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Title: Site for Sore Eyes - Chapter 8
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Chris/Damien
Summary:Jack is the owner of a construction company and has been asked by his two friends to build their new house in Cardiff. Ianto goes to work for Jack after leaving London and his ex girlfriend.
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Wordcount: 2,218
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I've discovered that AU's are addictive. This is forzazajbwho started me with these and I hope it goes someway to making her smile.

A/N2 Apologies for any of you who are getting this multiple times, it's cross posted

The talk had been light hearted and Owen introduced Ianto to Damien and Chris.

“So Ianto are you back in Cardiff for good?” asked Chris.

“For now, yeah.  I thought it was about time I came home again.  I’ve been away three years now.”

“Where were you working?”  Damien wondered.

“For the last year I’ve been on the Olympic project.  I started just after the work began.  It was manic and contractors kept being moved from one part of the project to another.  We never really got to see anything finished.  I was on the velodrome to start with but about three months before completion I was moved to the village.  I got fed up with it, plus I was having problems at home.  So….here I am.”  Ianto why did you mention your problems with Lisa?

“Sorry to hear about your problems, Jack tells me you’re single again….” Before Chris could say anymore, Damien kicked him under the table.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t pry, I’ve been told I speak before I think.  But hey, I was only thinking of our Jack here, he’s single too.”  Chris looked at Jack who blushed slightly and smiled.  Damien had noticed that Ianto coloured slightly too, but didn’t say anything as he didn’t think the others had noticed.

“My turn for the drinks I think.” Said Ianto.
“Great, a man can go thirsty waiting for these four to offer to buy a round.”  Chris stated as he looked at his friends.

“Right, same again?”

Everyone nodded.  Jack looked as Ianto went to the bar.  “Think I’ll go give him a hand.  Too many glasses for one man to carry on his own.”  He got up and followed Ianto.

“That man is smitten.”

“What do you mean Chris?”

“Oh come on guys, haven’t you been taking notice all night?  Jack has the hots for Mr Jones over there.”

“No, you’re wrong, he’s just being friendly.”

“Owen I didn’t expect you to notice straight away, come on, how long did it take you to realise you wanted to be with the beautiful Toshiko here?”

“Oh, only a year from buying me those roses for my birthday to actually asking me out.  But hey that’s just Owen” and she leant over and kissed him.

“Now with my Damien here, I knew the first time I saw him that I wanted to be with him.”

“But you were busy, so it took us a while to go out, even then there were three of us on that first date!”

“Ah, but it was you my love whom I went home with.”  It was Chris who then leant over and kissed his lover just as Jack and Ianto brought the drinks to the table.

“Hey kids, do you mind?  Ianto and I are too sweet and innocent to be witnessing all this show of affection in public!” they all laughed.

“I think it’s great, don’t stop on my account.”  Realising what he’d just said Ianto blushed “erm….if you’ll excuse me….I’ll erm….be back in a moment.” And he disappeared to fetch the last couple of drinks.

“Now look what you’ve done?  You’re all as bad as one another” admonished Tosh “you’ve embarrassed him.”

“Yeah, I’ll apologise to him when he gets back.”

“You’d better Harkness,” but Owen saw something in his friends eyes that he’d not seen for a very long time. 

Ianto arrived back at the table and as he sat down Jack said “I’m sorry Ianto, if I said something out of turn, please forgive me.  I must also apologise for my friends here, especially Chris,  he’s the biggest flirt I know.”

“That’s alright Jack, I’m just out of practice.  I’d been with Lisa for a long time.”  Out of practice?  Ianto you’ve never flirted with a man before, what are you saying?

“Yeah and now that’s over you need to get back out there.” 

Tosh slapped Owen “Sorry Ianto, as you see Owen doesn’t really change.”  They all laughed as Owen pretended to look hurt.

