March 2nd, 2011


Title:  Secrets Inside - Part 14
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen Tosh/Paul
Spoilers:  set after "Coutnrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary: Arriving back at the hub Jack is worried about his team.
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters I just like to experiment from time to time.

They arrived back at the hub. Owen had managed to get there first. His driving must be worse than mine, thought Jack. 

Opening the passenger door he saw that Paul had just about recovered from the stun gun. He undid the handcuffs and dragged him out of the SUV. Pushing him up against the body of the vehicle he held the back door while Owen helped Ianto out.

“Jack….where are we….what’s going on now?”

“We’re back at the hub my love. Owens gonna check you over whilst I take this scumbag down to meet Janet”

Jack pushed Paul through the doorway and into the corridors that led down into the hub.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Oh, just to meet a friend of ours. She’ll be glad of the company!”

Owen helped Ianto down into the hub and into the medical area.

“Look Owen, take Ianto down into our quarters and lay him on our bed. He’ll be more comfortable. Can you see to him down there?”

“Yeah, of course Jack, I’ll just have to get my medical bag first.”

“Thanks. Oh, and Owen….”

“Yes Jack?”

“Just make sure he’s ok, you know, not too seriously hurt.”

Owen smiled and nodded his head in response.

Jack pushed Paul in front of him, down into the cells. Down to meet Janet.

“Where’re we going?”

“Look it’s your turn to stop asking questions, otherwise I won’t be responsible for what happens to you.”

Jack pushed him further down until they were at the cells. Paul stopped, in front of him was the strangest creature he had ever seen.


“I said stop asking questions” exclaimed Jack pushing Paul up against the Perspex partition. He pushed him so his face was flat against the panel and his cheek distorted as Jack pressed harder. Paul tried to get away from the creature but every time he tried, Jack just leant on him harder.

Putting his face as close to Paul as he could still holding tightly on to him, Jack whispered “Paul, meet Janet. She’s our resident weevil and if I don’t like the answers you give me then Janet here, who hasn’t been fed today, will get her breakfast, lunch and evening meal all in one go. You get my drift?”

“Y…yes” Paul whispered

“Can’t hear you. What was that?”

“I said yes, I understand”

“Good. Right, say bye bye to Janet, for now.”

Jack dragged Paul away from the window and took him further down into the hub, to the interrogation room.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“For starters, you are going to listen and stop asking questions. Secondly you are going to apologise to Toshiko. You used her, pure and simple. I don’t like seeing any of my friends unhappy, and that’s what you’ve done to her. You have destroyed her confidence and you will face her and tell her why you did it. Thirdly, I want to know the name of you contact at UNIT. I’m going to let you sit there and think about your actions and what you are going to say to Tosh. Then in about, say an hour, I’m gonna come back and you are going to start explaining. If I think you’re not telling the truth then just remember what I said about Janet.”

Jack left him handcuffed to the chair. He knew Tosh would be watching the monitors and she would have heard everything Jack had said to Paul. He needed to speak to Tosh, then he had to go and see how Ianto was. He hoped that he was not too seriously hurt and that Owen would be able to sort him out. He’d hate it ifIanto had to go and spend time in hospital. He remembered the last time he was there and shuddered. Ianto had not been too seriously hurt, but he’d promised him that no one would hurt him again. He’d ended blaming Gwen last time. Now this maniac had tried to kill him, he knew he couldn’t stop him getting into scrapes but at least he could be there most of the time to make sure it wasn’t too serious.

Passing through the hub he saw Tosh watching Paul on the monitor. Going up behind her and gently placing a hand on her shoulder he whispered “Don’t beat yourself up about this Tosh, it’s not your fault.”

As he placed his hand on her shoulder he’d felt her stiffen, now he could feel quiet sobs echoing through her. He turned her around to face him and she looked at him with tear filled eyes.

“Hey Tosh, come on. It isn’t your fault.”

Jack pulled her towards him and engulfed her in his powerful arms. She began to sob uncontrollably. Jack just held onto her until the sobs had subsided.

“I’m….I’m so….sorry Jack.”

“Hey, sshhh, I told you not to worry, it’s not your fault.”

“I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt, if I’d known what he was like…..”

“Tosh, please listen. You had no idea who he was. I’m right aren’t I?”

Tosh nodded her head.

“How were you to know he was some psychopath trying to get back at Torchwood. He thinks all Torchwood facilities are the same. All I know for now is that it has something to do with his sister and her being at Torchwood One when the Cybermen and the Daleks tried to dominate earth. I will get some answers from him. I promise, he will suffer.”

“Jack, don’t do anything stupid. Think of Ianto. How is he by the way?”

“I’ve not been down to see yet. Owen’s still with him. I was letting him finish his examination before I bothered him. You know what he can be like?”

“Yeah, very sarcastic.”

They both smiled at the thought of Owen telling Jack to go away.

“There, that’s better, see there are worse things than making a mistake over a man we’ve all done it! Just keep thinking of Owen’s mood swings.”

