October 1st, 2011


Title:  Music is the Best Medicine....6/?
Author: iantosdreamer46
Rating:  N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, m/m
Characters:  Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Owen, Tosh, John Hart, Richard, Giles, Adam, Andy
Spoilers: None, this is totally Aleternate Universe
Summary:  Jack is the Station Manager at Cardiff Royal Infirmary's Hospital Radio.  He helps a young man to get well and introduces him to the life at the Radio.
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters they belong to the BBC and RTD.  I just like to experiment with them sometimes.
Words:  1,473

A/N This is completely AU and is all thanks to zazajb for challenging me to have a go.  Apologies for any bad geography of Cardiff and Wales, I was never any good at the subject when I was at school

A/N2 Apologies for anyone who is getting this more than once as it's cross posted.

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 Owen had seen Lisa leave the ward and wondered if Jack had stayed.  He was just about to enter the ward when he saw Ianto lift Jack’s hand and kiss it.  Jack I hope you know what you’re doing?  But I also hope that you make a go of it, whatever it is.  He left the ward without saying anything, leaving the two men to discover what they needed.

“Wow Ianto, that was....was....”

“Was wrong.  Go on Jack, tell me I shouldn’t have done that.  That I read the signals wrong and overstepped the mark.”

“No, I’m not saying that.  I’ll admit you surprised me, but I....I’m pleased you did it.  I’ve wanted to show you how I felt all night.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Ianto, I never say anything I don’t mean.  And I’m going to say something else.  Before you answer just listen, then tell me what you think.”

Ianto nodded.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes....yes Jack, I’ll listen to what you have to say.”

“I want to be with you, help you.  I’ve got some time off owed to me at work.  John keeps telling me he can cope, so I’m going to take some of that time.  Say about two weeks.”

Ianto was about to say something, but Jack placed a finger over his lips.  “You’ve got two weeks of physio to get through and I’m going to be there with you every step of the way, if you’ll let me.”

“But Jack, you can’t give up your time for me.”

“Ianto I’m not giving up my time.  I want to be with you, help you, be there for you when you need someone.”  Jack looked at Ianto, hands still entwined, smiled and stroked the side of the young man’s face gently.  He felt Ianto lean into his hand.  Then they both realised others were watching them and Jack dropped his hand from Ianto’s cheek and reluctantly their hands parted.

“What can I say Jack?”

“Just say what you’re thinking, whatever you decide I’ll respect your wishes.”

“I’d like for you to be there.  If I’m truthful I was scared today.  What they had me doing was hard, painful and I was ready for giving up.”

“Don’t you dare do that Ianto Jones.  I want you out of here, home where you belong and back at work doing the job you love.”

“Oh Jack I....I don’t know where I’m going to call home.  She’s moved into my apartment with him and into my bed.  How can I go back there now?”

“Ssshhh Yan, I want you to think about this too.  Don’t give me an answer now, take as long as you need, but I have a spare room at my house.  It’s nothing special but it’s yours if you want it for as long as you want it.”

Ianto was about to say something when Owen appeared at their side “Evening gentlemen, how are we feeling now Ianto?”

“Erm, much better thank you Doctor.  I’m so sorry if Lisa caused upset, she came to kick me even further down....”

“But Yan’s not going to let that bother him are you?”   interrupted Jack.

Owen noticed something pass between the two men.

“No Jack, I’m not.”

“And besides I’ve decided to take some time off and help Ianto recover.  What do you think to that Doc?”

“I....well....I think it’s a good idea, but are you sure?”

Jack and Ianto both answered him together “yes” and they smiled.

“Well if that’s what you both want, then I’m all for you helping Ianto, Jack.”



“Do me a favour, don’t mention why I’m having time off when John’s around.  He’s been....well....strange this last couple of days.”

“What stranger than normal?”

“Yeah, he’s even said he wants to give us another go.”  Jack reached for Ianto’s hand again when he saw worry cross his face.  “But I’ve told him we can’t go back, I’ve moved on” he looked at Ianto and smiled “and he needs to do the same.”

