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Title: Site for Sore Eyes - Chapter 2
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Chris/Damien
Summary:Jack is the owner of a construction company and has been asked by his two friends to build their new house in Cardiff. Ianto goes to work for Jack after leaving London and his ex girlfriend.
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Wordcount: 2,567
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I've discovered that AU's are addictive. This is forzazajbwho started me with these and I hope it goes someway to making her smile.

A/N2 Apologies for any of you who are getting this multiple times, it's cross posted.

The night ran into early morning and they all had a little too much to drink.  They’d finished the champagne off toasting the start of a new chapter in everyone’s life.  Chris had nipped out to the off licence and bought another bottle of champagne and a bottle of vodka.

Jack suddenly realised he was probably one of the luckiest men alive.  He’d got a good job, a nice house, but best of all he’d got a group of friends who he loved and he knew loved him and looked out for him.

“Right guys, I know I’m feeling slightly drunk and you’ve all had the same to drink, look if you don’t want to get a taxi home there are spare rooms here and you’re all welcome to stay.”

“Thanks Jack, but Owen and I walked here so it’ll sober us up to walk home.”  She looked at Owen and giggled when she saw the pout.  “Owen don’t be such a wimp, we only live ten minutes away!”

“I know but it’s cold outside and….”

“Oh stop complaining, and besides I can think of a way to get warm when we get home.”

“Mmmm sounds a good idea.  Come on then.”  Owen grabbed her hand.  “You can warm me up anytime sweetheart.”

“Owen!  Too much information for my delicate ears!” laughed Jack.

“Yeah right Harkness, I’m sure you’ve done plenty of warming up in the past!”

The friends laughed as they bid a goodnight or rather a good morning to Tosh and Owen.

“Do you mean it about the spare room?”

“Sure Damien, you can use the one at the front.”

“Great, thanks, I don’t think we’d even get back to the hotel in a taxi, I think we’d both be asleep.”

“Mmm I love to sleep with you” slurred Chris.

Damien stood unsteadily, and took his lover by the hand and led him in the direction of the spare room.  “Night.”  The two men entwined around one another waved their goodnight and disappeared leaving Jack thinking about his life.

It suddenly hit him, he was lonely.  Or maybe it was just the drink making him thoughtful.  Come on Jack, haven’t you just tonight admitted you’re ok on you own?  He thought some more no Jack you’re not alright.  You put this front on for everyone, but deep down you are lonely.  Well Harkness you’ll need to do something about that.  Maybe there is someone out there.  No, I was right earlier I’m too set in my ways, I’m fine as I am, aren’t I?  Jack realised he’d had a lot to drink, more than he’d had for a very long time and all this thinking was a result of that.  Get to bed Jack, you’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow – no rephrase that – today.  He looked at the glasses and empty bottles on the table, they would have to wait till morning, if he sorted them now he’d never get any sleep.  He made his way up to bed, as he was going into his room he smiled, he could hear loving noises coming from his spare room.  Oh how nice it would be to be in love like those two.  He closed his door and as he undressed he again felt slightly jealous of the two extremely good looking men.

Jack’s alarm went off and as he moved quickly to switch it off he groaned.  His head was pounding and his mouth felt he’d been drinking sand rather than the alcohol they’d consumed the previous night.

He climbed out of bed, he needed a shower, that would wake him up.  He looked at the clock, 7am.  He’d only been in bed three hours.  He went and stood under the luke warm spray.  Although he was suffering he realised he’d enjoyed himself the previous night.  He dressed and quietly made his way to his kitchen, he didn’t want to wake Damien and Chris.  So he was very surprised to find the pair of them sat in the kitchen drinking coffee.

“Wow….erm….morning.  How long have you been up?”

“Oh about half an hour, maybe a little longer, want some coffee?”

“Mmmm yes please Chris.  Do you two feel as bad as me?”

“You did put away a few drinks last night Jack, but we have our way of….well….” Damien blushed as Chris smiled, winked and reached for his lovers’ hand.

“Oh….erm….yeah.” smiled Jack.

“Right, I’ve got to get to work, sort out a few things ready to begin your house on Monday.  It’s going to look fantastic when it’s done.”

“What time scale are we looking at?  We’ve decided that we are going to rent a place here until it’s completed.  We don’t want to be travelling between Cardiff and London if you need us, it’s too far a distance.  And anyway I’d be too excited to wonder how things are going!”  Chris laughed.

