October 10th, 2011


Title  Music is the best Medicine....15/?
Author  iantosdreamer46
Rating  NC-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, m/m
Characters  Jack, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, John Hart, Gwen, Rhys, Lisa, Adam,
Spoilers  None this is totally AU
Summary  Jack is the Station Manager at cardiff Royal Infirmary's Hospital Radio.  He helps a young man to get well and introduces him to the life at the radio.
Disclaimer  I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD.  I just like to experiment with them sometimes.
Words  1,536

A/N  This is completley AU and is all thanks to zazajb for challenging me to have a go.  Apologies for any bad geography of Cardiff and Wales, I was never any good at the subject when I was at school.

A/N2 apologies for anyone whi is getting this more than once, as it's cross posted

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 “Did you get everything sorted out Jack?”

“Yeah, but we need to get you down to physio.  I’ll explain everything after that.”  Jack didn’t want to worry Ianto anymore than he had to.  He’d got enough to think about without having the stupidity of Hart to contend with.  “Come on, otherwise Jacqui is going to tell us both off, and I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of her.”

“Oh come on Jack, she fancies you, can’t you see it in her face?”

“And I thought it was you she fancied.”  They both laughed.

Jacqui was waiting for them as they entered the room.   “Come on guys I thought you were keen to get going?”

“Sorry, I had something to sort out with Doc Harper so you can blame me not Ianto.”

She smiled.  How could she stay mad with two gorgeous men?  They were clearly very close, maybe even....she hoped they would be together for a long time.  She’d never seen anyone as close as these two for a long time.

“Alright Ianto, remember what we did yesterday?  Well we’re going to do that again but his time you’re going to take a few more steps.  Now I’m not expecting you to complete the length of the bars, half way would do.  Ok?”

Ianto nodded.  He was determined to show them.  He wanted to be home.  He smiled to himself.  Home....that sounded so good, especially as home was going to be with Jack.

Jacqui went to help Ianto up.  “Wow Mr Jones, that’s a lot better than yesterday, have you been practicing?”

Ianto looked across at Jack and smiled.  Jacqui saw something flash across both men’s faces.

“I see you two have been practicing?”

Ianto smiled and nodded “I hope you don’t mind.  But Jack helped me, we wanted to....” he stopped, he daren’t say too much, he didn’t want to get either of them into trouble.

“Hey that’s fine as long as you don’t overdo things and Jack has a tight hold of you.”

“Mmmm he had a tight hold.”  Ianto blushed, Jack laughed and Jacqui just smiled.

“That’s ok then, I prescribe lots of practicing with a tight hold of one another.  Ok you ready to walk?”

“Yep, ready as I’ll ever be.”

She made sure Ianto had hold of the bars before she moved further away.  “Come on then Ianto, let’s see what you can do today.”

He was cautious at first, he didn’t want to move too quickly and hurt himself.  He took a slow step with his right leg first.  He felt a slight twinge but nothing as bad as yesterday.  He remembered what Jacqui had said, to look up.  He raised his eyeline straight into the blue/grey eyes of Jack.  Suddenly he felt another sensation, below the waistline.  Be careful Ianto, you’ve only got joggers on, you can’t let Jacqui see.  Thankfully she’d moved further back behind Jack.  But Jack had noticed and he raised his eyebrows and grinned.  Ianto stopped, closed his eyes and took deep breaths.

“You ok Ianto?  Do you want to stop?”

“What....erm....no....I’m....I’m good to carry on I just felt a slight jolt of pain, I’ll be ok in a minute.”

“That’s fine, remember if you want to stop that’s ok.”

“No, I’m fine.”  He carried on and finally made his way to the end of the bars, straight into Jack’s arms.  They hugged and Jack kissed him lightly.  Ianto held onto Jack and blushed.

Jacqui noticed the exchange between the two men and smiled.  Her suspicions were right, these two were in love.  “Ok Ianto let’s get you sat back down and rest before we carry on to the next exercise.  Well done.  Both of you.”

“What is it we’re going to do next?”

“Don’t worry we’ll start with a low weight and move up as your legs get stronger.”

“Now I’m worried.  Weights.  I’ve not done any weight training for a couple of years.”

“You’ll be ok Yan, tell you what, how’s about I do what you’re doing then I’ll know how to help you.”

