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Title: Secrets Inside - Part 3
Author: Iantosdreamer46
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen and Tosh/Stranger
Spoilers: set after "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary: What happens when a stranger appears
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

Master list iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

Gwen woke to the sound of her phone ringing. Sitting up quickly, she winced at the pain in her side, bringing back memories of being shot. Other memories flooded her brain – Owen telling her she was going to be alright, Rhys telling her to be careful. Yeah, she’d been careful alright. That was until the door opened and the young man had mistaken her for one of the villagers, and pulled the trigger.

 Her phone was still ringing. Picking it up she looked at the screen, the caller ID said it was Rhys. If it was Rhys on the phone – who’s bed was she in, because she was definitely not alone. She knew she wasn’t at the Hub, they didn’t have windows or large king size beds. She glanced quickly to her right to see Owen naked in the bed next to her.

 Her phone stopped ringing as she stared at the muscled body of her colleague next to her. The phone bleeped telling her she had a voice message. Slowly getting out of the bed, so as not to disturb Owen and taking her phone with her, she made her way across the bedroom and into the bathroom, where she listened to the voice message.

“Morning lover, you must still be out doing what you special forces do. I missed you last night. Just to let you know, Dave’s let me down, so I’ve go to do a run to Swindon. Call me when you can, love you.”

Gwen replayed the message then rang him back.

“Morning love, sorry, was caught up with an arrest. What time will you be home tonight?”

 Listening to his reply Gwen promised to be home before he got there and promised to have a meal ready for him. Telling Rhys to have a safe journey and that she loved him, she clicked the phone shut and went back into the bedroom to a sleeping Owen.

 What had she been thinking about? All she could remember was going for a meal and drink with everyone from work and how she had seen Jack and Ianto go home, arms around each other. She remembered sitting and talking to Owen and Tosh. Then Tosh went home and Owen had bought her another drink. She hadn’t been that drunk, had she? Then she remembered, her face flushed at the thought, she and Owen had been discussing the relationships of their colleagues and how much happier Jack and Ianto were, and how they wished Tosh could find someone to love. They had been unfair as they’d laughed about Tosh’s crush on Owen. When the next thing Gwen realised, Owen had leaned over and kissed her. The thing was, she hadn’t pulled away from him as she should have done. Instead she had leant into him and kissed him back with a passion she had not felt with Rhys for a long time. It was all coming back to her now as she stood admiring the toned naked body of Owen sprawled in the bed. She remembered she had let him lead her out of the café and along the Plaza, passing Tosh and a good looking young man who were deep in conversation. Owens apartment was around the corner from work and they had not really separated on the way there. Once they had arrived at Owens, breathless and wanting more, she had let him slowly undress her. Every inch of her tingling at his touch. He then let her return the compliment.

Watching him sleeping, part of her felt guilty because of how much she loved Rhys, but part of her was excited at the thought of doing something completely out of character.

Owen stirred and opened his eyes. 

“Morning…… you ok?” he asked as he sat up, the covers falling away from the remainder of his body.

“Yeah, I’m ok….. it’s just!”

“Just what? You wanted it as much as I did last night, and from my memory you never once told me to stop. Infact you positively encouraged it once we got back here.”

“Rhys has just rung me, he’s on his way to Swindon. I said I’d be home before he was tonight, so I have to go.”

“Look, if he’s only just rung, he’s not going to be back very early is he? Come here, I want to finish what we started last night.”

“No…… I…… look, I have to go Owen, this isn’t right!”

“If that’s what you think, then why did you come here in the first place?”

 “You know I can’t talk to Rhys about work, and I don’t really know much about Tosh, Jack and Ianto have each other…. so…. look, I like you, but this can’t go anywhere. I love Rhys and we’re getting married.”

 “Yeah, so you keep saying. Why not have some fun before you tie the knot. I know it’s not gonna be anything more serious. Don’t forget I need escapism too. Look at the type of work we do. Our escape from work could be each other. If all you want to do is talk, fine. But if you want something more, then that’s fine too.”

 Owen stood up, his naked body firm and very pleasing to Gwen’s eye. He moved over to Gwen, took her phone off her, placed it on the table and took hold of her hands. She started to pull away but he stopped her with a kiss. Gentle at first to see what reaction hew would get, then as Gwen responded to his touch he was more passionate. Gwen allowed herself to be drawn over to the bed.

