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Title: Site for Sore Eyes - Chapter 6
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Chris/Damien
Summary:Jack is the owner of a construction company and has been asked by his two friends to build their new house in Cardiff. Ianto goes to work for Jack after leaving London and his ex girlfriend.
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Wordcount: 2,202
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I've discovered that AU's are addictive. This is forzazajbwho started me with these and I hope it goes someway to making her smile.

A/N2 Apologies for any of you who are getting this multiple times, it's cross posted

Jack was still thinking about Ianto as they walked to the Lecture Theatre.  He was pleased that the young man and Gwen were following.  His reaction still hadn’t really gone, he was thankful that he’d decided to wear his great coat and could pull it across in front of him.

They arrived at the Lecture Theatre and as Jack unlocked the door he could feel someone standing closely behind him.  Turning he came face to face with Gwen.

“Sorry Jack didn’t realise you’d stopped walking then, I was too engrossed at looking at all the photographs on the walls.”

“Yeah, they’re projects we’ve completed over the years, ones that I’m really proud of.”

“You should be Jack, they’re some of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen.”  She was looking into Jack’s eyes as she spoke about the buildings, she couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were, you could lose yourself in them.  You, Mr Harkness are going to be mine one way or another.

Ianto had joined them “how long have you been in the business Jack?”

Jack stared into the electric blue eyes “erm….nearly twenty years now….and I still enjoy the work.  The day I stop enjoying will be the day I retire.”

“Oh but you’ve got a long way before that happens!” exclaimed Ianto.

Jack had to take a deep breath, the more he saw and heard of this young man the more he realised he wanted to know him better.  Before anyone could say anything else some of the other contractors arrived.

“Hey Harkness!  Don’t tell me you’ve got that coat out already, we’ve not even arrived on site yet.”

“Doc, only you could make an entrance like that.  And please….before you say anything else I could embarrass you by telling everyone how long it took for you to ask Tosh out.”

“Ok, ok Harkness you win.  For now!” they both laughed.  “Ianto! Great to see you again, it’s been too long, I’m pleased you’re back in Cardiff, at least I’ll have someone else on my side against the Captain here.”

“The Captain?  What do you mean?”

“Oh, long story Ianto, but I’ll explain later, over a drink.  If you fancy?”

“Yeah, that’d be great, thanks.  And it’s good to be back home.  Didn’t realise how much I’d missed the place.  She….well she made me think it was better with her down in London.”

“Look, that’s in the past, move on, find someone who’ll love you for who you are not what they want you to be.”

“Guys, sorry to break up the reunion, but we have work to do here.”  Jack smiled as he said it, he was happy that things were going well with the company and maybe he could get information from Owen about Ianto.

“Gwen!  Hey Gwen” she looked to see who was shouting her name.  “Gwen, over here love.”

She looked towards the staircase and saw Rhys heading towards her.  “Hey where did you get to?”

“Sorry, lover, but I’d left the car unlocked and by the time I got back to the lobby you’d all disappeared.”

“Well hurry up we don’t want to miss getting a good seat.”  This was not what she wanted right now, she wanted to get close to her boss.  But she could wait, after all this contract was going to last a good few months.

“Ok, why don’t we all take a seat and I’ll get the introductions out of the way whilst we wait for our training officer to arrive.  They all piled into the Lecture Theatre, Jack taking a seat at the front, Owen and Ianto following suit, with Gwen trying to get close to Jack, but Rhys grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the back.

Once they were all seated, Jack stood and thanked them for turning out on a Saturday for the Health and Safety Induction.  He explained why it was happening and that if the project was brought in on time there may be a bonus in it for everyone.  A cheer went up, Jack certainly knew how to look after his staff.

“Ok kids, let’s start with some introductions.”  He began with Owen and Gray and moved through everyone explaining who they were and the role they would play on site.  As he introduced Gwen she stood smiling and waving at everyone.  Rhys was embarrassed and tried to pull her back down.

“Gwen you’re making a fool of yourself, sit down.”

Reluctantly she sat, “I’m only letting everyone know who I am.”

“Well considering you’re the only female here, I think they’ll know who you are, don’t you?”

“Gwen and gentlemen, finally I’d like to introduce you to Mr Jones, Ianto Jones, he’s going to be my Assistant Project Manager, so if there is ever any problem and I’m not available you can go to him.”

Ianto stood and Jack noticed him turn a lovely shade of pink, calm down Jack, be careful, otherwise you’ll frighten him off.  He could feel his reactions below the waist and pulled his coat around him again.  Luckily Rod, the training officer, came into the room and Jack had chance to introduce him and quickly sit back down.

All the while through the introductions, Ianto had been watching Jack.  He didn’t know why, but he was drawn to the voice and the blue grey eyes.  There was something about this man that intrigued Ianto and he was going to find out more.  After all Owen was his friend and would know about him.  What had he meant by that coat? He had to admit that he’d not seen anyone look so good in a coat that belonged in the Second World War.  Ianto Jones what are you thinking?  You’ve just split with your girlfriend.  But why is this man having an effect on you?  He shook his head, he needed to concentrate on the H&S for this site.  He’d not been APM before and he didn’t want to blow this chance.

An hour later they broke for coffee.  Ianto was first at the machine and as he saw Jack and Owen in conversation he thought it would be polite to take them a coffee.  Armed with mugs Ianto made his way over to the two men.

“Owen, Jack, I thought you’d both like a coffee.”

“Ianto, thank you.  Jack tells me you’ve just been working on part of the Olympic village.  What was that like?”

“Manic, trying to get things completed in time.  I did start on the velodrome, but got taken off that and moved to the village.  Not sure why but hey, as you said my time in London is in the past and all I want now is to concentrate on the future and my new life in Cardiff.”

