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Title: Skate to your Heart
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Tommy, Rhi, Mica
Summary:Jack is the ice skating instructor at the local Leisure Centre and Ianto works for Cardiff Council who has just found out that his girlfriend was seeing another woman.
Rating: NC-17 Overall.
Wordcount: 2,405

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I'm now totally addicted to AU's hope you all enjoy this one.

Ianto dropped Mica at his mams saying a quick hello to her before going to say bye to his niece.  He’d had to defend his non relationship status several times to his mam and he didn’t want to get into it again. 

As he was saying bye to Mica she asked “Will you come and pick me up again Uncle Ianto?”

“I suppose so, when I’ve got time.”

“How about Friday, hey then maybe you can watch me if you get there early enough.”

“I’ll have to see.  What time is your lesson on Friday then?”

“4.30, oh please Uncle Ianto say you’ll come it’ll be great.  You can meet my friends and you’ll see what I mean about the Captain.”

“Oh ok then, I finish at 4 on a Friday.  But I might not be able to stay long, I could be going out.”

“When was the last time you went out with a girl?  You don’t have a girlfriend do you?”

“No Mica, but I might have on Friday.”

“You are funny Uncle Ianto.  So will you come and watch me?”  Ianto nodded, Mica hugged him.

“Great, then you can come back to ours for your tea.”

“Your mam wouldn’t want me there, she’s got enough with you and your brother.”  He didn’t really want to spend any time with Johnny, they didn’t get on.

“Oh pleeeaaase….!”

“We’ll see.  Now I really must go, I’ve got some things I have to do before I go to work tomorrow.”

“Ok, see you on Friday.”  She laughed, hugged him and ran up the hallway to her gran who was in the kitchen. 

As he watched her go he thought about the man in the changing rooms with the blue grey eyes.  He shuddered dismissing why he’d had the reaction earlier.  He had no interest in men.  He’d just finished with a woman for goodness sake.  Walking back to his car he tried to get that man out of his mind, but found he couldn’t, he had to do something to take his mind off him.  A quiet night with a good film would do the trick.

Jack finished his swim and was getting changed when his mind went back to the young man when he was standing at the lockers.  How was he going to find out more about him?  He didn’t even know his name.  Come on Harkness, pull yourself together.  You’ve been on your own too long, he’s probably married.

Jack tried to get the young man with the crystal blue eyes out of his mind, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t.  Maybe all the paperwork he had to do that night would take his mind off him.  He had to get the entries sorted out before the weekend, the competition was only a month away and the girls had to know they’d been entered so they could perfect their routine.  His thoughts went to Mica, she was a dark horse.  Not long since she began having lessons, but was able to pick things up really quickly.  Maybe he should enter her?  If she continued to work as hard as she had been doing she might surprise everyone.  He made a mental note to ask whoever brought her to her lesson on Friday. 

He finished getting changed and made his way home, thoughts drifting back again to that young man.

Ianto was not concentrating on the film, his thoughts going back to the man in the changing room.  He was tall, good looking and that smile.  He could have been a movie star.  But those eyes, they didn’t look at you, they seemed to look into your soul.  There it was again, he felt stirrings below his waist.  Come on Jones, you’re straight, you shouldn’t be having those feelings for another man.  He switched the film off, he didn’t know what was happening, he should go to bed, he had a lot to do tomorrow.  He climbed into bed, looking down he saw he was hard again.  He palmed a hand over it.  Why was this happening to him?

Jack arrived home with good intentions of completing all the paperwork, but he couldn’t get the young man out of his head.  As he was making himself a coffee he felt reactions beginning below his waist.  For goodness sake Harkness, you’re acting like a love sick teenager.  He palmed a hand over the front of his trousers, took his coffee and went to bed.

For the remainder of the week Ianto was flat out at work.  They’d agreed to host a Drama Festival and he’d contacted the schools thinking one or two maybe interested, it turned out that all the Secondary schools said they would take part and half of the Primary schools.  He hoped Tosh had worked her magic and got large businesses to part with their money.  He was smiling to himself when the door opened and Tosh walked in.