The evening continued with light hearted banter and Ianto had to admit to himself that these five people were great to be with.  He could see how much Damien and Chris loved each other, you only had to see how they looked at one another to realise.  Tosh and Owen were the same.  Although he’d known Owen for a good few years, he’d never seen him happier since he’d met Tosh.  She was good for him.  Owen had had his fair share of heartbreak, and he’d virtually destroyed himself after the episode with Katie.  But thanks to Tosh he’d sorted himself out again.

Ianto then looked at Jack.  He was deep in conversation with the two men about their house.  Something stirred in him.  He wasn’t sure what it was or how to respond to it.  All Ianto knew was that whenever he saw Jack he felt like a schoolboy with a crush.  He couldn’t feel like that for a man, could he?  He’d have to be careful.  They would be working closely in the same office for the next few months and he didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise his job.  And besides he knew nothing much about this good looking man.  Yeah he had to admit Jack Harkness was a very good looking man.

“Ianto….hey earth to Ianto Jones.  You ok?”

“What….oh….erm….yeah I’m fine, I was just thinking.”

“Oh yeah and who were you thinking about?”

“What?  No one.”  Be careful Ianto you can’t say anything.  “I….er was thinking that I’m going to enjoy working on this project.”

“Yeah, right, I’ve known you too long Mr Jones, you were thinking about someone.  I know that look on your face.”

“Owen, you’re just out to embarrass me.  Seriously, I am going to enjoy this project, and I want to thank Jack for giving me a chance at the APM job.”

“Hey no worries, you’ve got Owen to thank, he gave me your name.”  Jack could feel himself begin to blush.  Jack Harkness, get a grip, you’re acting like a schoolboy with a crush.  “Look, I don’t know about you lot but I’m beat.  We’ve got an intense morning tomorrow if we want to start this project on time.  I think we should call it a night.”

“Yeah, I was just thinking the same.  If I know your clients they’ll not be too pleased if you don’t bring this project in on time!”  Joked Chris, and they all laughed.

They bid goodnight to one another and as Ianto left with Tosh and Owen, Jack watched him go, not realising he was being watched by his two friends.

“Hey, Harkness, you with us or are you wishing you were going home with our young Welshman out there?”

“What?....no….you’ve got the wrong….”

“Wrong idea Jack?  I don’t think so, we’ve been watching you all night and every time you thought we weren’t noticing, you were checking out the young man.  So….come on spill the beans.”

“Chris you’re reading too much into it….as usual.  He’s single – yes, but you’ve missed the point he’s just split from his girlfriend.

“Mmm yeah, that’s true but….”

“But what?”

“But….he was also watching you, especially when he thought the rest of us weren’t looking.”

“Don’t be stupid, I’d have noticed something like that.  Come on boys, how many times have I dated men?”

“You’re missing the point, you’ve not had a serious relationship since Hart, in fact you admitted there’d been no-one.  Now stop and think Jack, two good looking men working closely in the same office, surely they’re going to be more than good friends when the attraction we’ve seen tonight is acted upon.”

“Look Chris, it’s not going to happen.  Ok, yeah, I’ll admit there is something about him.  Yes he’s got the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen for a long time, but believe me nothing is ever going to happen, he’s straight.”

“Well Jack he had a strange way of showing it.  Believe us Jack, he was watching you and didn’t you notice his blushing?”

“Only because you were embarrassing him with all your questions.  Look let’s leave this conversation here, we’ve all had a lot to drink.”

“I haven’t, I’m the designated driver.”

“Ok, ok.  I’m not getting into this conversation.  Seeing as though you’re our driver Damien, take us home.  I’ve got a long day tomorrow if I’m going to be starting on your house on Monday.”

The three friends headed home.  Chris and Damien exchanging glances at Jack as they went, knowing that they were right – Jack did have feelings for Ianto Jones.  They decided not to push it further, they would watch and secretly help in any way they could – without Jack realising of course.

Owen, Tosh and Ianto were heading to Tosh’s car, “Hey Jones, what’s this thing for our Jack in there?”

