September 15th, 2011


Title: Under Canvas
Author: Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language,
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen,
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: The team go on holiday, but not to everyones liking.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC. I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo: Wild Card so I chose Camping - 3655 words


Jack had called an urgent meeting saying he had some exciting news and everyone would want to hear it.  He’d also asked Gwen to bring Rhys.  At which point she was worried as Jack never wanted Rhys anywhere near them and their work.  She’d told her husband his presence had been requested and he too was worried.

“Ok kids I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some really good news.”

They all stared at him, not really knowing what to expect.  Owen looked across at Ianto for any clues to what was going on, but he was as in the dark as the rest of them.  All he knew was that Jack had been arranging something, but every time he’d walked in the room Jack, if he was on the phone, would change the subject and immediately hang up.

“Come on the Jack, don’t keep us in suspense, it’s killing us.”  Owen quipped.  “Although you two will survive, I’m not sure about the rest of us.”  He grinned looking at Jack and Ianto.

“Ok, I’ve been talking to the powers that be and they’ve agreed with me that we all, and I mean all of us need a holiday.”

The conference room fell silent.  Gwen was the first to speak “but Jack, how can we all go together?  Who’s going to look after the hub and monitor the rift activity?”

“Don’t you worry your head about that Gwen.  It’s all been sorted.  I’ve got my trusty wrist manipulator and I’ve got two special people coming to look after the hub whilst we’re away.”

“Erm Jack, we’ve never done this before why now?”

“Tosh, over the last few months we’ve had our fill of aliens, people dying” he looked at Ianto “including me, several times, and I thought it would be a good team bonding exercise for us all to go together.”

“But why include me?”

“Rhys, think about this, Tosh and Owen are together, Ianto and I, and if we didn’t include you Gwen would be on her own.  So stop complaining and enjoy the time you’re going to have with your lovely wife there.”

They all looked at Jack, who was grinning from ear to ear.  He leant over and kissed Ianto’s forehead and grabbed his hand.  “Ok kids, we leave tomorrow morning at 8 so go home and pack a few things and I’ll see you here at 7 ready to go.”

“But Jack where are we going and what will we need to pack?”

“Where we’re going is a secret and pack warm clothes it’s going to be an adventure.”

They were still staring at him when his phone rang.  “Harkness!  Well hello, so good to hear your voice….yeah ok I’ll be right there….no problem I’ll get Ianto to sort that out for you….no don’t worry it’s not too much trouble honest, I’m just glad you’ve both come to help out….no they don’t know yet and by the looks on their faces they’re trying to guess who I’m speaking to….yeah I’ve told them, but not where we’re going, so please no spoiling the surprise….oh and tell him he can’t say anything otherwise I might just put him in with Janet”  Jack laughed “No that’s fine I’ll be there in two minutes.”  He hung up.

“Right I’ve got to go and let our visitors in, Ianto can you book a room at the St David’s for two please.  Book it in my name and you should get a discount.  The manager owes me a favour.”

Ianto looked questioningly at his lover.  “Erm Jack do I really want to know what favour it is?”

“Yan I removed a weevil from his wine cellar last year and he said if ever there was anything he could do for me just ask.  So I’m asking.  So it’s not what you’re thinking.”

Ianto smiled in relief and stood, kissed Jack and went to make the reservation.  Jack left the others in the conference room and went to greet their visitors.

Rhys was the first to speak “what’s going on Gwen?  Why is he being so nice?  I’m worried he’s never done this before, why now?”
“Rhys sweetheart, when Jack does something like this you don’t argue you just go along with it.  If it gives us a chance to be together for a full week then I’m not complaining lover, are you?”

Rhys shook his head.  “Not if I get to spend the full week with my beautiful wife then no.”

“He’s got to have an ulterior motive up his sleeve, I’m not sure if I want to go.”

“Oh Owen stop being grumpy and just think what fun we can have, a full week together with no aliens, no rift activity and certainly no one to tell us when we have to leave our bed.”  Tosh grinned at Owen as she went and planted a kiss on his lips.

Just then they heard Jack’s voice and another male voice that they didn’t recognise.  He came bounding into the conference room followed by their visitors – Martha Jones and someone they hadn’t seen before.

“Let me introduce you to the gang.  Mickey this is Tosh, Owen, Gwen, her husband Rhys, he doesn’t work for us, and my gorgeous Ianto.”
He reached for Ianto’s hand.  “I don’t know what I’d do if he wasn’t here.  Kids, this is Mickey Smith.  He’s an old friend of mine and the Doctor’s.  He’s offered to help Martha this next week.  Don’t worry he knows all about me and what we do.  I’ve worked with Mickey before.”

