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Title: Skate to your Heart
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Tommy, Rhi, Mica
Summary:Jack is the ice skating instructor at the local Leisure Centre and Ianto works for Cardiff Council who has just found out that his girlfriend was seeing another woman.
Rating: NC-17 Overall.
Wordcount: 2,568

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I'm now totally addicted to AU's hope you all enjoy this one.

Ianto was enjoying watching his niece skate.  She was good, well he thought so.  He’d also been watching Jack, he could see how much he loved teaching and how much he loved the kids.

It seemed no time at all when the lesson came to an end.  Mica skated over to Ianto, a huge grin on her face.

“Uncle Ianto?”

“Mmm what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just Karen and her mum are going for a drink in the café and want to know if I can go with them.  Pleeease!”  She looked at him pleadingly with huge brown eyes.  How could he resist her when she looked like that?

“Well Uncle Ianto, can I?”

“I don’t see why not,” he looked at his watch “it’s 4 o’clock, I promised your mam I’d have you home by 5 for your tea, so I guess you’ve got 45 minutes to chat with your friend.”

“Fantastic!” she hugged him “has anyone ever told you you’re the greatest uncle a girl could ever have?”

Ianto laughed “considering you’re my only niece….nope.”  He watched as she skated back to her friend.

“Looks like you’ve been abandoned.”

Ianto was surprised to hear Jack’s voice at the side of him, and had to take a deep breath.  “What?....Oh yeah, girly chat and a lemonade and it’s oh Uncle Ianto will be ok on his own.”  He laughed.

“Well Uncle Ianto how would you like to go for a coffee with teacher whilst you wait?”  Jack surprised himself by asking Ianto that question.  He’d not intended to ask the gorgeous man to go for a coffee so soon.

“Sounds like a good idea, thank you.”  Ianto was taken aback by his answer to the good looking older man.  He’d not thought about it but just answered him straight away.

“Great, just give me five minutes to put the music away and I’ll be with you.”

Mica came bounding up to Ianto.  “We’re going up to the café, Karen’s mam says you can join us if you want to.”

“Thank her for me, but tell her I’m sorry but I’m going for a coffee with Mr Harkness.”

“Oh….alright, erm I’ll see you later then.”

Ianto watched as his niece went to catch up with her friend.

“Right Mr Jones, shall we go get that coffee?”

“Yeah, and it’s Ianto, please.  It makes me sound old when people call me Mr Jones.”

“Ok, Ianto it is, and it’s Jack.”  He smiled.  “For the record Ianto, you’re not old, you’re….” he stopped.  What was he going to say?  You’re young and gorgeous?  No Jack too much, you’ll scare him away before you’ve even got to know him.

“I’m what?”

“Oh I was just going to say, you’re looking decidedly cold without a coat, come on let’s get that coffee.”  Jack had to avert his eyes from looking down the young man’s body, he’d noticed the cold was making his nipples prominent through the thin t-shirt.  He was beginning to react again, he needed to put his coat on.

Ianto watched as Jack turned and picked his great coat up.  His eyes were drawn to the older man’s arse as it was nicely displayed through his trousers which were stretched taught.  Ianto took a deep breath, realising reactions were happening that he really didn’t want this man to see.  He watched as Jack shrugged into the coat, yep Jack, that coat looks good on you, Rhi was right.

“Come on then, I’m ready for a coffee.  I love these kids but boy are they a noisy lot sometimes.”

“I can see that, but I can also see that you’re great with them and that they love you.”

“I could never see myself doing anything different, I’ve been skating too long.  So Ianto what do you do?”  They’d arrived at the café.  “Look before you tell me go grab that seat over there and I’ll get the coffee.  Better to talk when you’re sat down.  How do you take your coffee?”

“White no sugar, thanks.”  Ianto went to sit in the only booth that was vacant.  He hadn’t realised how busy the café got on a Sunday afternoon.  He looked around for his niece and spotted her animatedly talking to her friend, oblivious that he was there.

Without warning Jack appeared at the table, “there you go, hope its ok.  The coffee here leaves a lot to be desired sometimes.”

“I’ve found a great coffee shop in the bay that has a wide selection of flavours.  I love to go there when I have some free time.”

“Sounds good, maybe I could join you there sometime?”

“Yeah, would be nice to have some company.”

“What, no Mrs Jones to take out then?”  Jack what the hell do you think you’re doing?

“What….oh….erm, no, I’m single now.”  What did you tell him that for?