“I’ve an idea, why don’t the three of us and Tosh go for a drink tonight.  You can tell us more about the Olympic contract and we can bring you up to speed on our boss man here!”

Both Jack and Ianto blushed slightly which didn’t go unnoticed by Owen.  Mmm wha’t going on here then boys?

“Erm….not sure about tonight, I still need to unpack.  Mam is not too happy about all the boxes I’ve brought back with me.”

“Jack what about you?  Are you up for that drink?”

“Erm….well Chris and Damien are cooking tonight, so not sure what time we’re eating.”

“Boys, you are lightweights.  Jack ring Chris and Damien and find out what time your dinner is, invite them if you want.  Ianto explain to your mam that you’ve got to see someone about a place to live then we can go for that drink.  It’s been too long since we saw you and you know what Tosh is like if she doesn’t catch up with you soon, she’ll be hounding me.  And that boys, will not be a pretty sight, believe me.”  They laughed.

Jack knew that although Owen wound his girlfriend up, he truly loved her, but he wouldn’t always admit it.

“Come on guys, what do you say?”

“When we break for lunch I’ll ring the boys and see.  I’d hate to spoil all their hard work.”

“Ianto, what about you?”

“I suppose one more night avoiding the boxes wouldn’t hurt, and I am supposed to be looking for somewhere to live.  As much as I love mam, Rhi has turned up wanting to move back in.  The only problem is that she’s got her toddler daughter with her and she’s into everything.”

“Oh, what’s happened between her and Johnny?”

“They had an argument and she stormed out.  No doubt they’ll make up again soon, but in the meantime….”

“I guess Rhi….is it?  Is your sister?” quizzed Jack.

“Yeah, don’t get me wrong I love her to bits, but only in small doses.”  The three of them laughed again.

“Ok people” Jack shouted “we’d better get this training finished, otherwise we won’t be ready to start on Monday morning.”
Everyone took their seats but before Jack could take his, he felt someone grab his elbow.

“Jack, sorry to interrupt, but Rhys and me, well we were thinking.”  Rhys looked puzzled, he didn’t know what Gwen was on about.
“Oh yeah, what about?”

“Well if I’m going to be your secretary, I think it’s only right that I cook us a meal tonight, you know, boss gets to know secretary a bit more.”

Jack could see the puzzled look on Rhys’ face, realising that Gwen hadn’t asked her fiancé what he thought.  “Unfortunately I’m busy tonight, I’ve already had two invites for tonight.  Perhaps we could do it another night?”


“Come on Gwen, leave the man alone, he’s busy.  Let’s discuss it further, then you can organise another date.  Perhaps give Mr Harkness a choice of dates.”

“Yeah, that would be better Rhys, thank you.  And it’s Jack.  I don’t go much for the Mr title, not when I’m going to be on site with you all.”

“Oh, ok Jack it is then.  Com on Gwen, let’s go sit back down, you’re holding the training up.”  Rhys grabbed her hand and pulled her back to their seats.

“Hey Captain, the coats working, you’re in there.”  Grinned Owen.

“Erm….don’t think so, do you Doc?”  Jack smiled, “she doesn’t know me, besides she’s just trying to be friendly.”

“If you say so Jack.”

“Come on, let’s sit down or Rod will not be amused.  I promise I’ll ring the boys at lunch.”

“Great.  Ianto you decided?  You up for that drink tonight?”

“Yeah….yeah, ok then.”

“Great I’ll ring and tell Tosh at lunchtime.”

As they went to sit back down, Ianto was curious about the exchange between Jack and Owen.  What did Jack mean about Gwen not having a chance?  Ianto Jones, stop with those thoughts, he’s your boss, you are not interested in him, you’re just curious about him.”  Ianto sat and tried to concentrate on the information being given, but found himself glancing at Jack throughout the afternoon.
Jack found it difficult to concentrate on what Rod was saying.  His thoughts were on the drinks tonight with Owen, Tosh and Ianto.  Come on Jack, he’s not going to be interested in you.  Stop thinking too much and just enjoy the evening.  It’ll give you a chance to find out more about him.  He secretly thanked Owen for the invitation and decided it would be less awkward if he invited Chris and Damien too.

The morning seemed to fly by and before anyone realised, Rod was telling them that they were breaking for lunch and to be back ready to begin promptly at 2.  Jack explained there was a selection of hot and cold snacks in the Conference Room for everyone and to go through and help themselves.

“Jack, come on you said you’d ring Chris.”

“Give me a chance, have you spoken to Tosh?”

“Yeah, she reckons 8 would be a good time.  That way we’ll all have eaten and she said she’s heard that The Terra Nova is a good place to go.”

“Ok, ok, how can I resist Tosh?  She’s got this hold over me.”  The two men laughed.

Ianto had heard the banter between the two men and wondered what Jack had meant by Tosh’s hold over him.  He’d rung his mam and told her that he was going out with some friends and that one of them probably knew of a flat he could rent.

“Ianto, you coming tonight?”

“Yeah, I am, where and what time?”

“8 o’clock at the Terra Nova.”

“I’ll be there.”

Jack came off the phone smiling.  “That’s settled, Chris and Damien have said they’ll have dinner ready for 6 and before you ask Owen, yeah they’re coming along as well.”

“Great.  Hey Ianto, you get to meet the Clients before anyone else.  You’ll love them, like we all do, but be careful Chris is the biggest flirt around.”  Owen noticed Ianto glance at Jack and blush.  Mmm interesting, what’re you thinking Ianto Jones?

Jack saw Ianto’s blushes and pulled his coat tighter around him.  He was silently wishing that the afternoon’s training was over.  He couldn’t wait to find out more about this gorgeous Welshman.


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