August 24th, 2011


Title: Please Believe Me!
Author: Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen,
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: Jack has to convince Ianto he loves him.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC. I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Truth Serum/Drugs- 2711 words


“Owen, how’s it going?  I want that autopsy finished quickly, I don’t want any more of those creatures in Cardiff.  They look cute but boy are they deadly.”

“If you come and give me a hand we can get this done quicker.”

“Well why didn’t you ask?  You know I love to get my hands dirty!”

Jack made his way down to autopsy, they’d captured the latest alien to come through the rift.  This one had gone for Ianto but Jack had shot it.  He asked Owen to do the autopsy to see if there could be any antidote made for its venom.  It appeared cat like but its hiss was deadly.  If someone began petting it, it would allow it for so long but then it would hiss and lash out.  If it scratched you, you were dead instantly, if any of its fluids touched you, then it burnt and caused a very painful death.  Jack hadn’t seen a Gattus for at least twenty years.  The last time he and the Doctor had managed to round them all up and take them back to their planet.


“As I’ll ever be.  What do you want me to do?”

“Ok see that tray over there?  Bring it here I’ve got its hearts in my hand and I’d rather they were safe somewhere.  I don’t want to drop them, who knows what they will do.”

“Owen it’s dead!  What is it going to do?”

“You never know with aliens.  Look hurry up, they’re only small, but they’re heavy.”

Jack obliged and held a metal tray for the hearts.  He was just about to turn and put them on the counter when Owen inserted his scalpel into the abdomen and a pink gas escaped.  Quickly pulling their masks on they stared at the creature and then at each other.

“What on earth was that?”

“Not sure Jack.  I think we were quick enough with the masks.  Let’s just see if we can get a sample for Tosh to analyse.  Look don’t let anyone down here till I’ve extracted the gas and the system tells me it’s safe for the others to enter.”

Jack nodded his head and found a glass container.  He didn’t know how he was going to do it.  But the only way he could think to collect some of the gas was to waft the glass jar around the room.  It worked.  He had some of the gas in the jar and tightly screwed the lid back on.  Looking questioningly at Owen, “right what now?”

“Just let’s get the room cleared of this gas” he picked up a portable extractor fan that had a secure box attached to it. “I’ll be done in a minute.”

They waited until the readings from the sensor said it was safe to remove their masks and Jack took the jar up to Tosh.

Owen finished the autopsy on the Gattus and found nothing more than they knew already, that they were deadly.  He’d even said that he felt no strange after effects of the gas so assumed they would be alright.


Jack had called a meeting in the conference room to discuss the Gattus and the fact that they were having a visit from UNIT to make sure their weapons training was up to date.

“Who’s coming for the update?”

“Well I’ve had it on strictest need to know basis that it’s going to be Miss Martha Jones.  She found out that we were due a visit and offered her services.  The powers that be have agreed and she’ll arrive tomorrow at noon.”

“Great, I haven’t seen Martha for a long time.  Not since she brought me that UNIT….”

“Brought you what tea boy?”

“Oh….erm….doesn’t matter.”  Ianto glanced at Jack who raised his eyebrows and smiled that wicked smile that Ianto knew fun was to come later.  They always had fun when Ianto wore the UNIT cap.

“Speaking of Doctor Jones….”

“Yeah Owen, what is it?”

“Well Jack haven’t you ever wondered what she would be like in bed?”

Tosh looked at her lover shocked, hurt that he would be thinking things like that.  Wanting to know why he’d said it now.  Didn’t he say there was no one else and he wouldn’t look at anyone else now that he’d got her?”

Jack stared at Owen “What makes you say that?”

“Oh, I’ve always wanted to get her into bed ever since she first came here.  Just think two doctors and the fun they could get up to knowing how anatomy works.”

There was a crash and they all looked towards the door as Tosh pushed her chair back and ran out of the room.

“Go after her Owen, you’ve done it now.”

“Thanks tea boy, but let’s leave me to sort out my love life, you’ve got Jack.”

Owen left the room to go and explain to Tosh.  Jack stood up went over to Ianto, put his hands on his shoulder “But haven’t you ever wondered what someone else would be like in bed?”

“Jack, come on, what’s going on here.  First Owen admitting what he would like to do now you questioning what fantasies we have.  Something’s not right.”

