July 17th, 2011


Title: I Can Fly!
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto,  Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary:  Ianto goes flying
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC.  I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Drugs - 3198 words

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A/N  Apologies for anyone getting this numerous times

Gwen was woken by Rhys and she was not happy. She’d only been in bed for a couple of hours as the team had been out chasing weevils till the early hours.

“Gwen….Gwen love, you’ve got to see this.”

“Mmm….what….what is it Rhys? Don’t you know I’ve only been in bed for….for an hour and a half. I’ve been up chasing weevils and all I want to do now is sleep.”

“I’m sorry love, but you have to watch this.”

“Rhys what are you doing with the television on at….at 4 in the morning?”

“I couldn’t sleep, without you here and when you finally fell asleep I still couldn’t sleep”

“Aw Rhys Williams, that’s so sweet. But what is so important that you have to wake your sleeping wife?”

“Just look at the TV love, please.”

Gwen sleepily sat up in bed and tried to focus her eyes on the television screen.

“We have confirmed reports that the number of dead has reached twenty. The police are baffled as to what is causing this carnage, but one thing is certain there are going to be more. I’ve been here in Bute and have seen three people leap off buildings. It’s all the more strange as when they do go over the edge they begin to flap their arms as if they are flying. Oh my god! Look up there, there’s another one just about to….. Oh god, please someone if you know what’s going on then come down to Bute and help us. So far it’s isolated in this part of town, but I’d hate to think what would happen if it became country wide. I’m Richard Walker reporting live from Bute.”

“My God Rhys, what the hell’s happening there? I need to get in touch with Jack.”

“I thought it might have something to do with Torchwood, that’s why I woke you.” He kissed her as she reached for her phone.

Jack’s phone began to ring. Who was it at this time in the morning? He extracted himself from inside Ianto’s warm arms, kissing the button nose of his lover he reached for the phone.

“Harkness….and this better be bloody good to wake me at this time in the morning.”

“I’m sorry Jack, it’s Gwen. You need to look at the television. There’s something going on in Bute that can’t be explained and so far twenty one people have died, they’re jumping off buildings trying to fly.”

Jack was awake. He sat up and listened to what Gwen was saying. She told him about the news report and how it was restricted – so far – to the Bute area of the city.

Ianto stirred “mmmm Jack, cariad, what’s the matter? What’s going on?”   He sat up and saw the worried look on his lovers face. Stroking a finger down the side of Jack’s face “Cariad, tell me what’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Jack finished the call to Gwen “Thanks Gwen how soon can you get in? …Ok, thanks that would be good….yeah, Ianto’s awake I’ll tell him….ok we’ll see you as soon as you can get here. Thanks for letting me know….and Gwen….be careful.”

“Jack cariad, what was that all about?”

“We have a major problem in Bute. There are people who think they can fly, jumping off tall buildings and so far as Gwen knows there are twenty one confirmed dead.”

“Oh god! What’s causing it, did they say?” asked Ianto as he began to get dressed.

“They don’t know, come on we need to get there as soon as possible. Gwen is going to call Tosh and Owen and get them to meet us there.”

“Right, erm what equipment do we take if we don’t know what’s going on.”

“Not sure, but let’s be prepared for every situation we can think of. Lead lined box, nets, tazers you know, the usual.”

Ianto nodded and by the time Jack was dressed he’d started to assemble the equipment. It was in a collective pile as Jack came out of their quarters.

“Ok, sir I’m ready.”

“Right let’s go, and Ianto….”

“I love you so be careful.”

Ianto smiled. Jack still looked out for him and that’s what he loved about him.


As Jack and Ianto arrived in Bute they saw that Owen, Tosh and Gwen were already there. Only two cars? Mmmm so Owen was at Tosh’s again. Good. Jack smiled to himself. Their relationship was blossoming nicely and Tosh so deserved it.

“Ok kids, let’s go and see what we have.”

They made their way through the estate and in the distance they could see the camera crew. Jack went to introduce himself to the anchorman while the others looked around for the bodies. No one had been touched and the police and ambulance crews were just staring at them.

“Hey Andy, see you drew the short straw.”

“Hi Gwen, yeah, thought it wouldn’t be long before your lot got here. What do you think it is?”

“Not sure yet mate, but we’re going to find out. Right why don’t you get these good paramedics and police officers away from here so we can conduct our investigations.”

“Oh, ok, but I thought you’d like our help.”

“It’s ok Andy, we can take it from here, thanks anyway.”

Andy looked a bit dejected, but he did as Gwen asked him and moved the emergency service personnel away from the scene.

Jack got back to them “Ok, I’ve just been talking to Richard Walker from the BBC news and he’s told me that just before that last one jumped he though he saw a beautiful blue butterfly flittering around the victim. Then he saw the man jump and flap his arms as if he was flying. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and we now have two more casualties. We need to do something about this. Owen any ideas? You’ve been doing a lot of research lately what can you suggest?”