“You’re just like a kid at Christmas, lover.”  Damien leant over and kissed Chris.

“You don’t have to rent a place, stay here.  I’ve got plenty of room.  And anyway I’ll be out at work all day, if you’re here I can give you and update on the work on a daily basis and you’ll be handy if I need clarification on anything.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Chris, if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have suggested it.  Anyway it’ll be good to have company for a change.”

“Fantastic, thank you.  We promise not to get in your way if you have visitors” Chris grinned.

“Hey, there’s no chance of that, I’m too set in my ways and I’ve been on my own too long.”

“Well if you want some privacy you only have to say.”

“Thanks guys.  Now, I must get to work otherwise my new clients will be unhappy that their house is not being built quickly enough.”  They all laughed.  “Look, make yourselves at home, I mean it about you staying here.  Now I really must go.  See you around six tonight.”

“Thanks Jack, you’re a great friend.”

Jack bid them goodbye and as he made his way to the office he was smiling.  This is going to be a great contract, you’ve really found your feet again.  Now you’ve just got to get the contractors sorted and ready to begin on Monday.

He realised he hadn’t told Chris and Damien how long it would take, he’d tell them when he’d worked out how many men he could get for the site.  That was his priority.

“Morning Jack, oh dear you look rough this morning.  Good night was it?”

“Mmm yeah it was great, I’ve not been so relaxed for a long time.  Now, can you work your magic with the coffee machine, I’m going to need plenty of caffeine this morning I’ve got a lot of calls to make and I need a clear head.”

“Yeah sure, what do you want?”

“Erm, Hazelnut would be fantastic, thanks.”

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll have it ready for you.  Anything I can do to help?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a list of calls to make, some I want to do myself, but there are some you can do for me.  I’ll sort them out whilst you get the coffee going.”

Dawn disappeared as Jack sat behind his desk.  He must remember not to drink too much.  How on earth did Chris and Damien look so good first thing in a morning after a night like they’d had?”

His phone buzzed.  “Yeah Dawn?”

“Owen’s on the phone, do you want me to say you’re not available?”

“No that’s fine, I’m hoping he’s feeling as rough as me this morning.”  They laughed and Jack winced, he needed caffeine.  “Owen hi, how are you this morning?”

“Urgh!  Struggling.  You?”

“About the same, how’s Tosh?”

“Not too bad what about Chris and Damien, they seemed to be putting it away more than us.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t know how they do it but when I got up this morning they were already in the kitchen and didn’t look as though they’d been drinking at all.  Anyway, what can I do for you?”

“Tosh forgot to give you Gwen and Rhys’ number last night, but I can’t say too much, I forgot to give you Ianto’s.  You got a pen?”
“Yep, go ahead.”

Jack wrote them down, he didn’t realise he hadn’t got them.  “Great, thanks Owen.  You say Tosh is not too bad?”

“No, not as bad as you and me, but I don’t think she drank as much.  I’ll go, let you get on with your work.  You got a definite start date yet?”

“Yeah, like I thought last night, it’ll be Monday.  I’m ringing all the contractors today and tomorrow so we’re ready to start first thing next week.”

“If there’s anything we can do just shout.  I know Tosh is going to be working on the designs again today.  When she was talking to Damien and Chris last night, they suggested a few changes, so she’ll be doing those at some point.”

“Great, once she’s got them sorted, can you let me have a copy and I’ll be able to print them off for the contractors.”

“Sure, no problem.  I’ll speak to you later Jack, take care.”

“Yeah, you too.  Thanks for these numbers, they’ll be first on my list to ring.”

Dawn brought in the coffee, “right hand me some numbers and I’ll get started, what do you want me to tell them?”

“Ok, I want a start date of Monday next week, that leaves today and tomorrow for the calls.  They’re not going to be too happy with me but I want to do the Health and Safety Induction this weekend.  If they don’t agree, tell them there is no job for them and move onto the next person.  I’ve got a list here that I’m going to ring, so to be on the safe side, can we try and have them all done by mid-morning tomorrow, that’ll then give me a chance to make changes, and do last minute interviews tomorrow afternoon.”

“Ok, no problem.  Hey did Tosh get you sorted with a secretary?”

“Yeah, her names Gwen Cooper, she’s the fiancée of one of the contractors so it should work out ok, I’m going to ask her to come in tomorrow for a chat.  The other person is someone Owen knows, he’s just moved back here and Owen reckons he’ll be the ideal Assistant Project Manager.  Owen declined and is going to be the Safety Officer, which if I’m truthful suits me better, I know he’s good at that.”

