August 26th, 2011


Title: Anything But That!!
Author: Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,  angst
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen,
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: An old enemy returns.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC. I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Soul Bonding- 3511 words


Ianto had volunteered to go for the do-nuts it would give him time to think about the surprise he was planning for Jack.  Jack didn’t really have a birthday as he couldn’t remember when he was born, so between them they had picked a date and celebrated it then.  It was two weeks away and Ianto wanted to make it special, as he always did.  He was crossing the Plass when he heard screams.

“Help me!  Please someone help me!”

He saw a woman being attacked by a teenage boy he looked like he was trying to take her handbag.  Things like that didn’t happen in Cardiff.  He ran towards her shouting at the teenager.

“Oi, you just leave her alone.  She’s done nothing to you.” 

He got up to them and pulled the boy from her.  He turned around and as Ianto put a hand on his arm he attacked Ianto and bit his neck.  Ianto instinctively put up a hand to the wound, the last thing he wanted was for this woman to see it healing.

“Thank you, thank you, young man.  I was so scared then.  Did you see the horrible look on his face.  It was like he was….possessed.”

“You’re safe now ma’am, here’s your bag.  Go home and make yourself a hot cup of tea and don’t forget plenty of sugar.  It’ll help.  Now are you sure you’re going to be ok getting home, because I could phone my boss and ask if I can borrow a vehicle and take you.”

“No young man, I’ll be fine but thank you very much for your concern.  I only live about 5 minutes’ walk from here.  You’ve done enough and you need to get that wound sorted out.  I’d hate for it to become infected.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d forgotten.  Look I’ll be fine, and knowing that you’re ok helps.”

“Thank you again young man.”  And she left.

Ianto removed his hand from his neck.  The bleeding had stopped but he could feel a jagged wound where his neck met his shoulder.  Owen would have to have a look just to make sure things were ok, but he could feel it beginning to heal.  He made his way down to the Tourist Information Office, just in case people had been watching.  He didn’t want to use the lift, not now.

“Hey guys, do-nuts are here.  Owen can I borrow you for a minute down in the medical bay?”

“Erm…what am I getting into here tea boy?”

“Nothing like you’re thinking, I’ve been bitten and want you to take a look at it for me.”

“Hey sweetheart you ok?”

“Yes Jack, I stopped a mugging this morning and the little shit bit me.  Look.”

“Owen! get your arse down here now, Ianto’s really hurt and I need you to look at it.”

“Ok, ok Jack I’m on my way already!  I was just saving the work I’d been doing this morning.”

“I’m fine Jack, it’s healing already, I just need Owen to make sure there’s not going to be any infection.”

Owen reached them, looked at Ianto’s wound and saw that it was healing.  “You’re going to have a nice scar for a couple of hours but it will disappear.  You’re healing quicker now.  Must be your new genetic make up, don’t worry, you’ll be a cute as ever!”

“Why thank you Doctor Harper.”

“Oi, keep your hands off my lover.  You’ve got your own, unless…..”

“Unless what Jack?”

“Oh unless you want to join me and Yan sometime.” Said Jack looking at the two of them and winking.

“Um no thanks Jack, not my thing thank you.  I’ll stick with Toshiko over there.  Now there’s….”

“Erm Owen, I’m sure Jack and Ianto don’t want to know about what we get up to thank you.”

“Sorry lover.”  Owen grinned at his girlfriend and went to hug her.

“Jack, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to lie down, I’ve got a thumping headache and I’ll not be any good for anything until it goes.”

“Mmmm would you like me to come and join you?”

“In about an hour would be nice I could use some tlc then.”  He moved over to Jack and kissed him passionately, letting him know what was to come later.

Jack quietly made his way down to their quarters to see how Ianto was.  He was shocked at what met his eyes.  Ianto was sweating, he was naked and even though it looked like he’d started with the cover on him, it was now on the floor in a heap.  The sight of a naked Ianto caused the beginnings of an arousal in Jack’s trousers.  But he was worried.  What was happening to his lover?

He went over and sat on the bed.  He looked at the wound on his neck.  It had not disappeared as they had first thought but was now bigger, redder and in the shape of a heart.

“Ianto.  Yan, wake up.  Talk to me sweetheart.  What’s wrong.”