“Jack, we can’t go any further into the area, I know what they are, and yeah they’re deadly. They emit a drug from their wings which causes hallucinations and people are convinced that they can fly. We need to get the antidote. I’ve got some back at the hub. Listen, I’ll take Tosh’s car and see you back here as soon as possible. I suggest that you all go and sit in the SUV, it’s gonna be safer in there, they won’t be able to get to you in there.”

“Right, thanks Owen. Just you be careful, alright?”

“I’m always careful, ask Tosh.”

Tosh blushed and smiled. Jack thought how being in love suited her. She deserved it although it’d taken Owen time to realise his feelings for the beautiful woman. Deep down Jack had known all along about their feelings for one another, but he’d not said anything as he didn’t want to embarrass either of them. He let them tell all in their own time.

They went and sat in the SUV waiting for Owen to come back. When he finally did they were stunned as they’d had to witness another three people jump. Owen quickly injected the team, he’d given himself the antidote back at the hub, and they went to round up the butterflies.


Two hours later they’d caught all the creatures and had them contained in a Perspex case. They placed it in the back of the SUV and made their way back to the Hub. Gwen had said she’d see them there as Rhys wanted the car so she took it back home.

Arriving at the hub Owen and Jack took the case into the medical bay. Owen wanted to observe them and maybe retrieve some of their blood to be able to keep up the supply of antidote, just in case they came back again. His research had told him that they appeared every six years. He didn’t know why, but that seemed to be the pattern.

“Owen, come on spill, who or what are they?”

“Well I know they’re deadly, they seem to appear on Earth every six years and from the information in the archives and on the computer files they are called the Nacluv. If anyone gets too close….well we’ve all seen the results. But we should be ok as the antidote I gave us all should stave off the effects of the drug they emit.”

“Great….Look, let’s get them down to the cells whilst we decide how we’re gonna get rid of them. Ianto’s gone to put the coffee on and he said to meet us in the Conference Room, he’ll have Danish pastries for us as well. He said whilst the coffee was brewing he’d nip to the shop. And I don’t know about you but I could certainly do with something sweet and sticky.” Jack smiled and raised his eyebrow at the look on Owens face.

“Oh please Jack, do you always have to lower the tone of every conversation?” but Owen laughed along with Jack.

Gwen arrived back at the Hub “Hey guys I’ve just seen Ianto heading for the Millennium Centre. Is there any reason he’s gone there?”

“What? No. He was supposed to be going for Danish to have with our coffee. He’s going in the opposite direction to the deli shop he usually goes to. I’ll give him a call see what he’s playing at.”

Jack began to get worried. He knew the pastry shop was the other way so why? He went back to his office and dialled Ianto’s phone. 

“This is Ianto Jones, I’m sorry I can’t take your call at the moment, but if you want to leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If it’s Jack, then I’ll make it up to you soon cariad.”

Now Jack was worried. Ianto very rarely put his phone to voicemail. He ran out of his office “Guys, something’s not right, Ianto’s not answering his phone, I’m off to see what’s going on. I’ll shout very loud if I need your help.”

The three of them stared after a departing Jack. Owen held tightly to Tosh and Gwen and they all prayed that Ianto was alright.

Jack arrived at the Millennium building to see several people looking up at the roof. He stopped and followed their gaze. He couldn’t believe his eyes, stood on the precipice of the building was his gorgeous lover. He didn’t want to scare him and make him fall so he made his way to the fire escape around the back and up onto the roof to be with Ianto.

Very slowly he made his way across to Ianto. “Yan….Yan sweetheart….come away from the edge please, you’ll fall if you’re not careful. Ianto….please….please come away.”

“Jack, hey cariad. So pleased you’re here with me, we can do this together. We can be the first to do it together.”

Jack was scared. “Do what together my love. Come on please, the joke’s over you’re scaring me, come away from the edge.”

“Oh come on Jack, you know you want to do this with me. Please just hold my hand and we can fly together. It’s going to be alright, I promise, we can do this.”

Jack tapped his comms, “Owen get the hell over here NOW! Ianto’s on the roof of the Millennium building and he’s wanting us to fly. I thought you had taken care of things when you injected us?”

“Oh shit Jack, I don’t know what’s happened, but I’ll be there in 5 minutes, I’ll get some more antidote.”

“Owen if you’re not here in two minutes I’m personally going to….”

“Jack, Jack listen I’m sorry ok? But I gave you all the antidote that coincided with your blood we have in storage.”

“I don’t care what you have to do, just get your arse down, sorry up here and help me sort Ianto out.”

Owen ran to the medical cold storage and grabbed some more of the antidote, then stopped. No, I couldn’t have done, how stupid am I. I thought I’d gotten rid of that the last time we needed some antidote for him, I thought…. Come on Owen you know what thought did. I’ll sort this, just hang on Ianto. Owen had realised there was still some blood in the fridge that belonged to Ianto before….before he changed. He quickly made up some more antidote and ran out of the Hub.

