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Title: Site for Sore Eyes - Chapter 41
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Chris/Damien
Summary:Jack is the owner of a construction company and has been asked by his two friends to build their new house in Cardiff. Ianto goes to work for Jack after leaving London and his ex girlfriend.
Rating: NC-17 Overall.
Warning: Angst
Wordcount: 2,602

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I've discovered that AU's are addictive. This is forzazajbwho started me with these and I hope it goes someway to making her smile.

A/N2 Apologies for any of you who are getting this multiple times, it's cross posted

A/N3 Some of the incidents that are mentioned in the story have actually happened. They were incidents that were on sites I've worked

They arrived at the hospital, the police taking Jack and Gray through to the waiting room, Jack all the while looking for the paramedics bringing Ianto in.  After a couple of minutes Jack began pacing.

“Jack!  Come on, sit down.  The Doctors will let us know when we can see him.”

“But why hasn’t he been brought in, I’ve not seen him go through!  Gray go find out what’s happening….please.”

“Mr Harkness, he’ll be in the emergency room, the doctors will be working on him.  As soon as they know anything they will be through to speak to you.  Now….can you give me some information about what happened this morning.”

Jack and Gray told the officer as much as they knew, where the dumper was at the end of the previous day.  They didn’t know how Ianto got to be buried under the bricks, so the officer said he would talk to the scaffolding foreman later.

“Mr Harkness you said that Mr Jones was your partner, how long have you been in business together?”

“What?  No, you’re not listening, he’s not my business partner, he’s my boyfriend.”


“PC Martin….do you have a problem with that?”

“Jack, calm down.  We know you’re worried about Ianto.”

“No Gray, I want to know if PC Martin has a problem with my relationship with Yan.  Well PC Martin?”

“No Mr Harkness, I don’t have a problem, it’s just….well you own a construction company and….”

“And you didn’t think gay men got their hands dirty.  That’s right isn’t it?”

“Yeah….and I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions.  Please accept my apologies.”

“I’m sorry PC Martin, I’m just worried about Ianto.  He’s….well he’s my life and I love him.”

“I can see that sir.  Now can you think of anyone who has a grudge against you?  Someone who you may have upset recently?  It could just be silly kids getting up to mischief, or it could be….well….”

“I see what you’re saying.  I did fire my secretary yesterday, but I don’t think she’ll be stupid enough to do anything like that.  She knows the clients.”

“Can I ask why you fired her?”

“Mmm…she had this infatuation with me and wanted me to leave Ianto for her.  I told her yesterday that would never happen.  She told me that my relationship with Ianto wouldn’t last.  But I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything so stupid.  How would she know Ianto would be working on that part of the site.  It has to be pure vandalism.  She wouldn’t….would she Gray?”

“Let us decide that Mr Harkness, can you give me her name and address and I’ll send PC Peck to check it out.”

Jack gave PC Martin Gwen’s name and told him to contact Dawn on site for the address.  PC Martin passed the information on just as the Doctor came through from the emergency room.

“Doctor, how is Mr Jones?”

“And you are?”

“I’m Jack Harkness, his partner.”

“Oh Mr Harkness, it appears he’s been asking for you.”

“Can I see him….please?”

“I’ll let you see him in a while, they’re still making him comfortable and he’ll be going up to Intensive Care in the next few minutes.  You will be able to see him briefly then.”

“What?....what’s wrong with him?  Why’s he got to go to Intensive Care?  He’s not going to die is he?  Please Doc tell me he’s going to be alright.”

“Mr Harkness….”

“Jack, please.”

“Ok, Jack….let’s sit down and I’ll explain what’s happened to Mr Jones.”

Jack allowed himself to be led to the chairs.  He looked at Gray who went to sit with him.

“Jack, Mr Jones is going to be alright.  He has three broken ribs and unfortunately the trauma to the chest cavity caused a pneumothorax.”

“Hold on Doctor, I’m sorry but would you be able to explain that in plain English please.”

“I’m sorry, Mr Jones has a punctured lung.”

“What?....can it be treated?  Is he….oh God, is he….”

“He will be ok.  We can treat it by removing the air, which will re-expand the lung.  The lung should return to normal function after a few days.  We just need to keep an eye on him.  He’ll be in a side ward so we can monitor him.”

“Can I….please can I stay with him?”

“You can stay for a few minutes.  I don’t want him getting tired.  He needs to rest.”

“Please Doctor, I won’t talk, I’ll let him sleep, I just need to be with him.”

The Doctor looked at Jack, then at Gray, “Mr Harkness….Jack, I….”

