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Secrets Inside Part 1

Title:  Secrets Inside
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen, Tosh/Stranger
Spoilers:  Set after "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary:  What happens when a stranger appears?
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters - I just like to experiment with them sometimes.

Master List iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

The stranger sat for the fourth day observing the water tower. He knew that they could be monitoring him, but he hoped that his presence wouldn’t be questioned. To the passerby he appeared to be another tourist visiting Cardiff. In a way he was. He had no connection with the city except for what the organisation had done to his beautiful sister. A sister that would never be the same again. He sat for a moment thinking of Karen. When she’d started her high powered job in London she had everything to live for. A fantastic fiancé, a beautiful house and a loving family. Now what had she got? A single room in a hospital. A room she would never leave. Yes, her family still loved her, in the beginning her fiancé had stood by her. But now he’d left and she was existing. He couldn’t say living, because staring at four walls wasn’t living. He had made a promise to Karen, he would bring the organisation down. How, he wasn’t quite sure yet, but the when would be very soon.

 The stranger made sure that he visited the Millennium Centre, taking photographs of it, and taking photo’s of the Bay Area also. He made sure that he took photo’s of all the usual tourist attractions, but the most he took were of the water tower. Beautiful as it was, he knew there was something special about it. What that was he still had to discover. A secret, that if he had his way, wouldn’t remain a mystery for much longer. He had to find a way of getting into the organisation, working for them was not an option.  From stories he’d heard, your life expectancy was short. One life, no several lives in his family ruined was enough. He couldn’t put his family through more heartache. He would have to find another way of getting in. He had to destroy them, those who were Torchwood. His revenge had been a long time coming, but now it was payback time for what Torchwood 1 had done to Karen in the Battle for Canary Wharf.

 He looked at his watch, time to eat, although his focus had been on anything but food. During the last few days he’d learnt to survive on the bare minimum. His mind was constantly thinking of revenge and the pain and suffering he was going to inflict on this crack special ops team. Checking his watch again he thought now would be a good time to go back to the hotel, change, eat something and make sure he knew all there was to know about the people who worked at Torchwood.

 ~~~~~ *~~~~~

Tosh had been checking the cameras they had scattered around the Millennium Square and the Bay area. She’d noticed, on more than one occasion, the dark haired man taking an unusual interest in the water tower. At first she suspected it was yet another tourist, they were always fascinated by the tower and the writing on the Millennium Centre. But this man was exceptionally interested in the tower. He’d also been spotted outside the tourist information entrance. She’d mentioned it to Ianto, who laughed it off as just another passerby. She had gone as far as to warn Ianto to be careful, “just in case”. When Tosh turned back to the monitors he’d disappeared. Maybe she was being paranoid. She needed to get out more. Jack had Ianto, she had also noticed a spark between Owen and Gwen, even though Gwen was organising her wedding to Rhys. Who did she have? No- one.

 “Penny for them!” Jack said in passing.

 “What... sorry, what did you say?”

 “Tosh, I asked you, penny for them! That is what you say to someone who is deep in thought, isn’t it?”

 “Oh yeah, sorry Jack, I’ve just been watching the cameras and was concerned about a young man hanging around the Tower.”

“Tosh you need to stop thinking about work all the time and go and have some fun. He’s probably just another of the thousands of tourists we get here every year. Although..... if he’s good looking, I might just go and introduce myself.”

“Oh Jack, you’re incorrigible, what would Ianto say?”

“Oh he knows I’m only joking, I love him with all my heart and would never hurt him.”

“I know, you are so well suited, it just amazes me how long it took you to realise what you meant to each other”.

With that Ianto entered and caught the last bit of their conversation. He moved up behind Jack, put his arms around his waist and kissed just below Jack’s ear, where he knew he would elicit a reaction.

Tosh laughed and went to see what Gwen was up to.

“Are you talking about me again cariad?”

“Yan, I could talk about you forever and not get fed up, the others might but I wouldn’t”

Before Ianto could say anymore the rift monitor sprang into action. Owen, Tosh and Gwen came running through. Tosh immediately went to the computers to see what was happening.

“There’s some sort of activity down Harpur Street” she informed the rest of them. “Not quite sure what it is yet, all I can tell you is that it’s big”

“Right, that’s all of us then. Tosh, you stay here and let us know if you find out anything else. Ianto, go and start the SUV. Gwen, Owen make sure we have everything this time. Don’t leave any of your weapons here.” Jack grinned wickedly and grabbed Ianto’s firm backside as he went past to get the SUV.

“Sir, we haven’t time for that now. I’ll have to discipline you when we get back” Ianto exclaimed as he ran off. This was greeted with a wink and a wicked grin from Jack.

Jack suddenly thought back to when they had arrived home from the Brecon Beacons and the events that occurred there. He realised then that their feelings were stronger than ever and now that they had finally found one another they didn’t want to have either of them taken away by forces beyond their control. They had kept their secret until Owen had seen them. He had returned unexpectedly to the Hub one evening to finish off some work. Both Jack and Ianto had thought everyone had gone home and had been exploring each others’ bodies when Owen came through the roller door. He had apologised for disturbing them, grinned and gone straight home again. After that everyone knew. They weren’t bothered, they were going to tell the rest of the gang, just not so soon.

Thinking back to the Brecon Beacons, it had been awkward. What with Gwen opening her mouth about who the last person each of them had kissed, it had brought back memories for Ianto of Lisa and that first kiss between the two men. Jack shook his head, ok it was a revival kiss, but he couldn’t help the passion he felt for the gorgeous young man and he knew then that he wanted more from him. Then the incident with the villagers, and Jack having to save Ianto and the others with the tractor. Nearly loosing Ianto had put into perspective their feelings for one another.

Ianto knew Jack loved him and that he loved Jack, words didn’t always have to be spoken. Little things like the pinching of his backside and the promises of more pleasure later were enough.

As they got into the SUV Ianto was grinning and thinking about the discipline he would dish out on Jack when they got home.

“For goodness sake Tea Boy, stop thinking about the hot sex you and Jack will have later and drive.”

Jack glared at Owen, who realised he had probably overstepped the mark this time. Jack grinned at his beautiful young lover, safe in the knowledge that there was definitely going to be some fun times had by them tonight.

“Tosh, what have we got?”

“Jack, it looks like something has landed in a garden down Harpur Street. It’s a Cul-de-sac with some very nice property down there.”

“Can you be more specific?”

“Not really, all that is showing up is a big black cube, so not sure whether there are any life forms or not yet.”

“Right, as soon as you get anything let us know. Ok boys and girls, looks like we have a present to unwrap!”