“What?  I don’t know what you mean Owen.”

“Oh come on Ianto, you have the hots for Captain Harkness – admit it.”

“No….no I don’t.  I don’t know where you’ve got that idea from, but don’t your remember I’ve just split from Lisa my girlfriend

“Yeah, I know, but I’ve….we’ve been watching you all night.”

“Hey Owen, don’t bring me into it.”

“Ok, I’ve been watching you and….and you Ianto Jones have been sneakily eyeing up the Captain in there.”

Ianto was pleased it was dark outside he was certainly blushing now.  He’d have to be very careful around Tosh and Owen and not mention Jack or think about him too much.

They arrived at Tosh’s car “come on Ianto you’re going to be working closely with Jack, who knows what will happen.”

“I’ve told you I’m not interested, so can we please drop the subject and take me home.  I’ve….we’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

As they were getting in the car Tosh asked “what do you think of Damien and Chris?”

“They’re great, you can see how much in love with one another they are.  How does Damien put up with Chris’ flirting?”

“Oh that’s one of the things he loves about him, because he knows that’s all it is and every night he’ll go home to Damien.”

“They are such a good looking couple, no wonder people stare at them.”

“Yeah, they are such fun to be with too.  Chris has some brilliant tales of his life on board cruise ships, it would make anyone blush.”

“Doesn’t Damien mind Chris being away for long periods of time?”

“Yeah, sometimes, but he’s only ever away for a maximum of 8 weeks and sometimes Damien will fly out to meet the ship and spend time with Chris that way.  Besides they make up for absences when Chris gets home.”  Tosh hit Owen.

“Hey, lover what was that for?”

“They don’t discuss our private life so let’s not discuss what they get up to.”

Owen looked at Ianto, raised his eyebrows and the two men smiled.  As they were making their way home, Ianto relaxed and closed his eyes.  His thoughts returned to the great evening he’d just had, but mostly he was thinking about Jack.  Come on Ianto, stop it, you’re drunk, you wouldn’t be thinking about those beautiful blue grey eyes if you were sober.  But he couldn’t stop, there was something about the Captain that was drawing Ianto’s thoughts back, that coat….STOP! get a grip, he’s your boss, you’re straight.  The next thing Ianto knew, Tosh was gently shaking him.  He’d fallen asleep and they were outside his mams house.

“Mmm….what, oh sorry Tosh, must have been the drink.  I’m not used to having so much in one night.”

“No worries, besides you looked comfortable, I didn’t want to wake you any sooner.”

“No, and you were smiling.  Come on what were you dreaming about or was it who?”

“Owen, leave him alone.”

Ianto got out of the car and made his way to his front door “night then, I’ll see you in the morning Owen.”

They both wished him a goodnight.  He was glad they couldn’t see his face again because he found he was thinking about Jack again and he was smiling.

All the way home Jack was thinking about the young Welshman.  He didn’t know what it was but he was drawn to him.  Those liquid blue eyes.  Mmmm….yeah boys you’re right, I do find him attractive.  But nothing is going to happen, he’s not interested in me.  You were just imagining it.

Arriving at Jack’s house the three friends made their way inside.

“Night Jack, will we see you in the morning?”

“Yeah Chris, I’ve told everyone to be at Torchwood House for 10.30 to finish the Health and Safety induction.”

“Ok, we’ll leave you, don’t stay up too long, night.”

“Night boys.”  Jack decided it was best to follow the two of them, he was tired.  He had so much going on in his mind he needed to sleep.  As he lay down on his bed his thoughts drifted back to Ianto Jones.  He knew how he felt, but he also knew that nothing was ever going to happen.  Oh Hell Jack!  Stop this right now.  But he found he couldn’t get the young man out of his mind.  He fell asleep thinking about the blue eyes, the cute button nose and those hot Welsh vowels.


Chapter 9 http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/38329.html

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