August 28th, 2011


Title: Spa Treatment
Author: Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,  angst
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen,
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: Many hands make erotic work!.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC. I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Massage - 2536 words


“What’s with all this weevil activity Jack?”

“I wish I knew Gwen, it’s been crazy these last few nights.  I wonder if there’s something we’ve missed when we’ve been monitoring the rift.”

“Hey don’t be silly, Tosh would have told us.  You know what she’s like?  Always checking, always too cautious.”

“You can never be too cautious Gwen, we wouldn’t know about half the things that appear if wasn’t for our excellent computer programmer Toshiko Sato.”

“But maybe she’s missed something?”

“Oi Gwen, Tosh knows what she’s doing, think about that Grask that nearly got you the other week, if Tosh hadn’t have been on the ball you would have been lunch.”

“Ok, ok I’m just saying”

“Well don’t!”

She looked at Owen and then at Jack for backup but none was forthcoming.  She had been feeling put out lately.  Jack and Ianto were always laughing, Tosh and Owen, well they couldn’t get enough of one another.  She’d been on her own for the last week, Rhys was on a long haul to France and she missed him.  Although he was due home tomorrow.  She shouldn’t take it out on the others, but Tosh couldn’t be right all the time could she?”

“Right kids, let’s get these back into the sewers and go home.  I for one have had enough of them for tonight.  I could do with a nice massage.”

“Oh please Jack, what you and Ianto do is your business not ours.”

“Owen I was being serious, I’ve not had a good massage since….since, well the last one was different four hands all working their magic on you at the same time.  And before you ask no it wasn’t two people it was an alien, can’t quite remember the name of them it happened so quickly but boy was it erotic.”

“Thanks for that Jack, just what our tired bodies want to be told.”

Jack looked at Owen, still snarky sometimes but being in love with Toshiko was good for him.

“Come on then let’s get back to the Hub, Ianto some of your special coffee when we get back, that should do for now.”

“Always willing to oblige sir.”Ianto grinned at them all then turned and gave Jack that special smile promising more than coffee when the others had gone home.
Gwen opened her door to be met by a huge bouquet of roses.  “What!  Rhys is that you?”

“Who else would it be?”

“But you’re home early!”

“Yeah, we made it back on the earlier ferry so I thought I’d surprise you.  You look shattered.”

“Yeah five nights of chasing weevils and we’re all knackered.”

“Mmm maybe I could help you with that.”

“Oh Rhys Williams, you’re wicked, but I love you.”

She took the bouquet off Rhys, kissed him passionately and then went to put them in water.  As she did she spotted the mail on the kitchen table.  Leafing through it she came across a flyer advertising The Compass Spa.  She realised it was just down the road from the Hub and as it was newly opened there were special rates for the first massage or facial.  She put it into her bag to remind her to tell the others at work tomorrow.

“Come on then lover, I’ve missed you, show me Heaven.”

Rhys laughed, grabbed her hand and took her to bed.
Gwen bounded into the Hub the following morning.

“Look out someone’s happy, must have got laid last night.”

“Thanks Jack, for bringing what was a wonderful experience, down to your level of smut.”

“My pleasure Gwen, but hey, it suits you.  You have that certain….glow about you.”

She blushed, then remembered the flyer she had in her bag.  “Hey guys you remember yesterday we were talking about a massage?”

“Oh yeah and I told you about my….”

“Yeah Jack you did.  Now listen.  I found this when I got home.  A new Spa has opened up just up the road from here.  They’re giving a special discounted rate for the first massage or facial someone has.  How about we all go and indulge ourselves.  We could do with a treat after the last week.”

“Mmm sounds like a good idea?  Ok you book us all in and let us know when.”

“Erm Gwen, don’t you think you should check the place out first.  You never know what the people are like that work there.”

“Oh Tosh, stop being so clinical and suspicious.  Let loose for once in your life.  Just go with the flow and stop worrying, no alien is going to be there.  Anyway, Josie, she lives above Rhys and I, well she works there and she’s a great girl.  Got a young child and is really nice.”

“Well…I don’t know.”

“Come on sweetheart, it might be a good laugh if nothing else.”