“Oh, right, was there a Mrs Jones?  Look I’m sorry if it sounds as though I’m prying.  It’s not very often I get to chat with another adult.  I’m usually spending all my time with students.”

“No that’s fine.  There was going to be, she….erm, well I….I found her in a passionate embrace with another woman.”  Why did you tell him that?  You don’t really know him.

“Oh God Ianto I’m so sorry.”

“No, it’s over with, I’ve finally moved on.  I was in a bad place for a while, but I now know I’m happier without her.”

“Is there a current girlfriend?  Sorry I’m doing it again.  I’m not normally this inquisitive.”

Ianto realised he wanted to tell Jack everything, be honest with him right from the start.  But the start of what?  “No, there’s no one.  I’ve not found anyone yet.”

“Oh right”  Harkness you’re reading this all wrong, he’s straight.  “What do you do for work then Ianto?”

“I’m the Director of Finance for the Arts Funding at the Council.”

“Wow high flying job then?”

Ianto laughed he was finding it really easy to talk to Jack, “no not really, I just decide who gets money, who doesn’t and what Arts Festivals we as a Council can realistically put on in Cardiff.”

“Sounds an interesting job.”

“It can be, but not as interesting as yours.  I can tell that you really love what you do.  Rhi, that’s Mica’s mam, my sister, tells me you competed in the Olympics.”

“Yeah, a long time ago, I achieved my ambition of getting there, I wasn’t bothered about winning, although I did come third behind Brian Boitano and Brian Orser.”

“I’m sorry but those names don’t mean much to a skating virgin like me.  Mica even told me off on Wednesday.  I called something a jump and she corrected me saying it was a….a toe loop?”

Jack laughed “yeah it is, it’s one of the simplest jumps done with the use of the toe pick and it takes off and lands on the same backwards outside edge.”   Ianto looked totally confused and raised his eyebrows in question.  Jack smiled God he looks cute when he does that.

“Look, if you’re going to be coming to pick Mica up on a regular basis I can see I’m going to have to educate you.  That way you’ll get into her good books.”  They both laughed staring into each others’ eyes.  They stopped suddenly aware of the intensity that was radiating from one another.  Their laughter stopped and each reached for their coffee, Ianto catching the mug wrong and sending the contents spilling over the table.

“Oh I’m so sorry Jack, I hope it didn’t go on your coat?”  Ianto grabbed a napkin that was on the table and began mopping up the spilt coffee, catching Jack’s fingers as he did so.  As their fingers touched each felt a tingle shoot through their hands.

“Hey, don’t worry, you didn’t get any on me.”  Wow that was surprising, what is it with this man?  Why am I feeling like this?

“I don’t know what happened, are you sure it didn’t go over you?”  Your eyes are gorgeous, why am I feeling like this?  What was that when I touched him?  “Look let me make it up to you.  How about I buy you a proper cup of coffee as an apology?”

“That sounds good, thank you.”  Jack knew he wanted to spend more time with this young man.  He was good looking and easy to talk to.  He wanted to know more about him.

“Great, they’re open late tonight, what if I get Mica home then meet you there, say….about six?”  Ianto Jones what are you thinking of?  Why would he want to spend time with you?  But Ianto found he liked talking to Jack and he wanted to get to know more about him and his skating.

“That sounds good, are you sure your niece and sister won’t mind?”

“No I wasn’t staying for tea, I can only stomach my brother-in-law once a week.”  He laughed.

“Ok, I’ll let you get Mica home and I’ll see you there around six.  By the way what’s the name of the coffee shop?”

“Oh sorry, that would help….it’s Coffee Mania in Mermaid Quay.”

Mica had spotted Ianto and Jack talking and came running over.  “You ready Uncle Ianto?”

“Yep, let’s get you home.”

“Are you staying for tea again?”

“No, I’ve got some work to do ready for tomorrow, so I’ll have to get home.”

“Oh, alright, but you promise you’ll come watch me again.”

“Of course I will.”  Ok Ianto, firstly why didn’t you say you were going for a coffee with Jack?  Secondly you’re making it sound as though you can’t wait to come back and watch?  He shook his head, what he did in his private life was just that, he didn’t have to explain himself, especially not to his 12 year old niece.

She grabbed his hand, “come and say bye to Karen and her mum, she’s single, then we can go.”

Ianto looked at Jack and they both smiled and shook their heads, realising Mica was match-making.

“I’ll be there in a minute, I just want to say bye to Mr Harkness.”  He couldn’t bring himself to call him Jack in front of Mica.