“Are you sure he’s ok with that?  I’ve known him lose it at the least little thing.  Are you sure he’s gonna move on that easily?”

“Owen, he’s got no choice.  I’ve even told him if he doesn’t like things I’ll buy his share of the company and I’ll find him another Hospital Radio to work in.  I’ve promised Yan I’ll help him and you know I don’t break promises.”  Jack squeezed Ianto’s hand which didn’t go unnoticed by Owen.

“Ok, if you think you know what’s best, I’ll not say anything.”

“Thank you, you’re a good friend Owen.”  Jack smiled as Owen left the two men to say goodnight.  Visiting hour was over and Jack had to get back to the Radio.

“Yan, listen, I’ll have to go into work tomorrow but I’ll be back tomorrow night and we can talk then.  I’m going to be at the radio until ten tonight and it’s my turn to do the request programme.  Will you listen?”

“Yes Jack, I’ll listen.  And I’ll think about what you said tonight.  I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow, but only if you’re sure you want to see me.”

“Yan, I’ve never been more sure of anything for a very long time.  I’m sure about my feelings for you.”  He looked around to see if there was anyone watching him.  He stood up, not dropping contact with Ianto’s hand, and leant down and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Pulling back “I’m sorry Ianto, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Yes Jack, you should.”  Ianto smiled.

“You’ll be out of here soon, we can talk more then.”

“Jack, I’m sick of talking.  I know what I want, and I want you.”

“Are you sure?”

Ianto nodded and pulled Jack back down to him, this time kissing the older man.  “Now go, do your request programme, and make it a good one.  I’ll be listening.”

Jack squeezed Ianto’s hand again and smiled, leaving him for the night knowing that those feelings he’d felt the first time he saw the gorgeous Welshman hadn’t been wrong.

Ianto watched Jack go ok Jones, so those feeling were true.  I want this man, but it’s just him.  I’ve not had feelings for any other man.  It’s just Jack.
Jack opened the door to the studio to be greeted by Hart.  “What the hell are you doing here tonight, you worked last night.”

“I knew you were short handed on Thursday, so I thought I’d offer my services.  I’ll do the request hour if you want?”

“No....no thank you, I’ve got that covered.  Anyway Rhys is coming back in tonight to do the last hour and he’s bringing Gwen’s friend Andy with him.  Andy’s been asking about working here so I’ve said I’d interview him and see what he’s like.  Just go home John and relax, you’ll need it.”

“Why, what’s wrong Jack?”

“Not here, I’ll talk to you tomorrow at work, say 10.30 in my office.  I’ve got something to ask you but it can wait till then.  Just go home, get a good night’s sleep, you look as though you need it, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Hart was going to say something, but thought better of it.  He had to remain in Jack’s good books if he wanted him back.  He said goodnight and left.

Jack didn’t realise, but he’d been holding his breath.  He looked into studio A to see Tommy just going into the news at 8.  He quickly grabbed some CD’s off the shelf.  He’d not collected many requests tonight, so he’d have to improvise.  He did make sure he had the important song though.  The one he was going to play for Ianto Jones.

The request programme went off without too many problems and as Jack looked at the clock he realised he only had ten minutes left, just enough time to play the song for Ianto.

“This is Jack Harkness playing all your favourite songs.  Our motto is, if the hospital’s got the patients, then we’ve got the patience.  And my final request for tonight is for a young man up on C1.  He’s well on the road to recovery and I hope that this song helps.  It’s John Barrowman with Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.  Ianto Jones this is for you from....well see if you can guess.”  Jack hit the play button.

Ianto had been listening all through the hour to Jack’s gorgeous voice and had found himself smiling on more than one occasion at the comments Jack came out with, when suddenly he heard his own name.  He listened for the song and as soon as it began he knew it was from Jack.  Yes Jack, I agree, I can’t take my eyes off you either.  Ianto fell asleep that night thinking of a certain Captain Harkness.


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