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Title:  Music is the Best Medicine....3/?
Author: iantosdreamer46
Rating:  N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, m/m
Characters:  Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Owen, Tosh, John Hart, Richard, Giles, Adam
Spoilers: None, this is totally Aleternate Universe
Summary:  Jack is the Station Manager at Cardiff Royal Infirmary's Hospital Radio.  He helps a young man to get well and introduces him to the life at the Radio.
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters they belong to the BBC and RTD.  I just like to experiment with them sometimes.
Words:  1,879

A/N This is completely AU and is all thanks to zazajb for challenging me to have a go.  Apologies for any bad geography of Cardiff and Wales, I was never any good at the subject when I was at school

A/N2 Apologies for anyone who is getting this more than once as it's cross posted.

Masterlist http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

 Jack arrived at the Radio early that night, he didn’t want to miss a minute of talking to Ianto.  He shook his head come on Jack, don’t crowd him.  He’s not going to be interested in you.  What did Owen say?  He’d had a female visitor up in intensive care.  Jack opened the studio door, he was the first to arrive as always.  Wednesday nights it was Gwen, Rhys and Hart.  He wanted to be out on the wards before Hart arrived, he couldn’t be doing with any more hassles from him.  He’d had enough at work today.  He left a note saying he’d gone to start collecting requests and could Gwen make sure she visited the children’s ward tonight.  They’d had several phone calls from them wanting requests.  He usually sent Gwen, she was good with kids.  He picked up his request pad and started making for the door.  He’d quickly do the collecting on level C tonight then he’d go and speak to Ianto.  He found himself smiling as he opened the studio door.

His smile suddenly disappeared as he came face to face with Hart.  “You’re early tonight.”

“Yeah, didn’t have much to stay at home for, so I thought I’d come in early and help you with the requests.”

“No, I’d rather Gwen deal with the requests tonight.  She needs the experience, besides you’re down to do the seven o’clock show, so you won’t have time to get up on the wards and back down here.”

“But I thought I could swap with Gwen, she needs the experience on the decks as well as on the wards.”

“John, get it through your head, I’m the manager here, what I say goes and if you don’t like that you know what you can do….leave.”

“Hey, come on Jack, that’s not what I want.  I….”

“If you say you want me then I’m going to have to move you to another station within the Cardiff area.  I’ve got enough hassles at Torchwood Finance, I don’t want any here.”

“But….but why are you doing this lover?”

“For goodness sake John, I am NOT and never will be you lover.  That part of my life’s over.  GOT IT?”

Jack pushed past him slamming the door.  Hart stared at the door don’t push it, you’re moving too quickly.  He’s gonna get rid of you to somewhere else if you’re not careful.  Hart sat down just as the door opened and Gwen and Rhys walked in.

“Hi John, you ok?”

“Yeah, just got a lot on at work.  I’ll be fine.”  You can’t let them see what’s happening, they’ll only tell Jack.  He made a mental note not to push things, he’d let Jack think he’d gotten over them, then when he least expected it, he’d get him back.

Jack made his way up to the wards wanting even more now to see Ianto Jones.  Hart had made him mad and he knew that seeing the young man would calm him down.  He realised that Hart had made him so mad he’d forgotten to leave his great coat in the studio.  Owen had given it to him as a good luck present when he’d become the station manager.  Everyone had giggled and said he was the Captain of the Radio and had to look like one.  Ever since then they’d called him Captain Harkness and it had become the norm for all new recruits to the radio to call him Captain as well.

He was smiling to himself as he entered the ward where Ianto was.  He glanced at the bed where the gorgeous Welshman should have been, but found it empty.  His face must have changed because Owen saw him and immediately went over to him.

“Hey, you ok Jack, or should I say Captain?”

“What….oh yeah.  I was just going to see Ianto Jones, but….”

“Don’t worry, he’ll be back in a few minutes.  He’s been down to Physio, they’re making an initial assessment on his leg so they can devise a plan to get him back on his feet.  He’s made a start though, he’s been sat out of bed most of the day.  And this morning he was asking about you.”  Owen grinned at Jack.

“What do you mean, asking about me?”

“Oh, just wondering what time you got here.”

Jack smiled and felt the same stirrings as he had the previous night when he’d first seen those blue eyes.  “Erm….well….I’ll….I’ll just go and collect some requests, then I’ll come back in a few minutes.”

“Ok, shall I tell him you’ll be back to see him?”  Owen grinned “do I detect something there Jack?”

“No Owen, you don’t.  Besides he’s got a girl, you said so.”

“Mmm has he Captain Harkness?  Why don’t you talk to him about that?”

“Come on Owen, what are you saying?”

“Nothing Jack, you need to talk to Mr Jones, that’s all.”  Owen left Jack then, smiling as he went. 

Jack didn’t have a chance to ask him what he’d meant, he’d gone.  He decided to go collect requests and see Ianto when he’d finished.

Ianto had been waiting all day for the clock to reach 6.30.  He didn’t know why but he was looking forward to the prospect of seeing Jack again.  Then at six o’clock a nurse came with a wheelchair to take him down to Physio for his initial assessment.  Ianto was disappointed.  He didn’t want to go, he didn’t want to miss Jack.