“Maybe so, but I know that I’d like to take Gwen here to bed.  I’ve wondered what she would be like ever since she joined us.”

Ianto stood, pushing his chair back into Jack.  He turned around looked into Jack’s eyes, seeing something that told him he was serious about Gwen he pushed him away and left the room.

Gwen smiled, moved over to Jack and put her arms around his neck.  He placed his arms around her waist, leant down and kissed her, slowly at first then with more passion as she responded to his touch.


Owen found Tosh slumped at her monitor, shoulders heaving with the sobs he could hear coming from her.  He went to put an arm around her and she shrugged it off.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean anything back there.  I don’t know what made me say that.  I don’t want to sleep with Martha, it’s you I want, just you.”

“Oh so you expect me to believe you then.  A cheap explanation, a sorry and you think I’ll forgive you.  I’m beginning to realise that this may not work between us.  Not if you still have thoughts like that.”

They looked across the Hub as they saw Ianto crash through to the kitchen and bang pots and cutlery around.

“Hey what’s up with tea boy now?”

“Don’t know, but don’t you think we should sort us out first before we become embroiled in their arguments?”

“Look Tosh I’m sorry, I only want you, there has to be an explanation for this.  Help me please and I promise I won’t look at Martha when she arrives.  Not in that way.  Please Tosh, help me.”

“Look, if I help you, you’ve got to do everything I say and answer my questions truthfully.  Can you do that?”

“Yeah Tosh I can.  I love you, and that’s the truth.  I will do anything you want me to.”

“Ok, now there has to be a reason for these thoughts being spoken out loud.  You’re going to have to tell me everything that has happened today.  Don’t leave anything out.”

Owen sat and told his lover everything he’d done, including the autopsy and the gas escape.


Ianto went to the one place, other than Jack’s quarters, he felt safe – the kitchen.  He saw Tosh and Owen arguing as he went and left them to get on with it.  In the kitchen he found no one had washed up.  He was sick of doing their work for them, he had more important things to do now and they’d all promised to help him keep the place tidy.  I hate him!  No, I love him!  Oh shit Ianto you’ve got to do something to prove to him how you feel.  Your words don’t seem to be enough.  Who does she think she is?  She’s got Rhys why would she want my Jack?”  He threw some spoons into the drawer as he dried them.  He felt like battering Jack, but what would that prove.  He had to do something to show him that this thing for Gwen was wrong, he loved Jack, and Jack loved him.  Didn’t he?

He knew what he had to do.  He grabbed Jack’s Webley, he never wore it around the Hub, and made his way back to the conference room.

The sight that met him angered him even more.  Jack was stood there in a passionate embrace with Gwen bloody Cooper.  He stood at the door watching, not believing Jack would do this.  He raised the gun.

“Jack….JACK.  Move away from her or I’ll shoot both of you.”

Jack pulled away from Gwen, realising what was happening.  He went to go over to Ianto “Yan my love, come on please give me the gun.”

“No Jack, I have to do this, you can’t stop me.  I thought you loved me.  But I can see that’s not true.  It’s her you want her, don’t you?”

“Ianto, please it’s not like that.  I don’t know what made me say what I did, but it’s you and only you that I want and love.  Please believe me sweetheart.  Now can you put my gun down?”

“No Jack, you’ve just shown me you don’t want me anymore so I’m going and you won’t have to see me anymore.”

Ianto ran from the conference room slamming the door behind him.  Jack looked at the empty space in front of him and then back to Gwen.  “I’m sorry Gwen, that should never have happened.  I love Ianto, you love Rhys and my fantasies when you first began here should have been kept to myself.  Nothing is going to happen between us, I’ve been stupid today and I can’t explain why.”

“But Jack, I’ve wanted that for so long, I couldn’t tell you but surely you knew how I felt about you?”

“I had my suspicions, but I’m sorry it can’t and won’t happen, ever.  I love Ianto and I need to go find him.  Go home to Rhys and tell him you love him and take him to bed.  Forget about what’s just gone on here because it will never, and I mean never happen again.”

He left Gwen open mouthed as he rushed from the room to look for his gorgeous Welshman.

Making his way through the Hub he came across Owen and Tosh both in tears hugging one another.

“Hey kids, what’s wrong?”

“Jack, it’s that Gattus.”

“What about it, it’s dead and sliced up how can it be that and besides what’s it supposed to have done?”

