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Title:  Secrets Inside - Part 5
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen, Tosh/Paul
Spoilers:  Set after "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary:  What happens when Tosh meets the stranger?
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters I just like to experiment with them from time to time

Master List iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/3003.html

When Tosh arrived for work the following day, Jack noticed she had an unusual spring in her step. He wondered if something had happened the previous evening after he and Ianto had left the restaurant. He remembered that Gwen and Owen had still been with Tosh, so he went to seek out Gwen to ask if she knew what had happened.

“Hey Gwen, did you have a good night last night?”

“Erm …. Yes Jack, it ended different to how I imagined.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I…. er … nothing, just that you and Ianto left early.”

She thought that Jack had guessed she had gone home with Owen. She really didn’t want to have to explain herself. She wanted to keep it a secret. It had nothing to do with anyone except her and Owen. What they did in private was their business, just like Jack and Ianto.

“Did Tosh leave with you?”

“No, she wasn’t very well so she left shortly after you and Ianto. Although I did see her, I think, talking to someone outside the restaurant.”

“Right, thanks” said Jack with a grin.

He went to find Tosh. She was sat at her workstation trying to work but was clearly distracted by something.

“You ok Tosh?”

“Yes thanks Jack, I’m good.”

“Anything you want to tell me? Did you have a good time last night? Gwen tells me you left just after Ianto and I.  Was everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. I felt a migraine coming on so I left to take some medication.”

“Gwen says she thought she saw you talking to someone.”

“Oh that, I dropped my bag and this guy picked it up for me, that’s all.”

Grinning, Jack thought that wasn’t the whole truth, but he said “Oh, Ok, remember if there’s anything you want to tell me you know where I am.”

After Jack had gone back to his office Tosh breathed a sigh of relief, she wondered what Gwen and Owen had seen. She debated whether to tell Jack about Paul. He might be able to advise her what to do. She smiled to herself at the thought of having dinner with Paul tonight.

Unbeknown to Tosh, Jack was watching from his office. Seeing her smile made him happy, he knew she needed something or someone outside of work. Hadn’t he been telling her to live a little for a long time?

Ianto came through the door carrying Jack’s mug full of his favourite coffee. He put the mug down and went up behind his lover. Putting his arms around his waist he asked.

“What’s wrong Jack? You have that look when there’s something puzzling you.”

“It’s just Tosh. When was the last time you saw her looking this happy and contented?”

Ianto just had to say one word – “Tommy”

“I was thinking the same. Do you think she is seeing someone? I hope she is, she deserves some happiness.”

“Why don’t you go and ask her. You know you’ll not be happy until you find out the truth.”

Turning round to face his young Welshman he brushed Ianto’s lips with a kiss and said.

“You can read me like a book cariad, and before you say anything, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Ianto returned the kiss and left Jack to so he could go and finish the work in the archives he had begun the previous day.

Jack continued watching Tosh for a while, drinking his coffee. He knew he should ask her again but he didn’t want to frighten her off. He wanted her to be able to trust him – always.

Tosh shook her head. What was she thinking of? She had to concentrate on work, monitor the rift activity. The others relied on her diligence and the last thing she wanted to do was let them down. What was it Jack had said? If there was anything she wanted to talk about she knew where he was. Well she needed to talk to someone. She didn’t want it to be Gwen, she would laugh at her. Jack would understand, wouldn’t he? After all he knew everything there was to know about relationships – didn’t he? She knew that he and Ianto were in love, that was easy to see. He could help her. She decided, she would take the bull by the horns and go and talk to Jack, before she missed something vital on the screen which would upset Cardiff.

Jack saw Tosh get up from her workstation and head towards his office. He had to do something quick, he didn’t want her to know he’d been watching her. He moved over to his desk and switched on the camera down in the archives where he knew Ianto would be working. Perhaps he could get away with making her believe he was watching his gorgeous Welshman. Switching on the monitor Ianto appeared on the screen, jacket off, tie loosened and shirt sleeves rolled up. Just as the door to his office opened, Ianto leant over the desk to retrieve some paperwork and it brought back an erotic memory of the last time the pair of them were down there. Feeling the stirrings in his groin he switched to another shot. This time of Autopsy and Owen re-arranging the instruments. There was a time and place for Ianto, and now with Tosh in his office, it was not the right time. Pulling his chair under his desk so Tosh couldn’t see his obvious reaction to Ianto, he said

“Hi, what can I do for you?”