“Oh yeah, you could say that.  I think we made a good team, eventually.”  Mickey laughed.

“Yeah, eventually.”  Jack smiled at Mickey and Martha.  “Ok, you all need to go home and pack ready for tomorrow, don’t forget warm clothes is a must.  I’ll see you all back here at 7 in the morning.”

Still with confused looks on their faces the team left.
True to their word they were all back at the hub at 7 the following morning, cases packed and ready to go.  They’d all talked about it as they left the night before and meeting up outside they were still talking this morning.  Trying to guess where they were going.  But no one could remotely think where it could be especially with the warm clothes they’d been told to bring.

Ianto was already in the conference room waiting for them and he’d made the coffee and was just waiting for Jack to come off the phone to the PM.

“Ianto, come on tell us, where are we going?”

“Owen if I knew I’d tell you, but I’m as much in the dark as you are so sorry can’t help there.”

“Oi guys, stop hassling my lover, he doesn’t know anything.  Right are we all ready?”

A collective yes came from everyone, but it wasn’t a very enthusiastic yes.  They were beginning to get annoyed with Jack for not telling them where they were going.

“Ok, there’s not enough room in the SUV for all of us plus the luggage, so this is what’s going to happen.  Ianto and I will go in the SUV with the luggage and the rest of you can go in Gwen’s car, if that’s alright with Gwen.”

She nodded “no problem Jack, we can take it in turns in driving.  That’s if you’ll tell us where we’re going.”

“Not yet Gwen, just follow me, it’s not far so you’ll not get lost.”

“Look Harkness, if my wife is driving she’s going to want to know where we’re going just in case she loses sight of you in your flashy vehicle.”

“Rhys, everything will be fine, don’t worry.”  Jack said with a huge grin on his face.

Rhys looked at Jack then at Gwen, she smiled and nodded her head.  “Rhys sweetheart I’ll be fine.  Don’t worry.  I know what Jack’s driving’s like so believe me I won’t lose him.”

“Ok kids, Martha and Mickey are on their way so as soon as they get here we’re off.  Ianto and I will put your luggage in the SUV while we wait, enjoy your coffee and relax, it’s going to be fun!”

The pair of them grabbed the luggage and went down to the garage.  As Ianto was putting the cases in the back he noticed three large bags.  He went to look inside one of them and Jack slapped his arse.

“Not so fast my love, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, even for you.”  He pulled Ianto to him and kissed him passionately.
Pulling away when the need to breath became too much Ianto looked into Jack’s blue/grey eyes “I love you so much Jack please tell me they are not what I think they are?”

“Mmm what do you think they are sweetheart?”

“Bags with tents in?”

“You’ve found me out.  Yep, we’re going camping.”  Jack grinned.

“But Jack, do you think that’s a good idea?  Remember the last time we went to spend time in tents.  It was on the Brecon Beacons and that….that village.  We only just escaped with our lives.”

“Hey come on Yan, nothing is going to hurt us this time, I’m going to make sure of that.  Besides it’s a registered camp site we’re going to.  Now please don’t let on to the others.  I want it to be a surprise.”

“It’s certainly going to be that cariad.” And he kissed his lover again.

They found Martha and Mickey had arrived when they got back to the conference room and they were all drinking coffee and chatting.  Jack realised he’d never seen everyone so relaxed for a very long time and it pleased him.  This week was going to be good for all of them.  If they didn’t want to come out of their tents then no one was going to care.  He hoped that Ianto would relax enough to enjoy himself he was the one who deserved this holiday more than anyone.  This immortality he’d found himself dealing with had taken its toll on him more than he’d let on.  Jack knew he was worried every time he died and if he was honest Jack himself was worried in case Ianto never came back to him.  He really didn’t know what he would do if that happened.

“Right kids, let’s go.  We aren’t going to be travelling for long but we need to get away before the rush hour otherwise we’ll never get there in time.”

“Get where Jack?  Where are we going?”

“Don’t worry Gwen, you’ll see.  Right come on then.  Thanks Martha, Mickey you don’t know how much this means to me.  And please if there is anything that you can’t deal with I’m only a phone call away.  I can be back in an hour if you really need me.”

“Jack, we’ll manage, after all we saved the world didn’t we?”

Jack smiled and went to hug Martha.  He went to hug Mickey who just stuck out his hand for Jack to shake it.

Jack laughed “what no hug Mickey.  I thought that’s what you always wanted.”