“Ok Jack if you do the exercise first Ianto will be able to see what he has to do, then he can have a go.”

“Sounds good to me, where do we start?”

“Let’s go over to those weights, Jack bring Ianto and we’ll get going.  Right Jack if you’ll sit down with your back to the weights, put your feet underneath those bars, I’ll adjust the weights and when I say, straighten your legs.  For leverage put your hands on the bench either side of you.  Are you ready?”

Jack nodded.

“Ok, Jack, slowly lift your feet up.”

Jack did as he was told.  It was harder than he’d expected he could feel the pull in his thighs and also in his abdomen.  Mmm if I keep going like this Yan will.... he smiled to himself.  He had to keep his mind on the job, he couldn’t let Ianto down, not now.

“Jack....Jack, you ok?”

“Sure Jacqui, although it was harder than I expected.”

“How are you feeling?”

“I thought I was fit!”

“Oh believe me Jack you are!” whispered Ianto just loud enough for him to be heard.  Jack looked at Ianto and saw him blush slightly.

“That’s what everyone thinks but you don’t realise what muscles you have until you’re asked to use them.  So Ianto, want to have a go?”
“Ok, yeah, anything so I can get home quicker.”

“You saw what Jack did, now let’s get you sitting comfortably.  Shall we get you up?”

“I’ll help him up if that’s alright?  we managed it yesterday.”

“Go ahead.”

Jack went to help Ianto up whispering “We’ll have other things standing up later if you want?”  Ianto blushed even more.

The next hour was spent with Ianto slowly raising and lowering the weights, with Jacqui adding more weight as he managed the lighter ones.  At four o’clock Jacqui noticed Ianto looked tired.

“Ianto, why don’t we leave it there for today, you’ve had a good afternoon’s work and I’m sure you’re ready for a break?”

“Yeah, I am.  I didn’t realise lifting weights would be so strenuous.  It never was before.”

“But before, you were fully fit.  You’ve had a bad accident and you’ve been laid up for over a week.  This will take it out of you, but you will get there.  I promise.  And with Jack here as an incentive..” she looked at them both and smiled, “you’re going to do it.”

“But how....? asked Ianto.

“Come on guys it’s obvious.  Anyone who can’t see how much you two mean to each other are blind.  Now go, rest and we’ll resume tomorrow.”

The two of them stared after her as she left them.

“Are we that obvious Jack?”  Ianto grabbed hold of Jack’s hand.   “I thought we were....”

“In love Ianto?  Yes we are, and if I’m honest I don’t care who knows.”

“Who else knows?”

“Owen, I’m sorry I had to tell him.  I needed to make sure you were safe.”

“Why what’s happened?  Is it something to do with the police last night?”

“Yeah, it is.  Let’s get you back to the ward and I’ll tell you.”

They made their way back in silence.  True to his word Owen had arranged for Ianto to have one of the side wards.  Nurse Reid stopped them and directed them to the room.  “Guys you’re in here.  All your belongings are in the cupboard.  I’ll leave you to get settled in.”


“Jack, what’s going on?  You’re scaring me.”

“Ok, let’s get you into bed and then I’ll explain.”

Jack helped Ianto onto the bed.  He closed the door and went and sat on the bed with his young Welshman.  Putting a protective arm around Ianto, Jack explained everything from the previous night and why he was in a room on his own.

“Can I see the letter, note, whatever it was?”

Jack reached into his pocket and handed the note over.  Ianto read it in silence “what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to talk to him in the morning.  I’ll go into Torchwood and sit him down and make him realise that I’ll never go back to him.”

“What about the business?”

“I’ve not decided yet.  I’ll take that one day at a time.  We’ve got another week and half before I go back, so I’m not going to mention work just yet.  I’ll leave that until I start back at work.  I need him to realise first that me and him are over.”

“Be careful Jack, I want you in one piece.”

“Oh believe me sweetheart, I want me in one piece too.  I’m going down to the radio to make sure everything’s ready for tonight, then I’ll be back.”

“Jack....would you stay with me tonight?  Ask Doc Harper if you can stay, I don’t want to be on my own.”

Jack went over and kissed him.  “I’ll try my love but I’m not promising anything.”

“Ok, thanks Jack.  I love you.”

“I’ll be back soon Yan, I love you too.”

Jack left to find Owen, he didn’t want to leave Ianto tonight either.


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