They laughed again just as Owen came into the work area,

“Hey, what’s the joke? Can I join in?”

“Erm… not really Owen, it’s just between Jack and I.”

“Oh, all right then.” Owen looked puzzled.

“Owen, please, tell me, is Ianto going to be all right?”

“He’sgonna be fine Jack, no need to worry.  He’s got a couple of cracked ribs and some cuts and bruises. But nothing more serious thank goodness. I’ve strapped up his ribs and will take another look at him in a couple of days’ time.”

“Thanks Owen, I owe you one.”

“No problem Jack. Oh and Jack…..”


“No rough sex! I know what you two can be like!”

Jack grinned. “Gee thanks for that Owen!”

Jack left his colleagues and went down to see Ianto.

“Hey Yan, How’re you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been hit by a train!”

Going over to him, Jack perched on the edge of the bed. Bending down he gently kissed his lips. Looking at his bruise swollen face, he touched it gently.

“I’m so sorry Yan, I wish there was something I could do to make this right.”

“Just find out who gave him the information in the first place and make them pay.”

“Oh don’t worry my love, I’ll make them pay for what they’ve done to Torchwood as a team, pay for what he’s done to you, and Tosh can decide his punishment for what he’s put her through.”

“Jack promise me one thing?”

“Of course, what is it my love?”

“That you won’t do anything stupid.”

“No, that I promise.”

“Oh and Jack…..”


“A few more of those kisses would help me get better quicker.”

Jack smiled, at least he’d still got his sense of humour. He bent down and planted another kiss on his lovers’ lips. This time Ianto kissed him back, holding on to Jack’s neck.

Jack pulled away and looked into the deep blue eyes, “I’m gonna take care of you Yan, I promise.”

Ianto smiled as best he could, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Jack gently kissed his forehead and stroked his bruise covered cheek, then left him to sleep. He needs to sleep, Jack thought, it will help his recovery.

Going back to the others he noticed Gwen and Owen standing behind Tosh and all three of them watching Paul. Gwen had her hand on Tosh’s shoulder whilst Owen had his arm around the back of Gwen and was gently caressing her. They need to take their minds off this. They should go home, there’s nothing more they can do today.

“Look kids, why don’t you all go home. There’s nothing more you can do here. I’m just gonna see what our friend has to tell us and then leave him in the cells for the night opposite Janet!”

“Are you sure? We’ll stay if you want us to.”

“No, that’s ok Gwen, we’ve all had a rough day, some more than others. So go home, relax and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” they all wearily said together.

“Tosh, just before you go.”

“Yes Jack?”

“Don’t beat yourself up about this. Just remember it’s not your fault. He’s a scumbag of the worst possible kind. Go home and if you feel like it get drunk. It probably won’t help in the long run, but it’ll take your mind off things for tonight.”

“Thanks Jack. Has anyone ever told you how sweet you are?”

“Well Yan tells me something’s but I wouldn’t call them sweet nor would I want to repeat them when there’s a lady present.”

Tosh smiled at her Captain, thinking how lucky he was to have someone like Ianto. Going up to him she hugged him and whispered “Thanks Jack, see you tomorrow.”

Jack held her tight and kissed the top of her head.

Owen and Gwen had waited for Tosh and offered her a lift home. She thanked them and all three went off together. Owen and Gwen hand in hand and Gwen’s arm draped protectively around Tosh.

Jack smiled at the sight, thankful that Owen and Gwen hadn’t blamed Tosh for the events of the day.

After his friends had gone he went back down into the interrogation room. Paul looked at Jack as he descended the stairs.

“What do you want from me?”

“I told you the three things earlier and I refuse to repeat myself. I wouldn’t waste my breath. In fact I’m going to give you extra time to think about your answers. It’s late and if I start with the questions now, I’m not going to be responsible for my actions if I don’t like what you’re telling me. So we’ll leave the questioning till tomorrow.”

Jack went and undid the handcuffs and pushed Paul towards the stairs.

“You’re not putting me down with that…that thing? Let me stay here….please?” pleaded Paul.

“Oh no way Mr Archer, Janet likes the company at night. Plus it’ll remind you of my conditions. Now MOVE.”

He pushed Paul up the stairs and then down into the cells. Unlocking the one opposite Janet he pushed Paul into it.

“Have a good night’s rest. Well that is if Janet doesn’t keep you awake.”

Leaving him he smiled as he made his way back to his gorgeous Welshman. Going down into their room jack saw that Ianto was still asleep. He didn’t really want to disturb him, so instead of getting into the bed with him he lay on top of the covers. 

Reaching for Ianto’s had, he held on tight and whispered, “I’m sorry my love. No one will hurt you like this again. I promise.”

Bringing the hand up to his lips he kissed it and remained holding on tightly to it. Ianto stirred but didn’t wake. Jack spent the rest of the night watching over his young lover.


Chapter 15
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