“How long am I going to be?”

“Oh only about half an hour maybe forty five minutes, why you got someone special coming to see you?”

“No, it’s just I….oh never mind.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be back as soon as the doc’s finished looking at your leg.”

Ianto’s state of happiness he’d felt earlier began to wane.  He hoped that Jack wouldn’t be early tonight.  Ianto what are you playing at?  But he couldn’t deny it there was something about Jack and he wanted to see him, no he had to see him.  He hoped he’d wait till he got back to his ward.

The nurse had Ianto back in his bed thirty minutes later.  The assessment hadn’t taken as long as she’d said.  As she straightened his covers Ianto noticed Doctor Harper heading towards him.

“Hi Doc, I’ve just been down to Physio”

“Yeah, I know, it was my idea.  You’re doing really well and it’s about time we got you back on your feet.”

“Thanks Doc.  Has there been anyone looking for me?”

Owen noticed a glint in the young man’s eyes.  “No, not really.”Owen stop it you promised Jack you wouldn’t say anything.

“Oh….right.  I just thought Jack may have been up for requests.”

Owen was just about to tell him that Jack had been looking for him when he bounded into the ward.

Ianto saw movement behind Owen and when he saw Jack wearing a great coat he gasped and found he was holding his breath.  God that coat is hot.  Luckily he was back in bed and was able to hide the reaction that was going on below his waist.  What he couldn’t hide was the blush that swept down his face into his neck.

The colour hadn’t gone unnoticed by Owen “hey Ianto, you alright?  You look a little flushed there.”  He turned and smiled as he saw Jack entering the ward.  He now knew the reason for Ianto’s colour.

“Erm Doc….it’s a bit warm in here isn’t it?  But I’m ok, thanks.”

“That’s fine then, I expect the assessment in Physio was difficult.  Just take things easy.  Evening Captain.”  Owen smiled.

“Evening Doc.  How are you this fine evening?”

Owen was definitely convinced now, Jack liked this young Welshman.  And by the colour of Ianto’s face there was something there too.  “I’m good thanks.  What can I do for you?”

“Oh I’ve come to see Ianto Jones, he asked me for a request and information about the Hospital Radio…so here I am!”

“Right….he’s just got back from physio, they’ve been assessing his leg.  We want him up and around as soon as possible.  He’s wanting to get back to work.”  Owen saw the flash of disappointment cross Jack’s eyes at the thought of Ianto going home.  “But he’s going to be here for a couple of weeks yet.  It’s going to be a difficult process, the injury was a bad one.”  Was that relief that just crossed you face Jack?  I hope so, you deserve some happiness….both of you.  “Right I’ll leave the two of you to talk radio.  Don’t forget to say hi to Gwen and Rhys.  We are due a night out….all of us.  But as I’m on call with the air ambulance for the next couple of weeks, it’ll have to be after then.”  Owen was hoping that by then Ianto would be at home and able to go with them.  Both Jack and Ianto needed something to go right for them.

“That would be great, I’ll let them know.”

Jack turned to say hello to Ianto and saw the remnants of the flush in his face.  “Evening Ianto, how’re you feeling?  What did they say down in Physio?”

“I’m feeling better thank you, and they’ve assessed my injury and are putting an exercise regime together.  I’m going to be starting that in a couple of days.”

“That’s great, they’ll have you out of here in no time.”  Jack noticed sadness in the young man’s eyes as he’d spoken those words.

“Jack….can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, fire away.”

“What’s with the coat?"

“Do you like it?”

“Erm….yeah, but what’s the reason?”

“Oh it was a present.  Owen bought it for me as a joke when I got the job as Station Manager.  They said I was the Captain of the radio and this coat was in recognition of that.  Some people even think it’s sexy.  What do you think Mr Jones?  Do you think I look sexy?”  Jack saw him blush again.

“erm….well, I….er….”

“Sorry didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that.”  Although from the reaction he’d just witnessed he could tell there maybe something there.  Come on Jack, don’t push it.  He’s vulnerable, he doesn’t want to be backed into a corner.  “Right Mr Jones what song can we play for you tonight?”

Ianto couldn’t speak come on Jones stop thinking like that.  He could feel the reaction again.  You can’t admit to him that he looks hot in that coat, what’s he going to think of you?  “Erm, well I had a choice of two, but I’ve decided on Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.”  He laughed.

Jack laughed also “I see, and I gather you’re a teacher.”  He saw the look of curiosity cross Ianto’s face.  “Oh, sorry, Doctor Harper mentioned it in passing.  I hope he didn’t over step the mark?”

“No, that’s fine.  I do miss my job.”

“I hope you leave the kids alone!”

Realising Jack had quoted a line from the song, they both started laughing.  Jack noticed how good looking this man was and had to take a deep breath, reactions were happening below his waist that he didn’t want Ianto to see….well not yet anyway.


Chapter 4 http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/23169.html
Tags: au, jack/ianto, music is...., pg

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