December 15th, 2011


Title: Site for Sore Eyes - Chapter 7
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Chris/Damien
Summary:Jack is the owner of a construction company and has been asked by his two friends to build their new house in Cardiff. Ianto goes to work for Jack after leaving London and his ex girlfriend.
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Wordcount: 1,806
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I've discovered that AU's are addictive. This is forzazajbwho started me with these and I hope it goes someway to making her smile.

A/N2 Apologies for any of you who are getting this multiple times, it's cross posted

The afternoon seemed to fly by.  Rod held everyone’s attention the whole time.  He was the best H&S Consultant Jack knew.

At 4 Rod called it an afternoon, but said that unfortunately there was still a couple of things that needed to be discussed.  He looked at Jack who stood.

“Ok kids, I know it’s Sunday tomorrow but this has to be completed.  Why don’t we say 10.30am here in the morning.  We’ll work straight through and should be finished by….what….1 o’clock?”  He looked at Rod who nodded.  “Great, have a relaxing evening people and we’ll see you in the morning.”

Everyone got up to leave, Gwen tried to speak to Jack again, but Rhys had hold of her hand and led her straight to the door.  Jack, Owen and Ianto agreed that 8 would be good and they went their separate ways till later.

As Jack walked through his front door, Damien was waiting for him.  “Damien, is there something wrong?”

“No, not really, it’s Chris?”

“Why what’s happened, what’s he done?”

“Nothing really.  He’s, well he’s got it into his head that as there are going to be six of us tonight, one of them is your….your date.”
“Erm, no….and he can stop those thoughts right now.  Ianto Jones is going to be my APM and as he’d just moved back to Cardiff, Owen thought it a good idea to invite him to go with us.  He’s Owen’s friend of old and he’d just split from his girlfriend.  So you can tell Chris, no….he’s not my date.”  Jack slightly blushed as he spoke about Ianto.  Damien had noticed Jack’s cheek colour.  You protest too much Jack, what is it about this man?

Damien didn’t’ say anything other than “ok, I’ll tell Chris, but you know what he’s like when there’s a new man around?”

“How do you put up with all his flirting?  Doesn’t it annoy you, make you jealous?”

“I suppose it did at first all those years ago, but….I love him with all my heart Jack, and I know that at the end of the day, no matter what he’s been doing at work, he comes home to me.  I also know that he loves me very much too.  I couldn’t think of life without him now.”

“I’ll tell you a secret, but please whatever you do, don’t tell Chris what I’m going to say, otherwise I’ll never live it down?”

“Ok, you have my word, I promise.”

Jack took a deep breath, “right….erm….well….how long have I know you both?  About 15 years?” he saw Damien nod “well….well the love you have for each other is gorgeous and I suppose I’m,….well I suppose at times I’m just that little be jealous of the both of you.  I’m useless with relationships.”

“Wow Jack, I’d no idea, and besides you’ll find someone special one day, just as I found Chris all those years ago.  If we’re being truthful, I’ve always admired you, what you have, how you’ve built your business from nothing, so I think we’ve both got our things to be thankful for.  And no I won’t say anything to Chris I promise.”

“Thank you Damien.  You’re a good friend.”  He hugged him just at Chris came out of the kitchen.

“Hey, Harkness, I know you’ve got that coat on, but leave my hottie alone.”

Damien and Jack parted and all three of them laughed.  Chris knew that Jack would never do anything to jeopardise their relationship.

“I was just thanking him for this contract.  I’ve a feeling it’s going to be interesting, if nothing else!”

“Yeah speaking of interesting, what’s this Ianto Jones like?”

Jack and Damien looked at one another and laughed.

“Chris you are so predictable.  He’s Owen’s friend and going to be my Assistant Project Manager, plus he’s just split from his girlfriend in London.  That’s why he’s come home to Cardiff.”

“Mmm interesting, young, single, having drinks with us tonight and working closely with Jack.”

No!  No Chris you do not say or do anything tonight, got that?”

“Me? Jack, would I?” he batted his eyes at his lover and his friend and they all laughed.  “Come on I came to tell you dinner is ready, let’s eat.”

All through dinner their conversation centred on the contract, and the time it would take.  Jack had estimated around nine months, but said that if they worked well and didn’t have too many set backs or snags to complete at the end, it may be completed sooner.

“Are you going to be ok with us living here that long?”

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t.  Now stop asking and just enjoy.”

“I will be disappearing at some point, I’ve got auditions to do for more dancers for the next cruise, so I’ll be up in Glasgow, then down in London and eventually back here in Cardiff.  And Damien will need to get back to work at some point, so we will be out of your hair for a while.”

