ve always wanted to go to….”

“Come on Ianto, where are we going.”

“Ok, ok. I’d love to go to Australia. But I suppose it’s too far.”

“What with my beauty here, nothing is too far. If you’re packed and ready we’ll go now.”

“But…but I didn’t know anything about this so I’m not ready.”

“Oh yes you are Yan, I took the liberty of packing for you. So we wouldn’t waste time.”

Jack shot up to his office and came back with a case. “Got everything we need here, so…what’re we waiting for?”

“Ok, if you think things will be ok here, I’m ready.”

“At last. God tea boy you do take your time in making up your mind.”

The team bid them farewell and the three men got into the TARDIS and within seconds they were off on their travels.


The TARDIS materialised on an area of beach that was secluded from prying eyes. He didn’t want to cause a stir and have people questioning what they’d seen. The three of them went out into the hot sunshine and looked around. Ianto couldn’t believe he was here. He’d always wanted to come to this country, but he never thought it would happen, not now he worked for Torchwood.

He looked at Jack. “Thank you cariad. I….”

Jack stopped him with a kiss. “Hey you deserve it, you’ve been through a lot just recently and I wanted to give you something that you’d remember for a long time.”

“Oh I’ll never forget this. A ride in the TARDIS, a trip to Australia and with a man whom I love with all my heart.”

Jack looked at his gorgeous Welshman, winked at the Doctor and passionately kissed Ianto.

“Hey guys, not when there’s innocent people present!”

They all laughed.

“Right Jack, Ianto, I’d better get off and do some more saving of the universe. While you two are here it’s down to me. Before I go, Ianto take this” he handed Ianto a mobile phone. “If you need me before I come back next week to pick you up, just press redial and it’ll get straight through to the TARDIS and I can be with you in a matter of minutes. Ok?”

“Yup. Thanks Doc, but I don’t think we’ll need you before then. I’ll put it in a safe place till you get back.” He went and hugged the Doctor.

Jack bid his farewells to his friend and he and Ianto went off to find their secluded cabin. Jack had arranged with another of his friends to use their private beach and cabin whilst they were here. Looking at Ianto, he knew he’d made the right decision to bring him away. He needed it and to spend quality time alone with his gorgeous lover had to be the best medicine for anyone.

They unpacked, not that they had much to unpack, and went for a walk along the beach.

“Thank you Jack.”

“What for?”

“For this. It’s beautiful here and I’ve always wanted to come here. I never thought it would happen though.”

“I’ve been trying to arrange this for a couple of weeks now. But with one thing and another, never quite got the time.And then with the Nacluv attacking, and you trying to fly. I thought it about time we got away.” He turned to Ianto and kissed him. “How about we go for a swim?”

“But we haven’t got our trunks!”

“Who cares, no one can see us. Skinny dipping sounds good. What do you think?”

“Ok, I love to see you naked and it’s getting rather warm here. I’ll race you!”

The pair of them tore their clothes off and raced to the water. Holding hands they ran into the water and then both dived down into the cooling waters. Jack was the first to surface and looking around for his lover he felt something go past his legs. Ianto surfaced and swam across to Jack, putting his arms around his neck he kissed him. Jack responded, but then pulled away as he felt something go past him again.

“Jack? What’s wrong? What have I done?”

“Nothing my love. Did you feel that, just then?”

“No cariad, nothing, just you encased in my arms. That’s all I want to feel.” He kissed Jack again and their tongues did their usual seductive dance within each others mouths.

Jack pulled back again and as he looked down he could see something swimming just beneath the surface. He couldn’t tell what it and decided he needed a closer look.

“Yan, sweetheart, just a minute, there is definitely something down here. I’m just going to have a look, back up in a minute.”

He left Ianto standing chest high in the water. Ianto looked around to make sure there was no one around as he felt silly just standing there on his own. Just as he was about to join Jack beneath the surface he felt something brush past his legs. Suddenly Jack broke the surface of the water screaming.