~~~~~ * ~~~~~

 Back at the hotel the stranger was looking through the files he had on each of the members of Torchwood. He picked up the file on Captain Jack Harkness. A 51st Century Time Agent, whatever that meant, and due to some strange happenings with a Doctor and a girl called Rose, this man couldn’t die.

 Next there was Ianto Jones. Born and bred in Wales, lived and worked in London for a while. A former Torchwood 1 employee, who hid his girlfriend Lisa, part human, part cyberwoman, in the vaults of Torchwood Cardiff. That was until she tried to destroy everyone who worked there.

 Closing Ianto Jones’ file he turned next to Gwen Cooper. A former policewoman, who stumbled onto Torchwood when they used some sort of glove on a murder victim. She was the only one who had a life outside of work. Her fiancé Rhys was the manager of a haulage contractor.

 Stopping to listen to the news, the stranger was pleased to hear of a strange occurrence down Harpur Street. The public had been told to remain indoors, it was nothing to be concerned about, Special Ops had been informed and were on their way to sort out the situation. The stranger put away the last two remaining files on Toshiko Sato and Dr Owen Harper and made his way to the taxi rank at the hotel. Giving the address to the driver he got in the back, knowing that Special Ops meant Torchwood.

 The taxi driver wouldn’t take him all the way to where the incident was. He dropped him a block away. Walking the rest of the way to Harpur Street, the stranger was contemplating who it would be that he could inflict the most pain on to hurt Captain Jack Harkness. Who was the Captain most close to? Who could the stranger get close enough to, to find out?

 This group were dangerous. The public didn’t know the half of what Torchwood were about. Watching them from the corner he witnessed extraordinary things that people wouldn’t believe. His only proof would be his photographs and the fall out when he exposed this group for who they were.

 Watching the woman, Gwen Cooper, he saw her give each of the members of the public a drink. Then with the help from the young man in the suit they shepherded them to a nearby house. The Captain, ever present in that great coat he wore, was attempting to enter the cube. What had Ms Cooper given the public and why, and how were they going to explain this away to the rest of the city?

 Trying to get closer, the stranger moved to behind a parked car. He could hear the Captain talking, it seemed to the cube, and then pressed something that was on his wrist. How he did it wasn’t clear, but a door opened on the cube and Captain Harkness went inside. It must have been only minutes before he came back out again and spoke to his colleagues. They retrieved something from the SUV, he couldn’t see what it was, but they took it into the cube and then left. He saw them all get back into the SUV and leave. He waited until they were out of sight and started to make his way back to the hotel. He needed to finish reading about the other two Torchwood members.

 It was getting late so the stranger ordered room service and settled himself down for the night. He would put his plan into action the following day. 

 He picked up the file on Toshiko Sato. Single woman.  Japanese.  No family in Cardiff. Mother dead but grandfather living in London. Expert in computer programming and electronics. She might be useful, he thought. How could he introduce himself?

 Before he could finally decide on the plan he needed to know about Dr Owen Harper. 

He picked up the file and started reading. Dr Harper, single, likes the women and is not afraid to speak his mind. Lost a fiancée to a brain tumour then went off the rails only to be saved by Torchwood.

There was no further information about Dr Harper and his fiancée as some of the files he tried to access were “CLASSIFIED.”

The stranger knew he had to act within the next couple of days, otherwise he would be under suspicion if they saw him hanging around the square much longer.

He finally fell asleep putting together his plan of revenge.


Chapter 2 iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/2631.html

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