“Hey Ianto, that’s twice now I’ve caught you smiling for no apparent reason.  Come on spill the beans, who is she?”

“What?....no you’ve got it wrong, I was just thinking how well received this Drama Festival has become, I’m just hoping you’ve managed to get us the money we need.”

Tosh grinned and for the next hour explained which companies had said yes, which ones were still thinking about it and which ones had flatly refused.  By the time she’d finished they both realised that it was time to go home for the weekend.

“You doing anything special Ianto?”

“I’m going to see Mica at her skating lesson.  She practically begged me to go tonight.  She’s loving it and I secretly think she’s got a crush on her teacher.  She can’t stop talking about him and she wants me to see what he’s like.”

Tosh laughed “how old is she?”

“12 going on 20”

“Well enjoy your skating.  If you fancy a drink afterwards then a few of us will be in the Terra Nova at 8.”

“Ok thanks, but I think I’m going back to Rhi’s.  Mica wants me to go to tea.  Personally I could do without being the subject of Johnny’s remarks, but as I don’t see Rhi and the kids much I will have to grin and bear it.”

“Ok but if you need an escape route you know where we’ll be.”

“Thanks Tosh.  Right it’s gone 4, let’s disappear.  I said I’d be at the rink for Mica’s lesson at 4.30.”

“Ok Ianto, if we don’t see you, have a great weekend.”

“Thanks Tosh, you too.  And hey….”  Tosh turned back “take good care of Tommy.”

She smiled “will do.”  She wished Ianto could find a girl.  He deserved some happiness.

Ianto arrived at the rink just as Mica and Rhi were getting there.

“Hi Uncle Ianto, great, you made it, you’ll see what I can do properly now without sneaking a look through the window.  And you’ll be able to see what I mean about the Captain.  He’s really nice.”  She bounded off to change into her skates.

“I swear she fancies her teacher, she can’t stop talking about him.  I must admit though Ianto, he is rather cute.”

“Rhi!  Now I know where my niece gets if from.  You’re just as bad as she is.  Anyway what’s with the title The Captain?”

“Oh he wears this gorgeous World War 2 great coat.  Don’t know why but it suits him.  His name is Jack Harkness, he was an Olympic figure skater, he’s also won British, European and World gold medals, so he knows what he’s talking about.”

“Right, so where is he then?”

“Oh that’s him over there, they guy with his back to us at the sound machine.”

“I see, can’t really tell what he looks like from here though.”

With that Jack turned around and seemed to look straight in the direction of Ianto.  Ianto’s breath caught in his throat, it was the guy from the changing rooms.  He had to get some air, he couldn’t let Rhi or Mica see the reaction he was having.

“Rhi, what time does Mica finish tonight?”

“6.30, the same as the other night, why?”

“Oh, I….erm….I could do with a swim, I’ve not been for a while, the other night was the first time for weeks.  How does the lesson thing work?”

“They all do some warm up exercises together then after about 45 minutes they work on their individual routines.”

“Ok, so….I….well, if I go for a swim now, I should be back to see Mica work on her routine.”

“Ianto you know she’s going to be disappointed if you don’t stay.”

“Look, I’ll be back in time to see her practice.”  Without any more discussion he left.  Once outside the rink he leant against the wall, took several deep breaths, realising that things were happening again.  He raced out to his car, he needed to calm down and swimming a few lengths would help.

Jack had finally completed his paperwork over the last couple of days ready for the competition.  He had entered Mica and would speak to her parents when he saw them on Friday.  He was sorting the music for the warm up, when he turned to see how many students had turned up and came face to face with the guy from the changing rooms.  He took a deep breath.  Who was he here with?  He couldn’t make out who the woman was he was talking to, was it his wife, girlfriend?  He stared then saw the young man leave.  Jack didn’t realise but he’d been holding his breath.  He let it out slowly, realising that reactions were beginning again.  Come on Jack, you’ve got to get control of yourself, you’ve got a class to teach.  He watched the door to see if the young man came back in but when he didn’t Jack felt disappointed.