“Doc, please.  I’ll sleep in the chair, I just need to be near him.”  Jack was pleading with the Doctor, he was scared that he would lose his young lover.

The Doctor sighed, “Ok, on one condition!”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“That if the nurses come in to check on Mr Jones, you let them do their job, you don’t interfere, nor do you disturb Mr Jones whilst he’s sleeping.  I will warn you, he has an oxygen mask on, but it’s only to help him.  His crush injury and the broken ribs are causing him difficulty with his breathing.  It’s nothing to worry about.  It’s helping him.  He is also on strong medication for the pain so he may not be all that coherent.”

“Ok Doctor, thank you.  I’m sorry if I snapped at you, but he means everything to me, I’ve just found him and don’t want to lose him.”

“I understand.  And don’t worry I’ve heard worse from the husbands and wives of other patients.”  The Doctor smiled and went through to see if Ianto had been taken up to Intensive Care.

“Jack he’s going to be alright in a few days, come home with me to mom and dads.”

“No Gray, I want to stay with Yan, I want to be there when he wakes up.”

“Ok, if you want anything ring me and I’ll be right here.”

“Gray, can you do something for me?”

“Sure Jack anything.”

“Can you let Chris and Damien know what’s happened, I didn’t get a chance to ring them.  Also can you and Owen run the site for me until I know what’s happening with Ianto.  Until he’s well enough to be moved or to go home I don’t want to leave him.”

“Sure Jack, no problem.  And don’t worry, he’s young, fit and strong, he’ll be fine.  And he has the most important thing going for him.”

“What’s that?”

“He has a wonderful man who loves him.  And he knows you do.”

Jack broke down again as Gray went to hug his brother.  He hadn’t realised how much Jack loved Ianto until now.  “Come on Jack, you have to be strong.  He doesn’t want to see you in this state.  Now, the Doctor will be back soon to take you up to him.”

Jack let go of his brother.  “Thank you Gray, for being here.”

“Hey that’s what brothers are for.”

“Excuse me Mr Harkness.”

“Has something happened?”

“No, everything is fine, Mr Jones is now in Intensive Care, I’ll take you up if you’re ready?”

“Yeah, great.  Gray, can you do those things for me?  If there’s any problems you can come here and let me know, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Jack, stop worrying, we’ll be fine.  I’ll ring….no I’ll go and see Damien and Chris, I’d rather tell them personally than over the phone.  And as for the site, Owen and I will be fine.  Now go to Ianto, tell him how much you love him.  I’m sure that’ll help his recovery.”

“Thanks Gray, I won’t forget this.”

“No worries Jack, just make sure he’s ok.  I’ll talk to you later.”

“Gray, if Chris or Damien ask if they can come and see him, tell them I’ll ring them when he’s out of Intensive Care.”

“No problem.  Now go to him.”  Gray watched as Jack followed the Doctor, he just hoped that Ianto would be alright, Jack would go to pieces if he wasn’t.

As Jack entered Ianto’s room he was shocked to see how pale his gorgeous Welshman looked.  He looked questioningly at the Doctor.

“Jack, he’s going to be alright, he’s just had a very bad accident, his broken ribs are causing him difficulty in breathing, his lung has been drained and will begin to function normally in the next few hours.  But it will take a few days before it’s fully functional.  We will be doing regular checks on him to make sure he’s healing.  I’m letting you stay, but remember don’t disturb him, he needs his rest.”

“Ok Doc, thank you.  I do appreciate this.”

The Doctor nodded, placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder and squeezed.  Jack half smiled and nodded.  Once the Doctor had gone Jack pulled the only chair up to the side of the bed and reached for Ianto’s hand as he sat down.

Stroking a thumb across the back of Ianto’s hand “Oh Yan, my love, I thought I’d lost you.  I don’t know what I would have done if you’d died.  I can’t bear to think about that.  Please hurry up and get well my love.  We have so much to do, so much to live for.  I was existing from day to day before you arrived.  I know I’ve told you that before, but Ianto, you showed me how to live again.  You showed me what real love is.  I never want to let you go.  I know I have a reputation for loving and leaving the men I’ve been with, but that’s in the past.  You….you Ianto Jones are the one I’m never going to leave.  And I hope you’ll never leave me.  I….I wanted to do this properly, I wanted to take you away for the weekend, to a quiet hotel somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, but I know I can’t do that yet, not until you’re well.  I….I wanted to ask you” he kissed Ianto’s hand “Oh God this is hard when you’re asleep, it’s going to be harder when you’re awake, but Ianto, my Ianto will you….will you, what I’m trying to say is….I want us to have a Civil Partnership.  That’s if you’ll have me?”  Jack looked at the young man lying in the bed.  “You can’t hear me can you sweetheart?  I’ve just proposed to a gorgeous, sleeping young man.  You have no idea do you?  I promise I will ask you again once you wake up, my love.”  Jack leant over and kissed Ianto’s forehead, brushing away a stray hair.  Sitting back down he held his hand again, and placed his head on the bed and closed his eyes.