“Mmmm, what?  Where’s Tosh?”

“Hey Yan, what do you mean where’s Tosh.  She’s with Owen upstairs.  Why?”

“No she can’t be with him.  She said she wouldn’t go back to him.  She loves me and I love her.”

Jack stared at Ianto, tears beginning in his eyes.  Something definitely wasn’t right here.  How could he think Tosh was his girlfriend?  He’d said it was only Jack he loved.

“Owen, get your arse down here I need you.”

“Jack, look I’ve told you I’m not into a threesome.”

“I’m not joking here Owen, something’s seriously wrong with Ianto, you need to help him….NOW!”

Owen realised by the tone of Jack’s voice that he wasn’t joking.  He ran to the ladder and slid down as quickly as he could.  He saw the anguished look on Jack’s face and the state of Ianto.  Jack had managed to cover his lover’s body but he was fighting with the covers, trying to get rid of them again.

“Jack we need to get him to the medical bay I can’t assess him properly down here, can you carry him up for me?”

“Yeah, no problem, but I’d better put some clothes on him first.  I’ll just get his trousers on, I don’t want to embarrass him infront of the girls.”

“Ok but make it quick, the longer we wait the worse it could get.”

Jack quickly found a pair of jeans Ianto had left the last time they’d stayed at the Hub and got them onto him.  Carrying him up the ladder he whispered to him all the while.

“Ianto please, come on sweetheart, wake up, talk to me.  Owen is going to make you better, don’t give up on me please.  I love you too much to lose you now.”

Ianto just moaned “it hurts Jack, my neck, it hurts bad.”

“Ssshhh don’t talk my love, everything is going to be alright.”

As Owen had gone to look at Ianto, Tosh and Gwen had begun trailing through the CCTV from that morning trying to find the mugging. 
“Tosh, over here.  I think I’ve got it.”

Tosh went to look at the images Gwen had on her screen.  Sure enough there was Ianto sprinting across the Plass going to the aid of the woman.  They saw him pull the teenager from the woman and then saw it turn and bite his neck.  As it turned to look around Gwen froze the picture.  The boy had his hood up and it partially covered his face, but Gwen was able to zoom in for a closer look.

At first glance it did appear to be a human teenager.  But on closer inspection she saw that it was not human at all.  It had deep set red eyes that bore into you when you looked at them.  She quickly averted her eyes and took in the rest of the face.  It’s cheeks were hollow and had a grey tinge to them.  The mouth was without lips and showed a set of very sharp teeth.  The front two were pointed and looked as though they were for tearing their pray apart before devouring it.  It’s neck, what she could see, was covered in what looked like scales.

“Tosh are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“Yeah Gwen, what the hell is it?”

“Well it’s not human for a start.  Look we need to find out what it is and tell Owen then he can give Ianto something to help.”

“I’ll go and check on the computer for any information we have in the archives.  You go and let Jack and Owen know what we found already.”
Gwen went off to see how her friend was and if he’d come round.

“Hey guys, listen Tosh and I managed to find an image on the screen of what attacked Ianto, Tosh is now trawling through the archives to find out if we’ve encountered it before.  Those eyes, ugh were horrible.”

Tosh came running down, “hey guys I’ve found it.  It’s….it’s.”

“It’s what Tosh, come on spit it out.  What in God’s name is it?”

“Jack I’m sorry it’s….it’s a Levod!”

“NO!....they’re supposed to be extinct.  I….we got rid of them a century ago.  Where the hell has this one come from?”

“By all accounts Jack, in their years it’s still a baby.  It could have hatched because of all the rift activity we’ve had lately.  It’s cocoon could have been near an opening in the rift and the energy from that caused it to wake up.  I can’t find any other sightings or incidents involving any more of them.  What do you want me to do?”

“We need to catch it.  I remember the last time someone was bitten we ended up killing both it and it’s victim.  This isn’t good Gwen.”

“Look, don’t worry, Tosh and I will go and get it.  Then we can sort Ianto out.”

“Thanks, I don’t want to leave him, not now.”

“That’s alright Jack, we understand.”

Gwen and Tosh grabbed their weapons and the containment cell and left the Hub in search of the Levod.