“Look, I don’t mind honestly.  You hang on to the spare keys and whilst your house is being built, this is your home.”

“Thanks Jack, now we’d better clear the pots and get to the Terra Nova.  I’m intrigued with this Mr Jones.”  Chris saw Jack smile as he mentioned Ianto’s name.  so there may be something Harkness….interesting.  Jack hoped neither had seen that reaction.  When Ianto was mentioned he was going to have to be careful, he didn’t want to scupper things before the contract began.
There was some laughter and banter as the three of them made short work of clearing up.  Then they all disappeared to change.

Jack stood in his bedroom looking at his clothes come on Jack, what’s taking you so long?  You’re only going  for a drink with friends and colleagues.  He shook his head make a decision Jack, stop messing.  He picked up a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt, then decided on a pale blue shirt as well.  Finishing off he chose his Union Flag Butler and Wilson belt.  Yep that’s ok Jack, not too dressy but comfortable.

He went back downstairs to a waiting Damien and Chris, who commented that he looked hot which caused another blush to flash over his face..  Picking up his great coat the three headed for the pub.

Ianto had had to answer the 20 questions when he arrived home about who his colleagues were, what was his boss like, was he going to enjoy working on the site?  He’d finally told his mam to calm down he’d let her know in due course.  He’d not started the job properly yet, and besides it was contract work just like any other.

His mam had his tea ready for him and he’d told her again that he was meeting Owen who maybe knew of a flat that he could rent.  She’d told him that he could stay with her as long as he wanted.  It was his home too.  Ianto thanked her, but said that he needed a place of his own.  He was starting a new chapter in his life.

“Come on then Ianto, what are these people like who you’re going to be working with?”

“Well you know Owen and Tosh.  There’s Gray, he’s the boss’s brother, Gwen the site secretary and her fiancé Rhys, Jack, he’s the owner of Torchwood Construction and is going to be the Project Manager on the site.”

“So Ianto, what is this Jack like?”

Ianto was thankful he’d got his back to her as he was washing up, because she would have seen him blush as he answered “Oh I think he’s going to be good to work for and with.  He’s built some fantastic units around Cardiff.  But we’ll see how it goes.  He may be a tyrant once the site is up and running.”  Ianto could feel himself becoming more flushed as he talked about Jack, he had to excuse himself.

“Right mam, everything’s washed, I must go get changed otherwise I’m going to be late and don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.”

“Ok Ianto, have a good time.”

Ianto went up to his room and sat on his bed why does the mention of Jack Harkness have this effect on me?  Come on Jones, pull yourself together, get changed and go for that drink.  You deserve a good night out.

He got up and stood looking in his wardrobe wondering what to wear.  He must have been staring at his clothes for a while when his phone buzzed with a text message.  Ianto, we’re coming to pick you up in ten minutes, be ready!  Owen and Tosh.  He smiled, he was pleased that he wasn’t going to have to go to the pub on his own.  He hated being stood waiting for his friends to arrive.  He looked in his wardrobe again, pulled out his black jeans and his favourite t-shirt.  Pulling the jeans on he hoped he wasn’t too casual stop being silly Ianto, it’s just drinks with friends.  He pulled his Blue Gillespie t-shirt on, looked in the mirror and nodded.  Yep, that’s fine, stop worrying.

He made his way downstairs just as the doorbell rang.  Opening it he was greeted by a smiling Toshiko.

“Ianto, you look great, come on, Owen’s waiting in the car, we don’t want to be late.  Jack’s bringing Damien and Chris – who we’re building the house for – so get a move on.”

She disappeared back to the waiting car, as Ianto shouted a goodbye to his mam.

Jack, Damien and Chris had been at the Terra Nova ten minutes when Owen, Tosh and Ianto turned up.  Jack had been stood at the bar getting their drinks and hadn’t seen the three of them arrive.  He turned around with the drinks and immediately spotted Ianto.  His breath was taken away.  The young Welsman was wearing tight black jeans that showed off the curve of his arse and that t-shirt really clung to his body in all the right places.  Jack had to take several deep breaths to keep the reactions below the waist from giving him away.  His hands were full with the drinks, so he couldn’t even pull this great coat around him.

Ianto entered the pub behind his friends so didn’t see Jack stood at the bar until he turned around.  As he did so Ianto’s breath caught in his throat.  Jack was wearing jeans that fitted around his body nicely, his shirt made the blue in his eyes stand out and that coat.  Owen and Tosh were right, the man certainly looked good in it.  Ianto took several deep breaths as they went over to join Damien and Chris at their table.


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