Tosh looked at Owen, maybe he’s right, maybe I should relax for once.

Owen went over to her and wound his arms around her waist, kissed her “ok we’ll go.  What about you Jack?  Are you and tea boy up for some massage?  No don’t answer that I’m sure you get plenty from each other.”

Ianto blushed as Jack wound his arms around his waist and kissed the part of his neck just under the back of his ear, knowing that it would cause a reaction further south.  Ianto’s blush got deeper.

“Oh please Jack, enough, tea boy’s not going to be any good for anything if you keep doing that!”

Jack smiled, whispered “I love you” and released him.  “Ok Gwen, we’re up for it, go ahead, book us in.”

Gwen rang the Spa there and then.  “Right guys, we’re booked in for this afternoon at three.  Let’s just hope the weevils keep quiet today.”
They all agreed with her and went off to do the small jobs they never got done when the rift was manic.

Tosh being the ever diligent person Jack had hired her for, decided to check out the Compass Spa hoping that Gwen wouldn’t see.
What she found caused her to worry slightly.  She went to see Jack.  “Sorry to bother you Jack, but I’ve been doing some checking on the Compass Spa, and well I don’t think we should go.”

“Oh come on Tosh, what’s so bad with it, it’ll be good for us.”

“No Jack, look at these readings.  There’s something not quite right about the place.  I’m sure there’s trace of rift activity.”

“You’ve just been working too hard.  Let’s go and find out for ourselves.  I’m sure everything will be alright.”

Tosh went back down to her station and was double checking the readings when Gwen appeared behind her.  “Oh for goodness sake Tosh, can’t you leave those things alone.  I heard what you were saying to Jack and you’re just being stupid.  Nothing is going to happen, no one has gone missing from having a massage.”

“Gwen I’m not being stupid, I’m being careful.  So if you don’t mind I’d like to continue with my investigation.  Isn’t there something you need to get done before we go?”

Gwen went to ring Rhys to let him know that she’d be home for tea and to cook her something special, she’d be all relaxed by the time she got home.
The team arrived at the Spa in plenty of time.  Tosh was still checking the readings, but made sure that no-one saw what she was doing.  She still wasn’t sure about this place, the readings seemed to be getting stronger.

Jack was the first to go for a massage, the rest of them went to relax in the sauna.  They decided that they would go and wait for Jack to finish and find out what delights were in store for them.

As they left the changing rooms they heard movement and whispers coming from the massage area.  Suddenly there was a fluctuation in the electricity and the lights went out for a few seconds then they come back on again.

“What was that?”

“Don’t know Ianto, but I’m worried, look at this.”

Tosh showed him the readings just at the point of the electricity surge.  The rift monitor she’d brought with her had gone off the scale.
“Right we need to find Jack, he could be in danger.”

“Slow down tea boy, Jack can look after….”

Owen didn’t get the rest of his sentence out, they saw Jack being carried lifeless across the courtyard.  Ianto was just about to shout out when Owen stopped him.

“No Ianto.  If something is going on here we don’t want them to know that we know.  Let’s just see what happens.”

“I don’t want to wait, Jack’s dead, I know that look and it’s not a good one.  I need to be with him.  Now let me go.”

“Not so fast, come on we need to do this right.  Jack wouldn’t want us to go in all guns blazing now would he?”

“No….I’m sorry Owen….it’s just….”

“I know.  I’d be the same if it was Tosh.”  He looked across to her winked and blew her a kiss, causing her to blush nicely.
“I’m going to follow them, and before you say anything I’ll be careful.”

Ianto went after the masseuse who had Jack slung over his shoulder.  Ianto had to be with Jack when he came back to them he always was.  He followed at a safe distance and as the door was closing to the room they’d left Jack in, he slipped in unseen.  The room was cold and was lit by a pale blue light.  Ianto took the Mag light from his pocket.  He always carried it with him – for emergencies.  Looking around the room he realised it was a cold storage and Jack’s body wasn’t the only one there.  He went over to his lover and sat down and cradled his head.

With a huge gulp of air Jack came back to him shouting his name.

“Aaargh, God, IANTO!  What the Hell’s going on?  One minute I was happily having a fantastic massage the next I’m here and you’re with me as always.”  He reached up and kissed his gorgeous Welshman.