“No Jack, you can’t win me over with that smile of yours.  You may have won everyone else over, especially Mr Jones here, but not me.  I’m saving myself for….”

“For who Mickey?”

“Mmm that would be telling Jack.”  And he left it at that.

Jack raised his eyebrows and smiled.  “ok let’s go!”

They said their good byes and left.
An hour later they were pulling into the campsite.  Ianto turned to Jack and smiled.  His hand went to Jack’s thigh which caused an immediate reaction below Jack’s waist.

“Mmm the sooner we can get the tent up the sooner something else will be up.”

“Yes please Jack.  I know I had reservations about this but thinking about it, I can’t wait to spend all the time in bed with you.  You did say we needn’t come out of the tent all week.  I’m sure I could find something for us to do with our time.”  He leant over and kissed Jack.

“Mmm anymore of that Mr Jones and I’ll be booking us into a hotel.  I won’t be able to wait till the tents up.”

They both laughed and went to get out of the vehicle.  Before they could open their doors they were opened for them.  Owen on one side Gwen on the other.

“What the hell are you playing at Jack.  Don’t you remember the last time we spent in a tent.  Oh no, we didn’t did we, they were vandalised.”

“Owen, calm down, this is different.”

“Different?  How?  It’s still under canvas and still cold.”

“Oh where’s your sense of adventure.  This is totally different, no aliens, no cannibals, no weevils.  Come on it’ll be fun.  You don’t have to come out of your tent if you don’t want to.  The week is for you to do as you please.”

They looked at Jack, knowing they would never win the argument with him.  He just smiled and held on tightly to Ianto, who was also smiling.

“Ok, ok, we’ll give it a go.  But I’m warning you Jack, if anything happens I’m gonna kill you myself.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic Owen, nothing is going to happen.  Right the tents are in the back of the SUV, there’s three of them so off you go grab one and get erecting it.  Then we can all have a coffee to celebrate.”

They retrieved the tents out of the back of the vehicle and set about putting them up.

Jack and Ianto were first to finish and were putting their case into the spare room when Jack grabbed Ianto around the waist.  “Mmm now we’ve got this erected I can think of something else that is starting to erect itself and need you to sort it out.”

“Mmm soon cariad, soon.  We promised the others a coffee and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Spoil sport.”  But he kissed his young lover and let him go, but not before he rubbed his arousal up against Ianto to let him know he needed him very soon.

“Love you Jack.”  As Ianto’s own reaction spoke volumes when Jack palmed his hand over his lover’s groin.

“JACK!  Jack, come quick.”

“What’s going on Tosh?”

“Weevil spotted just outside the camp.  A young girl was out riding her bike when she spotted it.  Came back in screaming that there was a strange man in a horrible mask watching her.  I’ve just been to see if she’s alright and she described a weevil down to its razor teeth.  We need to get rid if we’re going to have a good time.”

“I agree, right Ianto you go and get the spray from the SUV and we’ll go find our friend.  We can sedate it till Martha and Mickey can come and collect it.”

Ianto was on his way to the SUV when he felt a presence next to him.  Looking he saw it was Rhys.

“Rhys, you need to go back to the tent.  It could be dangerous.  I don’t want you to get hurt.  Go back to Gwen I’ll deal with this.”

“But I wanted to see one up close and personal.  Gwen’s told me about them but I’ve never seen one close up.”

“Ok, but stay behind me, got that?”

Rhys nodded.  Ianto found the spray and went in search of the unwanted tourist.  They found it just outside the perimeter of the camp and as they approached Ianto had the spray ready.

“Oh wow, it’s ugly isn’t it?”

“Rhys, for goodness sake keep quiet, if it hears you it’ll attack, so shut up.”

“Ok, but it’s really ugly.”

In the moment Ianto had moved his concentration from the weevil to Rhys, their talking had alerted the creature and it advanced towards them.  Not quick enough with the spray, Ianto realised it was too late to use the drug.  The weevil had attacked him and Rhys was screaming and running back to the others.  Ianto couldn’t fight the weevil off and he felt it bite his neck.  His last thought was not again, I’m on holiday I don’t want to die, not now.  He was gone.

“Jack, Gwen you’ve got to come here quick it’s Ianto!”

“Rhys what do you mean it’s Ianto?”

“That….that thing, it got him.  I couldn’t do anything to help him, you’ve got to come and save him.  He’s hurt.”

“IANTO!” screamed Jack as he ran to where Rhys had told him they’d been when it attacked.