“Ianto help me, please. Get me out of the water, I’ve been stung. Help me….please!”

Ianto realised there was something attached to Jack’s face although he couldn’t really see what it was. It looked transparent, he went to try to remove it but Jack stopped him.

“NO….no, Ianto don’t, I need to get…..”

Jack passed out. Ianto had to drag him back to the shore but before he could get there he felt something against his leg. He went to brush it away and he felt a slight prick, like someone had stuck a needle into his leg. Dragging Jack the best he could as by now his leg had turned numb, he lay him on the sand and then collapsed himself.

He didn’t know how long he was out, it couldn’t have been very long and he was still wet from the sea. He looked down at his leg and saw what he thought were bites. Inspecting closer he realised he’d been stung by a jelly fish. That was what he’d felt against his leg. Looking at Jack he realised that he was still out cold. He had something attached to his face. He went to pull it off, but stopped. If it was what had stung him he wouldn’t want to touch it. He grabbed his shirt and wrapped his hand in it. Going over to Jack he grabbed hold of the creature and pulled. It came away with a loud popping sound and Ianto realised it was still alive. He looked up and down his gorgeous lover and saw that several had attached themselves to Jack. He knew he couldn’t leave them on him. He didn’t know how he would be affected by the stings. He’d been lucky, only one on him and it hadn’t stayed there like they had on Jack.

“Jack, Jack, can you hear me?”

Nothing, Jack was out cold. He went to feel for a pulse….nothing. “Come on Jack please come back to me. I’m here, need you with me.”

Ianto stood up and went to retrieve their clothes. He stepped on something cold and slimy. Ouch, that hurt. What was it? He looked down and realised the creature he’d removed from Jack’s face had stung him again. He felt dizzy and sat down. Mustn’t move too much, don’t want the poison to move around my body. Got to stay strong for Jack. Got to get to the phone and get the Doctor….Ianto passed out again.

It must have been several minutes before he came around this time. Looking over to Jack he realised he hadn’t moved. Why aren’t you coming back to me Jack, I need you, don’t leave me. He went back to Jack, still no pulse. He had to get to the phone.

He remembered he’d put it into his inside jacket pocket. Reaching for it he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning around he saw Jack twitch and give a huge gulp of air and called his name.


“Jack, Jack, cariad. Don’t move, stay still otherwise they’ll sting you again.”

“What….what happened?”

“We were stung by jellyfish. I’m not sure which species yet but they must be deadly as I’ve passed out twice now and it’s taken you a long time to come back to me. Don’t move I’ll come and get you. This is one time I’m glad that we’re as we are because I’ve a feeling these are the most deadly variety.”

“Ianto be careful, don’t want to lose you. Not now….not like this.”

“Hey cariad, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I love you, just stay where you are though.”

Ianto was able to reach the phone and hit redial. Within seconds the TARDIS appeared and a concerned looking Doctor ran out.

“I know I said I wished I was staying but I didn’t mean it, as much as I love you both, I’d rather not witness your…..”

He didn’t get anything else out, he’d seen the pair of them naked and in trouble.

“What’s happened?”

“We’ve been stung by jelly fish, and I don’t think they’re the weak ones. I think these little creatures are deadly, both Jack and I have….have died and it took us a while to come back. Jack longer than me this time. It looks as though he got worse than me. We’ve got to get back to the Hub. Owen will know what to do.”

“First may I suggest you both put something on. As much as I love you both, I am not taking you back to the Hub looking like that. They will wonder what we’ve been up to.”

Ianto smiled and realised they were still naked. He managed to pull his trousers on and then helped Jack with his. Jack couldn’t bear anything touching him. Ianto had managed to remove all of the creatures but they had left his skin very tender and raw. Jack put his hand up to his face and realised that the marks on his cheek were not healing as quickly as they should.

“Yan, what happened?”

“Don’t speak cariad, we’ve been stung by jelly fish and you’re not healing as quickly as normal. I’m fine, we’re going to get you back to the Hub.”