“Oh, ok, we’ll be over there.”  she pointed to where Karen and her mum were sitting.

“She’s a bright girl, your niece, she’s only looking out for you.”  Jack laughed.

“Yeah, but I wish she wouldn’t, I can look after myself and find someone on my own.”  Ianto laughed too then realised what he’d just said and blushed.  “Right….erm….thanks for the coffee Jack, I’m sorry you ended up wearing it, but I’ll make it up to you later.”

Jack smiled at the blush that crept up Ianto’s neck to his face, “No worries, I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll see you about six then?”

“Yup”  Ianto held out his hand for Jack to shake.  As soon as their hands touched they felt that tingle again.  Their hands remained together just that bit longer than normal, they realised and let go.  Ianto blushed again at the smile on Jack’s face.

“Right, see you later.”  And Ianto had gone.

Jack watched him leave, recalling the blush that had highlighted the younger man’s cheeks.  He felt the reaction beginning again.  Smiling, raising his eyebrows at the thought of seeing him later, he wrapped his coat around himself and left to go change.

As Ianto was heading towards his car he could hear Mica talking but wasn’t really concentrating on what she was saying.  Instead he was thinking about the feel of the older man’s hand in his own.  How they’d lingered those extra seconds, how nice it felt.  He looked at his watch, ten minutes to five, enough time to drop Mica home, get back to his flat, change then get to the coffee shop for six.  He suddenly realised he was looking forward to seeing Jack Harkness and smiled.

“Uncle Ianto….Uncle Ianto, you ok?”

“What….oh sorry Mica, what did you say?”

“I asked what you thought of the Captain.  You weren’t listening were you?”

“Sorry I was thinking about the work I’ve got to do before tomorrow.”  You’ve done it again, why don’t you just tell her the truth?

“I asked if you liked him?”

“Mmm, he’s a nice guy.  I can see why you like him, he’s great to talk to.”

“I knew you’d like him.  Will you come and watch me again?”

“I don’t see why not, when’s your next lesson?”

“Wednesday, it’s every week and now Sunday’s too.  You will come won’t you?”

Ianto nodded as they got in the car to drive home.

Jack was still smiling when he got home.  He hadn’t felt this relaxed in a very long time.  He was looking forward to seeing Ianto again.  He bounded up his stairs, looking at his watch he had 20 minutes before he’d have to head back to the bay.  He stripped and jumped in the shower. 

Deciding what to wear proved to be a difficult task.  He’d got out black trousers, white t-shirt and a blue shirt, but then decided against them.  Instead he opted for blue jeans and a Captain America t-shirt.  Smiling he headed out and back to the coffee shop.

Ianto reached his flat, let himself in and stood in the hall.  What was he thinking, asking Jack to meet him at the coffee shop?  He liked Jack, found him easy to talk to, but what had he felt when their hands hand touched?  He made his way through to his bedroom, stripped and went for a quick shower.

Emerging, he smiled he wanted to know more about Captain Jack Harkness, be he was unsure why.  He looked in his wardrobe trying to decide what to wear.  He looked at his suit, no Ianto you’re just going for a coffee not to work or an interview.  He shook his head, why was he nervous?  He decided on his black jeans and a Blue Gillespie t-shirt.  Grabbing his leather jacket he decided to walk to the coffee shop, it was only five minutes away.

Jack entered the shop looking around for Ianto, but a quick scan of the room told him the young man hadn’t arrived yet.  He looked at his watch, five to six.  A thought flashed through his mind that he wouldn’t turn up.  But as he turned to go back and wait outside the door opened and in stepped the young Welshman.  Jack’s breath was taken away for the second time that day.  The tight jeans emphasising the curves of his arse as he turned to close the door, the t-shirt fitted in all the right places.  Jack had to pull his great coat tighter around him, otherwise Ianto would notice the tightness at the front of his jeans.

Ianto stepped into the coffee shop checking his watch to make sure he wasn’t late.  As he looked up he came face to face with a beaming Jack.  Ianto had to take another deep breath, the man looked gorgeous in tight jeans and t-shirt.  He hoped he could sit down before Jack noticed his reaction.

“Hi….erm, I hope you haven’t been waiting long?  I decided to walk as I only live around the corner.”

“No, just arrived, shall we sit down?”

Both men made their way to an empty booth, hoping the other hadn’t seen their reactions.


Chapter 5 http://iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/50030.html

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