Gwen and Rhys followed Jack and all three stood looking at the young Welshman lying on the floor a huge hole in his neck.  Jack sank down onto his knees and cradled his lover in his arms.  Rhys saw tears in Jack’s eyes and had to avert his. 

He pulled Gwen close to him “it’s my fault Gwen, I was talking to him and distracted him from his job.  What are we going to do?  Jack….I’m….I’m sorry.”

Jack looked up at Rhys “What the hell did you think you were doing going with him, you knew they were dangerous you should have stayed back at the camp.”

“But I wanted to see one up close and personal.”

“I don’t give a shit what you wanted, you still should have stayed at the camp.”

“Oi hang on a minute Jack.  I’m not having you talking to my Rhys like that.  He’s said he’s sorry.  Just let’s get everyone back to the campsite and we can sort Ianto out back there.”

Owen and Tosh came running over, seeing Ianto on the ground and Jack holding him lovingly they looked at Gwen for answers.

“Jack come on, let’s get him back where he’ll be more comfortable.  Please….let the boys carry him.”

“NO….no I’ll do it.”  He picked his lover up carefully so as not to cause any more damage or hurt.  Whispering his name as they went Jack could see the wound slowly closing.

As they reached their tent Jack noticed the wound had all but gone.  He didn’t want Ianto to come around with all the others watching.  He knew how embarrassed the man could be. 

Jack looked at the rest of them who were holding their respective partners for comfort “go back to your tents, I’ll be ok.  I’m going to stay with Ianto.”

Tosh and Owen did as they were told Gwen started to move grabbing Rhys’ hand in the process but he wouldn’t move.  “Rhys, come on, please let’s leave them.”

“No Gwen this is my fault I want to help.”

“Rhys, lover, you can’t help.  Let Jack be with Ianto, come on please.”

They were just about to leave the two men when Ianto came back with a huge gulp of air, shouting Jack’s name.  Ianto sat up straight into Jack’s arms.  Gwen smiled and Rhys stood with his mouth open.

“Close your mouth Rhys, you look like you’re waiting for a train to enter it.”

“But….but what….what just happened?  I know you said Ianto had been saved before, you know that night in the nightclub when he was replaced by that….”

“Yeah I did.  But I couldn’t really tell you everything, not at the time as we didn’t know how long it would last.  But for some unexplainable reason he’s like Jack now.  He can’t die.  Look….come on, let’s leave the pair of them to recover.  I could do with a drink.”

Gwen dragged Rhys back to their tent and on passing Owen and Tosh’s she told them that Ianto was going to be alright.

“Oh God Jack, that was a bad one.  Is….is Rhys ok?”

“Yeah, he’s ok, but if I get my hands on him I’ll….”

“No you won’t Jack, it wasn’t his fault.  I wasn’t concentrating.  I was thinking about us and how lucky we are.  Yes he was talking to me, but my mind was elsewhere.  I’m sorry cariad.  I wanted this to be a good holiday for all of us.  Now look what I’ve done.”

“Ssshhh, my love, you’re here with me and you’re going to be alright….again.  That’s all I want.  Let me just go and tell the others you’re ok and then I’ll come back and see that you’re comfortable.”

Jack made sure the others knew Ianto was going to be ok and was making his way back to him when Rhys stopped him.

“Jack….I’m….I’m so sorry.  I….didn’t mean….”

“I know Rhys.  Ianto’s going to be ok, but in future if any of us say you can’t go with us, please listen to us.  It’ll only be for your own safety.”

Rhys looked embarrassed “yeah Jack I’ll do that.  I am sorry.”

Jack gripped Rhys’ arm, smiled and nodded his head, letting the man know that the incident was over.

“Owen what happened to our friend out there?”

“Sorry Jack after it bit Ianto, we had to kill it.  We’ve contacted Martha and Mickey and they’ll be out at nightfall to collect him.  We’ve had to leave him covered in leaves and branches in the wood.  They’ll find him as I’ve left my mobile with him and they can lock onto the signal.  I won’t need the phone as Tosh is here and I’m sure we can communicate without it.”

Jack grinned “Oh yeah, I’m sure you can.” And he left them to go back to his lover.

“Hey Yan sweetheart.  How’re you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been hit by a train.  But I’m sure you can help me recover….please.”

“Oh it would be my pleasure Mr Jones….my pleasure.”

Ianto leant across and kissed Jack.  Then slowly and with passions rising they undressed one another. 
The rest of the gang didn’t see the lovers for the rest of the day.  Jack and Ianto took it in turns to take each other to heaven and back.

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