June 11th, 2011


Title:  Secrets Inside - Part 17
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen Tosh/Paul
Spoilers:  set after "Coutnrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary: Jack enlists Martha's help to sort things out.
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters I just like to experiment from time to time.

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A/N  Apologies for anyone getting this numerous times.

Martha went looking for Jack and found him back behind his desk trying to sort some paperwork out.

“Hey Jack, how’s Ianto?”

“He’ll be fine in a few days. Owen said he was lucky that a rib didn’t puncture his lung. But he’s on the mend. He’s tougher than he looks.”

“I know, he has to be if he’s in a relationship with you.”

They laughed, but Martha saw in Jack’s eyes that he was worried about Ianto.

“Right Jack this is what I’ve found out. Stuart Sims has worked for UNIT for three years. Prior to that he was a computer techie with the Met. Hence the connection between him and your visitor and your visitor’s friend. I’ve had my secretary look in into his private life and she tells me he’s now single after breaking with his girlfriend of 15 years. Apparently it was a nasty break, he found her with another woman and beat them both up. This wasn’t known until last month when the case was brought before the courts. He was lucky he was only fined. He’s now on a court order to make sure he stays away from both of them.”

“Then how come he’s still working for UNIT?”

“Apparently the case has only just finished. He’s up before the panel next week.”

“Ok, so is there anyway we can fast track it, I have an idea. If your superiors will allow it he could be seconded to Torchwood and we would deal with him in our own way.”

“Jack what about the rest of them? What will they say?”

“I’m sure they’ll agree to anything if it gets a result to why this began in the first place.”

“Ok, I’ll go ring my superior again and get Sims here. There has to be a condition that you are not going to kill him. I know what you’re like when someone hurts the person you love.”

“No Martha, I’ll not kill him or our friend down in the cells. They’ll suffer, but only as much as Ianto and Tosh want them to suffer.”

Martha went back to the conference room and twenty minutes later she had convinced them to allow Sims to go to Cardiff.

Jack called the team into the conference room and informed them that Sims would be on secondment with them for as long as it takes. In that time they would finally find out what he knew about Torchwood and what he’d told Archer about their operations. He also said that he was leaving it up to Ianto and Tosh to decide their punishment.


The following day Sims arrived at the Tourist Information Office. He was met by Gwen who led him down to the main part of the hub. Jack was waiting for them in the conference room.

“Good morning Mr Sims, I'm Captain Jack Harkness, whilst you’re here at Torchwood you are under my command, I give the orders and we work as a team. Anything that goes on here stays within these walls. If I find that you have spoken to anyone about what we do here you will be severely dealt with. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mr Harkness.”

“That’s Captain Harkness.”

“Ok Sir….no problem.”

“Ianto….Ianto would you come in here please.”

Ianto had been waiting outside the door knowing he would be called. Stepping into the room he noticed the look on Sims’ face. It was shock, surprise and terror all rolled into one. By all accounts he knew that Sims thought he was no longer here, that Archer had killed him.

“Ah Ianto, would you take a seat please. I have a favour to ask of you.”

“No problem Sir, apologies for being a bit slow but I’m still hurting. I’m told that it’ll wear off in a few days.”

Jack winked at Ianto, he couldn’t have asked for a better performance if they’d rehearsed it. Ianto smiled in response and eased his aching body into a chair.

“Ianto, let me introduce Stuart Sims. He’s going to be working here for the next few weeks. I’d like you to show him the archives and the cells. Introduce him to Janet and any other visitor we have down there. He’s going to be helping you, just until you’re feeling better and he’ll be looking after our visitors, whoever they are.”

“That’s fine Jack, where would you like me to start?”

“Oh, I’ll leave that up to you, he’s in your capable hands.”

Stuart looked from one man to the other, but couldn’t read either of their faces. How had he let himself be coerced into this? Why was this young Welshman still alive? He’d assumed that as he’d not heard from Archer everything had gone to plan. Surely he’d have contacted him if anything had gone wrong. Where was Archer? Come to think of it neither Jones nor Harkness should be sitting here alive. Jones should be dead and Harkness, well….he should also have been eliminated in some way. He was getting scared, he had to be careful, he didn’t want them to know he’d had something to do with this young man’s injuries. Why did they have to send him here?

Ianto led sims down to the cells. Careful not to let him see Archer first, he wanted that to be a surprise. He knew Jack would be watching everything on the monitors, so he introduced him to Janet first.

“What the hell is that thing?”

“Oh dear Mr Sims, erm, can I call you Stuart?”

Sims nodded, not taking his eyes off the creature.

“This is our resident weevil. They live underground somewhere in the sewers of Cardiff. As we can’t communicate with them we’ve christened her Janet. We don’t even know if it’s female but Janet seems to suit her.”


“But what Stuart? Don’t go upsetting her she doesn’t like to be upset.”

Glancing at the camera whilst Sims watched the weevil, Ianto winked. Jack saw and smiled to himself.

Next Ianto took Sims to the other occupied cell. “Here we have Paul Archer, oh but introductions aren’t necessary are they? You already know one another.”

Sims stared at Archer

“But how….how do you know that?”

“Oh gentlemen we have our contacts, our ways. Now all we have to do is decide what we are going to do to you.”

Ianto looked from one to the other, then glanced at the CCTV knowing Jack was watching, he nodded.

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“Well Stuart that all depends on the answers we get and whether Jack believes you. As for you Paul, Tosh may have something to say about what she would like to do to you.”

“That stupid girl, she was a means to an end.”

“Oh I wouldn’t let her hear you say that, she’s a clever woman is Tosh, she bides her time, then when you least expect it….”

Archer and Sims looked at one another visibly shaken.

By this time Jack had joined them, and going to Ianto he put his arm around his waist and kissed him. 

Opening the cell door he said “Right gentlemen, let’s go and have a chat shall we?”



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