“What’s the new guy’s name?”

“Ianto Jones.  I’ve not rung him yet either, but I’m hoping he’s free tomorrow afternoon too.”

Dawn left Jack to make his calls and went to start on hers.  “Oh Jack,” she popped her head back around the door, “have you sorted the porta-cabins out for the site?”

“Erm….no, not yet.  With all the rush I’d sort of forgotten about them.  Ok let’s think….we’ll need one for me and the APM, one for Owen, the secretary will be with me, erm….one for the canteen, one for the lads to have their coffee break in….ask them to deliver 5 standard size ones and one double size.  That should do us, if we need anymore then I’ll have to get back on to them.  Here’s the location.  Tell them they need to be ready for 8.30am Monday otherwise they’ll be the first to pay a penalty.”

“Right, I’ll do that first.  Just holler when you want more caffeine.”  She laughed as she left the office.

Jack picked up the phone and dialled the number for Gwenn Cooper.  It answered on the third ring.

“Gwen Cooper speaking, who are you and what do you want?”

“Oh!  Good morning Miss Cooper, you don’t know me, but we have a mutual friend, Toshiko Sato, she gave me your number, oh I’m sorry my name is Jack Harkness.”

“Yes Mr Harkness what can I do for you?”  Gwen listened to the American accent on the other end of the phone, wondering what someone would look like with a gorgeous voice like that.

“I’m sorry to ring on the spur of the moment, but Tosh said you might be looking for work.  You’re a secretary I believe?”

“Yeah, that’s right on both counts.  But what can I do for you?”

“Miss Cooper, I’m the owner of Torchwood Construction and we’ve just landed a contract to build a house for some good friends of mine.  I’m going to be speaking to Rhys Williams later on today with a job offer also.  I believe he’s your fiancé?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Well I’m looking for a secretary and was told you’re the person I should speak to.”

“Oh, erm, well.”

“Look if you’ve got something else lined up, I’m sure I can find someone else.”

“Wait.  No, erm, Rhys has been talking about a new project and if this is the same one, I’m listening.”

“Would you be able to come into my office tomorrow afternoon for a chat?  Then we can discuss what’s going to be going on and take it from there.”

“Sure, what time?”

“Oh, say 2 o’clock.  It’ll only be for about half an hour.  If you can ask Rhys to come in as well he can sort out his contract with my secretary here whilst we have our chat.  If that’s convenient?”

“Great, I’ll tell him.  We’ll see you at two Mr Harkness….and thank you.”  She put the phone down and smiled to herself.  Mmm a gorgeous voice has to have gorgeous looks to accompany it.  Thank you Tosh.

Jack replaced the receiver, sounds like a nice person.  She should be ok.  Right, now for my Assistant Project Manager.  He picked up the phone and dialled.

“Ianto Jones, good morning!”

“Oh, good morning Mr Jones, my name is Jack Harkness I’m the owner of Torchwood Construction and was given your name and number by Owen Harper.”

“Oh, right, what is it I can do for you?”

“It’s what I may be able to do for you Mr Jones.  Owen tells me you’ve just moved back to Cardiff and you’re looking for work?”


“Well, I’d like to make you an offer.  I’ve got a large contract starting on Monday and I’m looking for an APM.  Would you be able to come to my office say 3 o’clock tomorrow for a chat?”

“Erm….yes, I’ve got nothing else on tomorrow, that would be good.”

“Right then Mr Jones, I’ll see you tomorrow, bye for now.”  Jack put the phone down.  He found his hands were shaking, stop it Jack it’s withdrawal symptoms from all that alcohol last night, plus lack of sleep, plus lack of caffeine.  But he couldn’t get that voice out of his head.  Those gorgeous Welsh vowels always did something to him.  Stop your thoughts right there Harkness, Owen said he’d just split from his girlfriend.  Jack found himself wondering what this Ianto Jones looked like.

Ianto replaced the receiver.  Who was this man?  American accent, sounded nice.  No, he was only ringing because Owen had given him his number.  But he couldn’t get that gorgeous voice out of his head.  Why is it having this effect on me?  Ianto found himself wondering what this man looked like.  Well, he’d find out tomorrow.


Site for....Chapter 3  http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/36741.html
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