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Secrets Inside - Part 2

Title:  Secrets Inside  Part 2
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen, Tosh/Stranger
Spoilers:  Set after "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary:  What happens when a stranger appears?  (Not as long as the first chapter)
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters - I just like to experiment with them sometimes.

Master List iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

Back at the hub Tosh was monitoring the cube. The others hadn’t arrived back yet, although according to Jack they were five minutes away. 

 The roller door opened and Jack and the rest of the gang came bounding in.

 “You’re looking happy with yourselves” exclaimed Tosh.

 “Oh yeah, it’s nice to be able to help people once in a while instead of having to fight them and then lock them in the cells” grinned Jack.

 “Who were they? What did they want?”

 “They were the Simis, a very tiny race of people. Their craft had broken down and they were just looking for someone to help them fix their cube. If you check the monitors now, you may find they have disappeared.”

 Sure enough the cube had gone.

 “What about the residents?” questioned Tosh.

 “Retconed” replied Gwen as she and Owen went to write up their respective reports.

 “Look gang” shouted Jack. “We need to relax. How about I fix us a meal out somewhere, for tomorrow night. We could all do with some down time. Tosh, before you start fretting about the rift activity I will monitor it remotely. You need some you time, like the rest of us.”

 Liking what they heard they all agreed a meal and drinks would be a good way to relax. Jack rang Cafe Aroma and booked a table for 5 people, for the following evening. He then told them to all go home as it was getting late and if anything happened he would let them know.

 After his three friends and colleagues had finally gone Jack sought out Ianto in the Archives. He had been watching him for the last fifteen minutes on the monitor. He had his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up. Jack still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found and fallen in love with this beautiful man. Ianto sensed Jack’s presence and turned to face him.

 “Is there something I can do for you Sir?”

 “My darling Ianto, there is always something you can do for me. Right now I want you to leave the work and come to bed.”

 Ianto didn’t need telling twice. He closed the filing cabinet, picked up his jacket, took Jack’s hand and willingly went with Jack to their room. It had become their room as Ianto rarely went home to his flat anymore. 

 Once in their room they slowly, seductively undressed each other and spent the next hours totally lost in one another. Just before each of them drifted off into a peaceful sleep they whispered “I love you.”

~~~~~ * ~~~~~

The stranger woke with a start as his alarm went off. Looking at the clock he realised he’d been asleep for seven hours. More than any other night for the past few weeks. He smiled to himself remembering that today was to be the start of pay back time. Heaving himself out of bed and into the shower he began thinking how the events of, not just today but the next few days, would pan out. He needed to follow one or more members of the team to see what their relationships were. He wanted to cause Harkness as much pain as he could and if that meant killing then that’s what he would do.

 Getting dressed he called room service, he found he was hungry again.  Once he’d eaten he retrieved his camera and went off to sit in the square. He knew if he waited long enough, secrets would be revealed.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ 

Ianto and Jack were just surfacing from their room when the others came through the roller door. They had wanted to be working before the rest arrived but had been distracted by their want and love for one another and had to finally restrain themselves from making love one more time to be sure that they were someway to being decent when the gang arrived to start work. Their thoughts shifted back to when they had both been caught half naked by Tosh arriving for work.

 “You’re late getting up, or is that your problem you are always up!” exclaimed Owen grinning when he saw his two friends appear at the top of the ladder. Both were flushed with the love they had and were blissfully happy.

 “Oi, don’t be so personal” Jack threw back at him. “We don’t discuss your love life constantly do we?”

 “No, sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I suppose I am slightly jealous. I could do with someone in my life.” Owen replied looked across at Gwen and smiling.

 This short exchange between the two of them didn’t go un-noticed by Jack. He’d had his suspicions when they were on the Brecon Beacons, but nothing had been confirmed, until now. He supposed he should be worried and say something to them, but, oh what the hell, they needed some escape, and if things did get too serious he knew Gwen would say when enough was enough and go home to Rhys. After all what could she do?  Tell Rhys everything? But then she’d have to retcon him. Jack’s motto this time was what Rhys didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him!

 Their day passed off relatively quietly. Only one report of weevils on the streets, so Jack and Ianto had gone hunting with the promise of their usual celebratory time later that night.

 “Right kids, it’s five oclock, you have an hour and a half to get yourselves home and ready. The meal is booked for 7pm. See you at Café Aroma later.”

 This time when the others left, Ianto went home to change. Owen offered Tosh and Gwen a lift and the four of them left leaving Jack to tidy up and get himself ready. He glanced at the monitors and noticed a good looking man wandering around outside the Tourist Information Office. He appeared to be on his own and seemed very interested in the office. Jack wondered if this was the same man Tosh had seen yesterday.

 “Stop it” said Jack to himself “You’ll have yourself imagining all sorts of things soon. You really do need a night out with the gang.”

 Laughing at himself he went down to his quarters and changed ready for dinner.

 Jack was the first to arrive and waited outside for the others. He couldn’t be certain but he could have sworn there was someone following him. 

 “Stop it Jack” he thought “You really are paranoid now, next you’ll be afraid of your own shadow!”

 Ianto was the next one to arrive. Jack took one look at his lover dressed in tight black jeans and fitted shirt and felt the strong stirrings in his groin. Ianto embraced his lover and melted into the passionate kiss that followed and awakened his own senses to match his lovers. Jack feeling his own and Ianto’s reaction whispered,

 “Later my love we have all the time in the world”

 The stranger who had been following Jack was suddenly aware who he would need to get to, to hurt Harkness. This was a turn up for the books. He knew the Captain was prone to relationships with all sexes but to see the love and tenderness between the two men, he knew this was going to be a way to destroy the great Captain Jack Harkness.

 Still in their embrace the rest of the team arrived.

 “Oh please!..... there’s a time and place for everything.” Joked Owen “We are just going in to eat!”

 Grinning, Jack and Ianto followed the others into the restaurant and were shown to their table.

 The stranger had seen enough and decided, for now, to go back to the hotel for dinner. He knew the Torchwood team would be in there for the next couple of hours. This would give him time to change and get back to Café Aroma before everyone left.

 The evening was unanimously deemed a success. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the best of it was there was no activity from the rift.

 “Look guy’s it’s getting late, the good people here will want to close up soon. Ianto and I are going to bid you goodnight, we will see you in the morning. Oh yeah…. and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!”

 “That doesn’t leave us much then does it?” grinned Owen, “Although I don’t think the rest of us will ever be as imaginative as the two of you!”

 Ianto and Jack left the restaurant with all of them in fits of giggles.

 Next to leave was Tosh. After Jack and Ianto had gone it seemed she had become invisible again. Owen and Gwen were deep in conversation, so she bid them goodnight and left.

 All the while the stranger had been sat in the shadows watching who was leaving and with whom. He saw Toshiko leave on her own and decided now would be a good opportunity to follow her.


Chapter 3  iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3418.html

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