 “You’re not naked Ms Cooper, that’s unfair!”

“So what are you going to do about it, Dr Harper?”

 Owen helped her off with the t-shirt she had put on to go to the bathroom in, and once relieved of it he pulled her down onto his bed. Taking it in turns to explore one another, for the next couple of hours they made love with gentle passion. Their lovemaking was sensual, as if they had just re-discovered each other after a long absence.

 Watching Owen and feeling his hands on her body, she knew it was wrong, but she felt relief at being able to talk to someone about work. If that meant shagging Owen occasionally, then for now she could live with this. Satiated they both fell asleep in each others arms.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ 

Back at the Hub, Ianto was softly padding nakedly around Jack’s quarters. He was trying not to make a noise as he knew Jack needed as much sleep as he could get. Last night when they arrived back from the restaurant had been heaven. They had decided to leave the others early as their talk had come round to work again. If there was one thing Ianto didn’t need reminding of and that was how things could go wrong. The people he cared about and loved would no doubtedly get hurt. He smiled to himself remembering the comment he had whispered to Jack to get them away from the others. He was still smiling when Jack woke.

 “Morning lover, what are you smiling about?”

 “Oh, just remembering our conversation from last night.”

 “Yeah, I liked your style and I still agree with you. Our clothes do look better on our bedroom floor than on us.”

 “Since when did your bedroom floor become our floor?”

 “When I fell in love with you my darling, and the fact that you haven’t slept at your apartment for the last two months. You’ve even moved most of your suits into my wardrobe.”

 Ianto looked at Jack apologetically.

 “Oh cariad, I’m not implying you should move them back to yours. What I would really love is for you to move in here permanently and get rid of your place.”

 “I will move my things in here. But think about this. If I keep my apartment we could use it if we need to escape.”

 Jack grinned “You’re right my love. You should keep it, we can always go and play naked hide and seek there instead of getting caught out here.”

 Laughing with Jack, Ianto walked over to him and kissed him with renewed passion. Jack pulled Ianto down onto the bed and beginning at his mouth, moving across to nibble on his ear, he began kissing and teasing all parts of his young lovers body. 

 With each kiss the sound of pleasure escaped from Ianto’s mouth. As Jack moved down his neck, onto his nipples, that were now hard, Ianto moaned and balled a fist into his Captains hair, urging him not to stop. Jack teased the nipples giving each one equal love and time, making Ianto bite his bottom lip to stop him from screaming loudly.

 “I want you inside me Jack, please take me to heaven again……. Now!”

 Jack broke off from teasing his nipples and whispered “All in good time my darling.”

 He slowly made his way down Ianto’s muscled stomach, past his waist, deliberately teasing every part as he went. The electricity that was shooting through Ianto from Jack’s touch and his tongue, was almost too much to bear. Biting even harder on his bottom lip to stop himself from coming too soon, Ianto moaned with pleasure.

 Jack reached over to the cabinet at the side of the bed, and without looking, found the tube he was searching for. Expertly applying the lube with one hand whilst still teasing Ianto, Jack found the opening he was searching for. Inserting first one finger, then another, he found the magic spot inside his lover. Hitting the right place the moans from Ianto became louder and had the desired effect on Jack’s own body. With synchronised movements of his hand around Ianto’s hardness and pushing himself into his lover, Jack’s hips and hands moved in perfect rhythm.

 Ianto reached for Jack and as always in their dance of passion their lovemaking became faster and harder. They climaxed together with a scream of ecstasy, beads of sweat covering their bodies, showing the love they had for one another. Jack went to withdraw from Ianto, but was stopped.

 “No my darling.” Whispered Ianto. “I want you to stay exactly where you are. I never realised how right this could feel. I love you and love you even more inside me.”

 “Darling Yan, you mean the world to me. I never realised I could love anyone as much as I love you. You have given me everything I ever wanted in a lover, a soul mate and a friend and I will do anything to keep you safe. I love you my darling and being inside you feels so right.”

 The two lovers kissed gently and fell asleep content in the knowledge of how much they loved one another.


Chapter 4 iantosdreamer46,livejournal.com/3890.html

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