“Ok people, let’s begin, we’ve got a lot to get through today and there are certain ones of you whom I’d like a word with during the break.”

Everyone made their way on to the ice, Jack had calmed down sufficiently to be able to get on the ice too.  All through the warm up he was looking at the students trying to figure out who’s father the guy could be.  If he was truthful with himself he felt slightly disappointed, if one of these students was his that meant he was straight.

Jack was disappointed as he came to the end of the warm up session, the young man hadn’t returned.

Ianto got to his car and had to hold on to the sides of it to stop himself from collapsing.  He couldn’t go back into the rink, not now.  How could he face Rhi and Mica when that man was the Captain who Mica raved on about?  He would go for a swim, that would calm him down, then he’d see what was happening in the rink before he went back in.  He could see everything from the window.  He didn’t want to disappoint Mica.  He would go in for the last few minutes.  Getting changed he looked down at his arousal, he took several deep breaths and palmed a hand over it.  This was getting ridiculous, this had never happened to him before, why was it happening now?

The warm up session went well and Jack noticed that Mica had begun to help some of the younger ones with their steps.  She was definitely one to watch.

“Ok kids let’s break for ten minutes, Mica who’s here with you tonight?”

Mica looked around and saw only her mother sitting around the edge.  She was disappointed that her Uncle wasn’t there.  Maybe he’d just gone to get a coffee.  Looking back at Jack, “my mum’s there, why have I done something wrong?”

“No Mica I just need a quick word about an upcoming competition.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll take you to her.”

They went across and whilst Jack spoke, Mica began looking for Ianto.

“Hi Mrs Davies, I realise Mica hasn’t been skating long, but I would like to enter her into the local competition next month.  I believe she could benefit from the experience.”  Although Jack was talking to Rhi he was constantly looking for the young man.  He was disappointed that he’d disappeared.

Mica was half listening to Jack, but looking for Ianto.  She heard Jack mention the competition but didn’t hear what Rhi had said in reply.  He promised he would watch me, why has he gone?

“Mica….Mica!  what do you think to Mr Harkness’ idea?”


“Mica….where are you manners?”

“Sorry mum….I was just looking….”

“Enough of looking, what do you think, do you want to have a go at the competition?”

Jack could hear mother and daughter talking but wasn’t really listening until.

“Mr Harkness….Jack.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Mica said she’ll have a go.”

“Great, it’ll mean hard work, but she’s capable, I’ll get the entry sorted out.”  Jack left them and went back to speak to another parent.

Ianto looked at the clock, he’d been in the pool nearly an hour and he’d promised Mica he would watch her.  He had to go back in the rink, he wouldn’t have to look at the Captain, he would just concentrate on Mica.  Making his way back he saw Jack talking to Mica and Rhi so he held off going in until he saw him move away.

“Mom, Uncle Ianto’s back.  Where have you been?”

“Oh I’m sorry, I went for a quick swim whilst you warmed up, it’s your dancing I want to see.  Am I forgiven?”

“Of course Uncle Ianto, promise you won’t disappear again?”

“I promise.  Now, come on then, let’s see what you can do.”

He watched as she got on to the ice, glancing briefly at the Captain.  Luckily he didn’t see him.  Ianto concentrated on what Mica was doing and listening to Rhi explain about the competition.

Jack finished talking to the parents about the competition and went to sort out the music.  Turning to see how his students were getting on he saw that the young man had reappeared.  His breath caught in his throat, he looked like he’d been swimming again, he pictured him in trunks, wet from just emerging out of the pool.  Then his heart sank.  He saw him talking to Mica and her mother.


Chapter 3 http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/49626.html

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