“Have you got a minute. There’s something I’d like to run by you”

“Anything for you Tosh.”

“What did Gwen say she saw last night?”

“Just that you were talking to a young man, why who was he?”

“When I left the restaurant I dropped my bag and this guy picked it up and we got talking.”

“Oh yeah! Was he cute? If so can you introduce us?”

“Jack, you’ve got Ianto, what are you like?”

“Yeah, I know and he knows I love him. I’m just trying to lighten the mood.”

“Jack, please, if I don’t say this now I never will.”

“Ok Tosh, I’m sorry, carry on.”

“This guy who picked up my bag, well he’s a tourist and he asked if I knew a good coffee shop. I told him about Ianto’s favourite shop and he invited me there.”

“Great, who is he? Are you seeing him again? If so when and do we get to meet him?”

“Jack ….. stop with all the questions. If you give me a chance I’ll tell you.”

“Sorry Tosh, I’m just curious, eager to know who he is and whether you like him, and if it’s going anywhere.”

“Jack …. Please. Firstly, I can tell you that I’m having dinner with him tonight. Yes, I do like him, he makes me laugh and no I don’t know where it’s going. I’ve only just met him. His name is Paul Archer and it’s his first time in Cardiff. He’s staying at the St David’s and I’m a little nervous, I haven’t done this type of thing for a very long time. The last time I saw anyone was Tommy and I don’t think that really counts does it?”

“Yan and I were just saying that before you came up here. You deserve to have some fun. If just going for a coffee puts this kind of smile on your face, just imagine what you would be like if anything else happened!”

“Jack! I’m not like that. I’m only going for dinner with him, nothing else. If anything pans out, great, if not, then that’s fine too.”

“Tosh you deserve it, go and have fun.”

“Thanks Jack, but could you do me a favour?”

“You know I can, what is it?”

“Just please don’t tell anyone. No let me rephrase that. Don’t tell Owen or Gwen. I don’t mind Ianto knowing, I know he won’t say anything, but Gwen and Owen, you know what they’re like, they’ll treat it as a joke.”

“Ok, you have my word. No mention to Gwen and Owen, but if Ianto asks I’ll just tell him you’re meeting someone for dinner. Is that ok?”

“Thanks Jack. I knew I could trust you”

Tosh left Jack’s office feeling a lot calmer and confident about her situation. The fact that she was able to talk to Jack about it, she knew she had done the right thing. She wasn’t even bothered if Ianto knew. She stopped at the kitchen to get a drink. She suddenly thought about what she was doing. It was a different side to her personality and thinking about it she found she like the feeling. Ok if it didn’t amount to anything that didn’t matter, did it? No of course not. She was just doing what she deserved ….. having fun. 

Jack watched her go to the kitchen and then down to her workstation. He saw she had an air of contentment about her now. The far away worried look from earlier had dissipated. He realised he was looking at a new Toshiko Sato and he liked what he saw. She deserved some happiness after all she had been through. He didn’t want to dwell on things too much, this was a time to celebrate and be happy. He began wondering what had happened between Gwen and Owen from the previous night. He hadn’t let on what he had seen, it was their business. If they wanted to talk, like Tosh, they knew they could talk to him without him judging them. He was thinking about switching the camera back to Ianto when movement in autopsy caught his eye. Gwen had joined Owen. He’d sat Gwen on the table and was proceeding to kiss her passionately. Raising his eyebrow and grinning, Jack got his answer to the question he had just asked himself. 