They arrived back at the Hub within the hour.  They had managed to track it on the CCTV in the city and found it near the bay.  Granted it had given them the run around and had tried to attack others but had been unsuccessful.

“JACK, Jack, we’re back, he’s in the cells, what do you want us to do?”

“I’m going to talk to him.  I know what they’re like I can get through to him.  Just make sure Owen doesn’t leave Ianto.  I don’t want him to be on his own.”

Jack made his way down to the cells.  Passing Janet he looked at her “I may have some nice food for you later Janet, I bet you’d like that.”  She moved away from the Perspex partition and cowered in the corner.  “Not the answer I would have thought I’d get, but then we do have this….this Levod down here, don’t we?”

Jack looked through the Perspex screen at the creature.  “What are you doing back here?  Your kind were supposed to be extinct.  Come on….answer me.  I want to know what you want.”

“Let me go and I’ll tell you.”

“Oh no my friend, you’re staying there and telling me why you’ve come back.”

“I see that your lover is dying.  That means all his memories will be gone and he will be an empty shell.  If you give me what I want then I’ll tell you how to release him.”

“How do you know he’s dying?  What have you become?”

“Oh dear, you’ve missed so much of our evolution haven’t you?  We were doing nicely living here on your planet, then you and that Doctor person had to come along and kill all our people here.  Luckily some of us were able to escape and I was sent back to finish what we began.”

“Come on then what was it?”

“We want to know all there is about this planet.  It has the right atmosphere for us to survive.  We’ve been to others and as soon as we are born we die.  The air has not been right.  But here….oh here it’s great.  The air is fresh and the inhabitants of this world taste so good.  They are gullible and believe everything we tell them.  If they resist we just bite them and they become one with us.  I can tell from the one upstairs that he’s your lover.  What will you do once he’s completely taken over by me?  Are you going to be able to love me in the way you love him?  I can see from his memories that you are good.  A good lover, a good leader and a good friend.  Mmm yes I would love to have you do to me what you do to him.  Then maybe we could find others to inhabit.”

“You are sick…do you hear me SICK!  You are not going to win this, I’m going to make sure Ianto is free of you.  You are nothing.”

“Oh but I am Jack.  There don’t you see, you didn’t tell me your name but I know it.  That’s the memories from you young lover upstairs.”
“How….how do we stop this.  I want Ianto back I love him, I could never love a creature like you.  Tell me, come on how do we stop this?”
“Ha hahaha, you really don’t know do you?”

“If I knew I’d have done it already.  So come on tell me….NOW!”

“Oh I can see that he loves you very much and that he’d do anything to be with you always.  But would you do the same for him?”
“Look I’m getting really fed up with this chat.  Tell me what I have to do.”

“Oh if you really love him that much Jack then there is only one thing you can do to break the bond between us.”  The Levod smiled and moved closer to the screen.  “Come closer Jack and I’ll tell you.”

Jack moved to the screen “if you’re lying to me I’ll kill you, believe me I wouldn’t hesitate.”

“Oh but Jack it’s not me you’re going to have to kill.  The only way you can break the bond between us is to shoot your young lover upstairs.  Kill him and the bond is broken.”

“But if I kill him, then I won’t have him will I?”  Jack could feel tears stinging his eyes.  He didn’t want the Levod to see so he moved back from the screen.

“Oh how touching.  You really love this….this human don’t you Jack?  That’s the whole point of why we bite people.  We take over their thoughts and their lives and become lovers, mothers, fathers in their places.  That’s how we survive Jack.”

Jack wanted to kill this creature, but knew he couldn’t until he’d gotten Ianto back.  He smashed his fist into the Perspex causing the Levod to flinch.  “Not so tough when you think I’m going to kill you are you?”

“Oh but you won’t, if you want to break the link killing me is no good, it’ll only speed up the death of your lover upstairs.  If I die then you’ve lost him forever.”

Jack was distraught and couldn’t face the creature any longer.  He slowly made his way back to the medical bay.  He passed the girls on his way and they both saw the ravaged look on his face and followed him down to Ianto and Owen.

“Jack, hey Jack what….what’s wrong?”

“I couldn’t kill the Levod, he’s connected to Ianto.  If I do then Ianto stays like this for ever.  There is only one way to break the connection.  But I don’t think I can do it, I don’t want to hurt Yan.”  He went and brushed a hand across his lover’s cheek.  He bent down and kissed him.