“Mmmm it hurts Yan, I’m sorry I’ve spoilt your holiday.”

“Don’t worry, we can do this again some other time. The first thing is to get you back home and get Owen to look at you.”

The Doctor helped Ianto with Jack and once they’d settled him into the TARDIS they made their way home. Within minutes they were back at the Hub and Owen was helping the Doctor out with Jack. They got him to the medical bay and Owen looked at the scars that were slowly healing.

“What was it Ianto?”

“Jelly fish, not sure what type they were but boy they hurt.”

“Can you describe them to me? I’ll need to know if I’m going to help him. He’s going to heal but I could help it along if I knew which ones they were.”

“Ok I’ll go and check for you.”

The Doctor wished them well and said that he would be back shortly. He disappeared off in the TARDIS, and within minutes he was back. Before Ianto had a chance to find the species the Doctor had a Perspex case with one in. 

“Dr Harper is this any help?”

“Wow that was quick and yes it’s of great help. That’s a box jelly fish and it’s the most deadly in the world. Jack was lucky, if he’d been mortal he wouldn’t be with us now. As it is his scars with heal but they are going to take some time. Let’s leave him and Ianto and go and grab some coffee or tea or whatever you drink.”

Owen explained to Jack that he would heal but it would take longer than normal. Jack put a hand up to his face and felt the welts that were still there. He closed his eyes and wouldn’t look at Ianto as he came back into the room.

Ianto had heard what Owen said to the Doctor and went straight to Jack. “Cariad it’s going to be alright. You’re going to be fine. Look at me please….Jack.”

“No Ianto, you don’t want to see me like this. I’m sorry my love. I’m going to ask the Doctor to take me away until all these have healed. I’m not….”

Ianto bent down and kissed his gorgeous lover. “You are not going away cariad, you are going to stay with me and I’m going to look after you.” He kissed him again. Jack didn’t respond as he usually did. Ianto looked down at him.

“Yan, please let me do this, you don’t want me looking like this. I’m….”

“I don’t care what you look like, it’s not your looks that I fell in love with it’s you, it’s who you are inside. So don’t give me I’m going away till this is over. I want you here so I can be with you every day. I don’t care how long it takes for the scars to heal. You stayed with me through everything so I’m staying with you.”

“Ianto, I love you, but….”

Ianto kissed him hard and long and Jack responded putting his arms around his gorgeous Welshman and returning the kiss. What had he done to deserve a beautiful man like Ianto? He loved him with all his heart.

They broke apart and Ianto held out a hand to his Captain, his lover. Jack took it and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. Ianto pulled Jack into his arms and kissed him again. If he was going to keep Jack here he would show him how much he was loved. Taking his hand again, he led him back up to the rest of the gang. The Doctor was sat chatting with the others and when he saw them he smiled and nodded.

“I’m just going to take Jack to our quarters, he’ll be more comfortable there. Thank you Doctor, Owen, we’re going to be alright. We’ll see you tomorrow. Oh and Doctor, we’ll be wanting your services again very soon. We didn’t get our holiday but we will.”

They all looked at the two beautiful men and nodded their appreciation. 

Ianto took Jack down to their quarters as the others left and went their own ways. Jack went to speak but Ianto stopped him with a kiss.

“I told you I don’t care what you look like cariad. It’ll heal in its own time and until then you are still my Jack and I’m going to prove to you how much I love you. So stop saying you’re going away and come here.”

Ianto pulled Jack to him and kissed him deeply and passionately.  For the next several hours Ianto showed Jack that he was loved no matter what he looked like. Jack was the first to fall asleep and looking across at his Captain, Ianto noticed that the scars were fading and he knew by the morning Jack would be back to normal.

Ianto whispered “Captain Jack Harkness, you are the most gorgeous man I know and I love you with all my heart.”

Wrapping his arms around Jack, Ianto fell into a love filled sleep.




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