He switched the camera back to the archives. Ianto was still busy working away. A smile spread over Jack’s face. He’d had an idea for some fun with his lover, once the others had gone home.


~~~~~ * ~~~~~


Paul woke from a restful sleep, he felt refreshed and ready to take on Torchwood. He would get to know Toshiko in the next couple of days and that would inevitably lead him onto bringing down Jack Harkness and destroying his lover Ianto Jones.

He looked at his watch and decided to have a relaxing day for a change. He deserved it. It would all begin with the meal with Tosh tonight. He grabbed his camera and laptop and decided to search through his photo’s to see if he could discover more of the water towers’ secrets. He spent the next couple of hours dissecting each picture, but to no avail. It wasn’t ready to give up it’s secret yet. He would find out one way or another.

Right! He thought. I need to show an interest in Toshiko. What should I get her? He made his way down to the gift shop for inspiration. 

Not really finding anything, Paul needed some air. He subconsciously found himself sitting opposite the Water Tower again. He knew he shouldn’t, but he began forming ideas in his mind, what it was that was special about this feature. Maybe there was an energy about the tower. From the information he’d received he knew there was rift activity in Cardiff. Maybe this was the centre of it. Maybe there was a secret office below the tower. He thought about going to stand near the water, but that would draw unnecessary attention to him. He knew they could monitor this area and he didn’t want to frighten Tosh away.

Paul left the seat and wandered around some shops still searching for a special something for Tosh. He found it in a second hand shop. A brooch of a cat. It was covered in black and white gems with a bow of ribbon around It’s neck in red gems. Perfect, he thought. Not too extravagant but not tacky either. The owner of the shop was kind enough to find a box for it to go in. Taking his purchase, Paul checked his watch, realised he had missed lunch, so made his way back to the hotel.

He decided to stay in his room for the remainder of the day to plan out his next move. Ordering a snack from Room Service, he worked out that he had three and a half hours before he needed to be in the Lobby awaiting Tosh.

Paul got out the information he had on Ianto Jones. One sister, married with two children, neither parent on the scene. Adored his niece and nephew. But the most important piece of information was – he was in a relationship with Captain Jack Harkness. Seeing them together last night, he knew it was a sexual relationship. No two men would show that kind of raw emotion in public if they weren’t. This made it all the better for Paul. He had to get Mr Jones away from the Captain long enough to be able to inflict pain on both of them to ensure Torchwood suffered.

He went back to the safe and pulled out a black box. It would be too easy, he thought, looking at it’s contents, to just shoot Ianto Jones. No. He had to torture him first. Enough for Jones to beg him to release him from the pain by shooting him.

Smiling to himself, he put the gun and the files back in the safe and went to get a shower.


~~~~~ *~~~~~


Tosh seemed to skip around the Hub all day, causing her colleagues to raise their eyebrows at her carefree image. Gwen questioned Jack, but failed to glean any information from him as to the lightness of her mood. Gwen questioned Owen about it too, but he didn’t seem too bothered.

 “Well at least whatever it is, it’s keeping her away from me!”

 “Owen that’s mean. You know she has a crush on you, she doesn’t get out much. Maybe this is the turning point in her life.”

 “Gwen, she stands no chance with me, she’s not my type. If she’s found another poor soul to shag, then good on her!”

 Gwen glared at Owens last comment.

 “Sorry Gwen, I didn’t mean it to sound mean. I wish her all the best. She finally deserves some happiness.”

 Tosh went to see Jack later in the day to ask if she could leave early to go and get ready for her meal with Paul.

 “Tosh you don’t need to ask. For something as important as that you need to go early.”

 “Thanks Jack. I’ll make up the time tomorrow.”

"Er….. no you won’t Miss Sato. I don’t expect to see you before 10am tomorrow. We can cope without you for a couple of hours. Forget what the others think. Go and have a great time.”

“Jack, I wouldn’t dream of coming in late like that. It’s only dinner for goodness sake. I am not going to be spending the night with him!”

“Tosh you do what you feel is right. If that means ending the evening in his hotel room or even staying and having breakfast with him, then all I can say is go for it girl!”

Tosh blushed, she was beginning to feel like a giggling schoolgirl. She didn’t admit to Jack, but she had tried to imagine what it would be like to spend a night with Paul. She shook her head, she shouldn’t be having those thoughts.

Jack noticed that gleam in her eye.

“C’mon Tosh, spill. What are you thinking about now?”

“Er….. nothing….. not really. Just thinking about Paul, tonight and what will happen.”

“Right, too much talking. Off you go home and get ready. You do really deserve this night out.”

Tosh hugged Jack, kissed him on the cheek and left the Hub with a bounce in her step. 

Gwen, Owen and Ianto watched as she left. Ianto looked up to see Jack watching from his office. Jack winked at him and smiled. Owen and Gwen looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders in question and looked to Jack for answers. He just smiled and went back to work.


~~~~~ * ~~~~~


Paul was just wrapping his gift up ready to give to Tosh when a thought struck him. He knew how to get Jones away from Harkness but it would mean getting information from Tosh as to where his sister lived. He smiled to himself. His plan to bring the organisation down was now on a roller coaster ride and nothing or no one was going to stop him. Karen deserved revenge and he was going to inflict it on them all.


Chapter 6 iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/5431.html

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