“Mmmm,  what’s happening?  Where’s Tosh?”

Tosh looked at Ianto then at Jack and Owen.

“Oh don’t worry Tosh, he thinks you’re his girlfriend, it’s part of the mind altering process.  As I remember after a victim is bitten the first person he or she sees, they think they are their partner.  He must have seen you when he got back from the do-nut run.”

Tosh went to put an arm around Jack’s waist.  “I’m sorry Jack, I want to help.  What can I do?”

“Just having you all here like this helps, thank you.  I couldn’t do any of this without you.”

They all had tears in their eyes.

“Come on Jack, tell us what we have to do to break the connection.  There is a way isn’t there?”

“Yeah Owen there is.  Oh God….this is so hard.  I….I’ve….”

“You’ve got to what Jack?”

“To break the connection I’ve got to kill Ianto.”

They all looked shocked.

“But….but Jack can’t one of us do it?”

“No Gwen, I’ve got to be the one.  I’m the one he loves and I love him.  It’ll only work if the persons lover kills them.”

“How have you got to do it?”

“The only way it will work is if….if I….shoot him.”

“Shit!  I’m sorry Jack.  But don’t forget he’ll come back to you.  He’s not really going to die.”

“I know Owen, but it’s still hard for me to do.  I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Look, if you don’t you’re hurting him even more.  We’ll help you get through this and you can stay with him till he comes back.  We’ll leave you alone once you’ve done it.  I know how hard it is for you to watch him come back.  I’ve seen the look on your face when a weevil or something else has killed him.  Jack you’ve got to do this, if you want him back.”

“I know….I know Owen, it’s just….”  Jack drew his Webley and aimed it at Ianto.  The girls and Owen hugged one another and every one of them was crying openly.  They saw the anguished look on Jack’s face as he aimed and pulled the trigger.

They screamed, Jack turned to them tears streaming down his face.  “Go, please, I want to be alone with him, to hold him and watch him as he comes back to me.”

They nodded and left the two gorgeous men alone, Ianto to come back to them and Jack to grieve about what he’d just had to do.
“Come on sweetheart.  I’m sorry but I had to do it.  I love you so very much and don’t want to lose you.  Come back to me please Ianto, I couldn’t live without you, not now.”

Jack got onto the bed with Ianto and cradled him in his arms.  Kissing and stroking his face as he rocked him.  The others didn’t want to, but needed to know everything was alright, so they were watching the proceedings on the CCTV screen in the conference room.  They were still holding on to each other and still crying.  They couldn’t remember the last time anything had affected them as badly as this.

“Yan, please come back to me.  I’ll take you away so we can recover from this horrible ordeal.  Please just wake up, I need you.  Oh Ianto….”

With a sharp intake of breath, Ianto came to.  “Aaaarrgh!  JACK”

“Oh Yan, thank God.  I love you so very much.”  Jack kissed his button nose and then found his mouth.  Slowly at first not wanting to cause any more complications for Ianto he kissed his mouth.  Ianto responded, his tongue searching for its mate.  They kissed passionately.
The rest of the team smiled when they saw Ianto come back to them. 

“Don’t you think we should turn off the screen now?  They need this time alone.  I don’t want to be a voyeur.  They need this time alone.”
“Yeah, you’re right Tosh.”  Owen switched the monitor off.

Jack had taken Ianto back down into their quarters and he’d watched as he’d fallen asleep.  He went back up to the rest of the team.
“Thank you.”

“For what Jack?”

“For being here for us.  We couldn’t have done this without you all.”

“No problem Jack, isn’t that what friends are for?”

Jack hugged each one of them in turn.  “Go home, lose each other in your lovers and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.”

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright?”

“Yes Tosh we’ll be fine.  I’m just going to put our guest into the cryochamber and then I’m going to spend the rest of the time with Ianto.  He needs me and I need him.”  Jack smiled as he went down to the cells.

The team left together knowing that everything was going to be alright.

Jack stunned the Levod and carried him to the cold storage chambers.  He then went back to his young Welshman, climbed into bed with him and just held him.  He knew that everything was going to be alright. 

Their love would never be broken.

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