“Something’s not right Jack, we watched as they brought you out of the massage bay.  How they did it we’re not sure yet but they killed you.  Tosh was right Jack, something is not right about this place.  And….”

“And what my love?”

“And you’re not the only one, look.”

They looked around the room and saw at least six other bodies stretched out on the floor.  There was room for several more on the floor and then there were benches that could accommodate at least the same amount.

“What, who are they?  What do they want with all these bodies.  Oh and by the way we’re in a fridge.  Well that’s what it seems like.”

“Cold storage, keeping the bodies for….for what I wonder?”

“How’re we going to get out?”

“Leave that to me.”

Ianto noticed Jack punch a few buttons on his wrist manipulator and the door clicked open.

“Don’t go anywhere without this.  Comes in very handy sometimes.”

Ianto kissed Jack quickly and they both made their way to the others.  Jack was shivering by the time they found the rest of the gang, he only had trousers on his shirt was still in the massage room.

“Oh very fetching Captain.  Is this the new style for this season?”

“Thanks Owen, now enough of my naked body I think….”

“Save it Jack, don’t want to know.  Ianto is the only one who should know!”

They laughed.

“Ok kids what are we going to do.  Tosh was right, as always, thanks Tosh what would we do without you?”

Tosh looked at Gwen who had that bulldog chewing a wasp look, realising she’d been in the wrong.  “Jack it shows that the surge came from the massage room possibly at the same time as they killed you.  We need to be in there or around there when it happens again so we can capture the creature or whatever it is.”

“I agree, I’ll go back and ask for another of their brilliant massages.”

“Erm no you won’t Jack, they know you and they think they’ve killed you already.   If you go it’ll only raise suspicion.  Let me go.”

“No Yan, I couldn’t put you through that.”

“But how else are we going to get them?  I’ll come back to you, I always do.”

“I know but….”

“No buts Jack, I’m volunteering and they don’t know me.”

Jack looked at his lover, looked at Owen for help but got none.  “Ok….ok, but please Yan, be careful.”

“I will cariad, just be there and get them, before they….you know….before they kill me.  Then you….”

Jack stopped him talking by kissing him.  They wound their arms around each other and the others averted their eyes knowing how difficult it was still for Jack to know that Ianto was going to die.

Ianto went into the massage room and asked for the best massage he could get as he was feeling really tired and needed some stimulation.

He had been in the room for about ten minutes when Tosh alerted the team to the start of a spike in activity.  Jack made sure that they were all ready then burst through the door.  Just too late.Ianto was dead.

“NO!  Why?  Not Ianto, please.”

As Jack went to his Welshman Owen and Gwen contained the alien and was able to knock it out.  It had inhabited the body of the masseuse and as they knocked the guy out it left his body.  Tosh was able to monitor when it had completed exited the body and they captured it in a box ready to take it back to the Hub.

“Aaaargh JACK!  What?”

“Don’t speak my love, everything’s going to be alright.”

“I see tea boy’s come back to us.  I think we should all go back to the Hub and find out what this latest visitor is.”

“Good idea Owen.  Although, Ianto’s still a bit weak.  I’ll wait here with him you take the box back, then go home.  We can deal with our friend tomorrow.  I think we’ve all had enough excitement for one day.”

“Thanks Jack.” Was the collective approval and they left the two lovers to sort themselves out.

“Mmmm Mr Jones, you are decidedly over dressed.”

“Oh….for what Captain?”

“For this….”

Jack wrapped Ianto in his arms and kissed him passionately.

“Why am I over dressed?  I thought that” he was meaning the kiss “needs me to be dressed?”

“Oh I was thinking you need to be naked Mr Jones.  I want to give you a massage.”

“Mmmnn  that sounds like a very good idea Captain.  But aren’t you in the wrong state of dress too?”

“Oh yeah, I suppose I am.”

They began kissing and exploring each other whilst finishing the process of undressing one another.

For the next couple of hours they massaged each other in places that only they could massage and lost one another in themselves, only stopping to apply more oil before carrying on and taking themselves to Heaven and back several times.

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