Jack must have fallen asleep because he felt someone running a hand through his hair.  It felt good, there was only one person who did that to him.  Ianto!  He looked up into the most gorgeous blue eyes ever.  They still had the ability to take his breath away.

“Ianto!  Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?”  Ianto went to remove the oxygen mask.  “No sweetheart, don’t do that it’s helping you.”  Jack leant closer to hear what Ianto was trying to say.

“I’m sorry Jack.”  He whispered.  “I don’t know what happened.”

“Ssshh everything is going to be alright, you’re going to be alright.  I love you and I’m going to look after you when you leave here.”

“Jack….I….yes.”  Ianto smiled and gripped Jack’s hand.

“What’s the matter Yan?  Yes….”  Jack suddenly realised what Ianto meant.  “You heard me?  You heard what I said?”

Ianto nodded and removed the mask so he could talk to Jack.  “I heard everything”  His breathing was coming in short gasps.  Jack went to put the mask back, Ianto shook his head.  “In a minute cariad.”  Jack nodded.  “I heard every word, I didn’t want to stop you, I wanted to hear what you had to say without interruptions.  I love you so much Jack, I never want to leave you.”  Jack kissed Ianto’s hand, “yes I want to be Civil Partnered to you.  That would make me the happiest man alive.”  Ianto replaced the mask, his breathing was hurting.

“Oh Yan, I wanted to do it properly.  I wanted to take you away, show you how much I love you.  Give you the ring you deserve.  Now….now I’ve spoilt it haven’t I?  I opened my big mouth, I so wanted it to be special.  Not some quick proposal in hospital.  That makes it feel cheap, like I’ve not thought about it….”

Ianto removed the mask again.  “Jack, shut up and kiss me.  I don’t care how you did it.  I just care that you want me as much as I want you.”  He gasped as a searing pain wracked through his body.

“Yan please put the mask back on properly.  You’re in pain and you need to rest.”

“In a minute cariad.  I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Now please Jack, kiss me!”

Jack leant over and kissed him passionately, just as a nurse appeared in the doorway.  She gasped at the most gorgeous sight she’d seen in a very long time.  The two men in front of her so clearly in love and not caring who saw them.

She coughed “erm excuse me gentlemen, but I need to take Mr Jones’ pulse and check to see if he’s in any pain.”

They pulled apart smiling at being caught.  Ianto quickly replaced his oxygen mask.

“I’m so sorry nurse, but you may find Mr Jones’ pulse elevated slightly!”  Jack grinned wickedly.

“Mmm so I see.  Now boys I don’t want my patient getting too excited.”  The nurse smiled “I can see he’s going to have lots of love and care on his road to recovery.  And gentlemen I’m all for that.”  She duly took Ianto’s pulse and found it was slightly raised, but only because of what she’d witnessed on entering the room.

“Jack!”  Ianto reached out a hand for his lover.

“What my love?”  Jack held on to the offered hand and saw the nurse smile.

“Can I tell the nurse our news?  Or do you want to wait until….”

“No Yan, you can shout it from the rooftops for me, if it’s going to help in your recovery.”

“Boys, is there something wrong?”

“No, in fact everything is fantastic.  Go on Yan, you tell her.”

“We, well Jack, he’s….he’s asked me to enter into a Civil Partnership with him and I’ve said yes!”  He looked at Jack and squeezed his hand.  Jack was grinning from ear to ear.

“Congratulations, both of you.  That’s fantastic news.  Can I….well would you mind Mr Jones if I hugged your partner?”

“Go ahead nurse, and it’s Ianto.”  He smiled as best he could without it hurting as the nurse hugged his gorgeous Captain.  “We’d appreciate it if you kept it to yourself for now.  We’ve not told our family or friends yet.”

“No problem.  I’m so happy for you both.”  She left smiling.

“Now Ianto, you need to sleep.  You’ve had a lot of excitement for one day.  You need to get well.  I’m going to take you away for that weekend as soon as you’re well enough.”

“Will you stay with me, please?”

“I told the Doctor I’m staying, so that’s already sorted out.”  Jack leant down and kissed him before replacing the oxygen mask.  He sat back down continuing to hold Ianto’s hand.  Brushing a stray hair from his young man’s forehead, Jack smiled through his tears.  “I love you so very much Ianto.”


Chapter 42 http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/46970.html

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