He arrived at the Millennium Centre and saw that the crowd at the base had grown to several hundred and it looked as though some of them had called the police. They and Owen arrived at the same time. He saw that PC Andy was there also so went to have a chat to him. He told him that it was Ianto on the roof and that Jack was with him, and that he was here now and everything would be alright, could he just get rid of the crowd and the rest of the police.

Reluctantly Andy did as Owen asked and as he turned around to ask him if he needed help he saw Owen disappear round the back.

Owen made his way across to Jack. “I’m sorry Jack, I don’t know how it happened, I thought I’d gotten rid of all the old blood we had in storage for Ianto, but it seems I missed one. I made the antidote for Ianto from his old blood before….well before….you know?”

“Look I don’t want to hear an explanation of how, why and what, I just want you to help him. NOW! Ok?”

“Hey come on Jack, I got here as quick as I could, I’ve got PC Andy to get rid of everyone down there and I have the antidote here in my little hand.”

“Just give him it….please.”

But before Owen could get over to Ianto he’d turned around smiled at the pair of them and jumped, flapping his arms as he went.

“IANTO….NOOOO!” screamed Jack as he ran to the edge just in time to see Ianto hit the pavement.

Owen joined him and they both looked down to the broken body that was Ianto. They ran down to him as quickly as they could, but by the time they got there a member of the public who introduced himself as Dr Worrell, told them he couldn’t feel a pulse and he was sorry but their friend was dead.

Jack pushed the doctor away and Owen apologised for Jack’s actions and said that they would deal with Ianto now. The good doctor didn’t need to worry himself anymore. Dr Worrell shook Owens hand, told him he was sorry and went on his way. Jack picked up Ianto’s broken body and they made their way back to the Hub. It was too far to carry him down through the Tourist Office so making sure they weren’t seen the three of them stood on the perception filter lift and with help from Owen, Jack set it going to take them back down to the girls.

Ianto was still out when they got down to the bottom so Jack took him through to the medical bay. Lying him down on the bed Jack saw the reason Ianto had tried to fly. He carefully picked off a tiny butterfly and dropped it onto the floor. Owen saw what he was doing and before he could say anything Jack had stamped on it and killed it. Then he smiled  he’d seen slight movement in Ianto’s hands, and he knew that very soon Ianto would be back with him. Oh god, he didn’t know what he would do if one day Ianto didn’t come back. He’d never loved anyone as much as he loved this gorgeous Welshman. He was past caring what the others thought, he loved Ianto and wanted to protect him.

With a huge gasp of air and the shout of Jack’s name, Ianto came back to them. Jack hugged him and kissed his forehead before making his way down to the lips he loved.

“Hey guys, come on, there are children here.” Laughed Owen.

Jack continued to kiss his lover as he was now responding passionately.

“Guys come on please….let me check him over before you devour one another.”

Jack broke the kiss, looked from Ianto to Owen and grinned. “Oh just helping him back, giving him the kiss of life there Owen, you know, helping him to breathe!”

“Yeah right Jack, looked like you were doing just a little bit more than that.”

“Hey Owen, come on, I’m not complaining.” Said Ianto breathlessly.

“I know tea boy, but not when there’s us youngsters present.”

They all laughed.

“Right, tea boy, let’s give you this antidote. It’s the right one this time. I can only apologise for the mix up. It was totally my fault, I thought I’d gotten rid of your old blood, you know, before….”

“Hey come on Owen, I’m here, I’m ok and no doubt Jack is gonna make sure that I get some rest….” Ianto said with a wicked grin on his face.

“Oi, come on, too much information there. I’ll just keep those images out of my head if you don’t mind.”

“Owen you should try getting some rest with Tosh, it’s good for you.”

“Thanks Jack, when I want to rest with Tosh, she’ll be the only one to know, thank you very much.”

The three men looked at one another and laughed. Owen gave Ianto the correct antidote this time and told him to go and get some sleep – well if he could!

The three of them went back to the girls who both went and hugged Ianto and said that they were glad he was ok.

“Right kids, I need to make sure Ianto here gets that rest the doctor ordered. So why don’t you go home, I’m sure you can find things to do for the remainder of the day, isn’t that right Owen?”

Tosh blushed as Owen went and put his arm around her and kissed her neck. Jack smiled at the beautiful sight the pair of them made. He put his arm around Ianto’s waist and led him down to their quarters. Gwen was last seen ringing Rhys to get him home, telling him there was something urgent that needed doing in their flat.

“Jack, I’m sorry.”

“What for my love?”

“Causing you to worry earlier, and my attempt at flying.”

“You’re here now and I’m gonna make sure you recover properly. Now Mr Jones it appears you have too many clothes on for me to look after you in the right way, so why don’t we both do what the doctor ordered and….well….rest in the only way we know how to.”

“Mmmmm sounds like good medical advice. Take me to heaven Jack, and I don’t mean flying cariad.”

Jack smiled and in no time they were both naked taking each other to Heaven and back several times.



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