“Remember that gas and how we thought we’d got our masks on in time?  Well we were wrong.  It only takes a microgram of the gas to affect humans.  Apparently it’s a truth drug.  They use it to overpower their pray and make them believe that they are in love with them.  Then they are able to devour them as they make love to them.”

“Wow, some powerful stuff there Doctor Harper.  How did you find that out?”

“I didn’t, Tosh did and what we are saying is the effect that the gas has on humans,it brings to the surface forgotten fantasies and makes us tell everyone what we are thinking.”

“How long do the effects last?”

“From what I can find out, about eight hours and then it’ll wear off and there won’t be any after effects and it’s not life threatening.”

“Thanks Tosh.  Have either of you seen Ianto, he caught me and Gwen in the conference room.  I need to find him and explain to him.  And before you make a sarcastic comment Owen, yeah we were in a compromising position and no it was only a kiss.  But I need to find Yan, I love him and don’t want to lose him.  Not like this.”

“Last I saw he was heading for the perception filter lift.”

“Thanks.”  And with that Jack ran out through the Hub up to the surface and to his lover.

Jack found Ianto sat on the slab of the lift.  Making sure no one was looking, he too stepped onto the slab.  Ianto stood up still holding the gun.  He looked at Jack through tear ravaged eyes.

“Yan, sweetheart, come on please.  I love you we can sort this out, I can explain everything.  Tosh and Owen are fine, they’ve found out the truth about what happened today.”

“I saw the truth back there Jack!  You want Gwen.  I’ve always known she wanted to have you to herself.  When we got together, don’t you remember how frosty she was towards me?  She said she was ok with it, but I could see she wasn’t.”

“Look Yan, please let me explain.  I love you and want to be with you, always.”

Ianto looked at Jack, looked into the blue grey eyes he loved so much.  He thought he could see Jack’s love for him but wasn’t sure.  He had to do something, something that would prove to him that Jack did really love him.  It came to him.  If he did it and Jack was still there maybe Jack was telling the truth.

“Ok Jack, if you say you love me how about proving it to me?”

“Anything my love, anything you want.  I do love you, you have to believe me.  Come on back down and Tosh will tell you what’s gone on here today.  Please!”

“No not yet.  First this….” And he shot himself.

“NO!....IANTO!....No!  Sweetheart, what have you done?  Come on please come back to me.  I need you, I love you.  Ianto please come on.”

Jack sat down on the slab and cradled Ianto in his arms rocking him back and forth stroking his cheek with his hand gently kissing his forehead and eyes.  He looked at his young lover, broken, believing what was going on in the Hub.  He couldn’t lose him.  He loved him.  He had to come back to him.

Jack continued to hold him and rock him, tears streamed down his face.  He’d been stupid, but it could be put right, couldn’t it?  He held him silently wishing that this had never happened.  Those damned Gattus, they had a lot to answer for.

He felt movement within his arms and Ianto gulped in a breath and opened his eyes.

“Jack, what?”

“Sssshh, don’t speak, just listen.  I want you to know I love you with all my heart, but you have to hear what Tosh found.  Don’t say anything until I’ve finished, then you can tell me whether you want us to end.”

Ianto nodded, he did love Jack, but he was still unsure of Jack’s feelings, but he was still sat with him so would give him a chance to explain.

Jack told him all about what had happened in autopsy and the gas and how the effects will last for about eight hours.

Ianto hugged Jack “I’m sorry cariad.  I should have known you wouldn’t have done anything to encourage Gwen.  She’s always had a thing for you.  I’m s…”

He didn’t get the chance to say anything else as Jack crushed his lips to his lovers to show him how much he was loved.

“Come back down to the Hub Ianto, let me prove how much I love you.  I’ll send the others home and we can…”

It was Ianto’s turn to stop his lover speaking.  Breaking apart Ianto had a wicked grin on his face.


“Oh I was just thinking.”

“Mmmm with a look like that it would have to be wicked thoughts?”

“Oh yeah!  Let’s leave the others down there wondering where we are and make use of the perception filter of this lift.  It’s been ages since we used it to our advantage.”

“Oh yeah.  Sounds like a good idea.”

Jack leant into Ianto and kissed him, thankful that the public couldn’t see two gorgeous men undressing each other and taking one another to heaven and back.



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