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Title: Skate to your Heart
Author: iantosdreamer46
Genre: AU
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, Tosh/Tommy, Rhi, Mica
Summary:Jack is the ice skating instructor at the local Leisure Centre and Ianto works for Cardiff Council who has just found out that his girlfriend was seeing another woman.
Rating: NC-17 Overall.
Wordcount: 4,071

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the BBC and RTD, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

A/N I'm now totally addicted to AU's hope you all enjoy this one.

“Have you decided what you’d like to drink?”

“No, I was waiting for you, you seem to know about coffee.”

“Yeah, I developed a taste for different flavours when I was on holiday in New York.  Can’t seem to get the same ones here, but the different ones they do in this shop are the best around.”  He smiled as he looked up from the menu into the blue grey eyes of Jack.

“There’s quite a few, so Ianto, I think I’ll let you decide for me.”  Jack smiled, pleased he was sat down as he looked into the blue pools that were Ianto’s eyes.

“Oh….erm….ok, I will ask thought, do you like white chocolate?”

“Mmm, I love any chocolate any way, or where it’s served.”  Jack grinned wickedly and saw Ianto blush.  Ianto smiled and felt the heat rising up through his neck to his face at Jack’s comment.  Why was an innocent comment like that having such a profound effect on him?

“Oh, well, my favourite flavour involves white chocolate.  Do you want to try that one or would you prefer something simple?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.  Let’s be adventurous, how often does a man, especially me, get an education about coffee from a good looking man like you?”  Jack stopped, looked at the young man opposite, “I’m sorry I….I didn’t….”

“No Jack it’s fine, don’t worry.”  Ianto could feel himself blushing again.  What had Tosh said?  He was good looking, now this man sat opposite had said exactly the same.  Maybe they were right.  But why did it feel so much nicer coming from Jack.  “Two white Mocha’s it is then.”

Jack watched as a blushing Ianto approached the counter.  What the hell did you say that for Harkness?  He’s going to think you’re crazy and as soon as he’s drunk his coffee he’s gonna be gone.

Jack wasn’t really concentrating on what was going on around him until he felt a presence at the side of him.  Looking up he saw those blue eyes again, this time smiling.

“Got you a do-nut too, hope that’s alright?”

“Mmm what flavour and I’ll let you know.”  Jack was smiling again, pleased that Ianto had relaxed once more.

“Oh, well there’s caramel or double chocolate.”

“Ooo double chocolate sounds great, thanks.”  Taking the tray from Ianto, Jack placed it on the table and watched as the young man slid into the seat opposite, all the while trying to avert his eyes from the front of the young man’s jeans.  He didn’t want to scare this young man off, but he had noticed a tightening of his jeans when they’d first sat down.  It was only mirroring his own, but he was able to hide his reaction.

“Right Captain Harkness, I hope you like whipped cream, as I got us the full works.”

“Looks interesting Mr Jones, what did you say it was?”

“A white Mocha”

“And what other delightful things am I going to experience when drinking this?”

“Well, it’s an espresso with white chocolate sauce, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream.”  Ianto smiled, Jack’s eyes seemed to light up as each ingredient was mentioned, and Ianto thought that he looked like a kid at Christmas.

Jack was listening to everything the Welshman was saying.  Realising the combination of the ingredients and the gorgeous Welsh vowels were beginning to make his trousers feel very uncomfortable.  He had to pick the glass mug up with both hands as he didn’t trust himself with just one.  Plus he wanted to savour the flavour, not spill it.

Ianto lifted his mug and took a sip of the hot silky liquid and as he put the mug back on the table Jack noticed he’d got cream on his nose, and laughed.

“What’s the matter Jack, don’t you like it.”

“No, it’s not that, you’ve got some cream on the end of your nose.”  Without waiting for Ianto to do anything jack leant over and wiped the cream from the young man’s nose with his finger.  Immediately putting the finger in his mouth and slowly sucking the cream off.  He released the finger with a slight pop.

Ianto stared at the older man, a feeling beginning in his groin.  Shit Jack, that looked so erotic.  He shook his head, why was he thinking like this?  He placed his hands under the table not wanting Jack to see them shaking, as he did so he touched the front of his trousers and felt the beginning of an arousal.

Jack noticed the look on the young Welshman’s face, mmm what do we have here?  He hadn’t deliberately set out to make a simple act into something sexual but as soon as he’d got his finger in his mouth he could feel his trousers getting tighter again.  He shouldn’t be doing this, the guy infront of him was straight, but he wanted to know more about him, he realised he was attracted to him.  He’d have to be careful, but how could he find out without asking him straight out?

Ianto felt he had to say something to break the sexual tension between them.  He said the first thing that came into his head.  “So Jack where did the name Captain come from?”

“Oh just some joke after a costume I wore in a competition once.  I danced to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrews Sisters and it just seemed to escalate from there.  Then my friends on the team bought me this coat as a retirement present and it’s stuck.  Why do you like it?  The coat I mean.  People often think I look sexy in it.  What do you think Ianto?”

“Erm….yeah, I do….erm like it I mean.”  He blushed and yeah you do look sexy in it.  Fuck Ianto!  What the hell?

Jack smiled “Thanks”  He had to go, he didn’t want to, he wanted more from the gorgeous young man opposite, but he’d have to bide his time.  He’d noticed Ianto’s reactions mirroring his own but didn’t want to push things.  He would have to think of another way to see him without making things too obvious. 

He looked at his watch “this coffee is gorgeous.  I never knew it existed.”

“Some of the flavours aren’t nice but I have one or two favourites.  This is one of them.”

Jack drained his mug “I can see why it’s gorgeous” Jack stopped he was going to say just like you.  He really needed to leave this man otherwise he’d say something he regretted.  “Look I’m really sorry Ianto, but I’m going to have to call it a night.  I have the confirmation of the entries for the competition to get in before midnight tonight and they’re going to take me three or four hours.  As much as I’ve loved having your company, I really must get them finished.”

“No problem, I’ve enjoyed your company, it makes a change from sitting home alone watching a movie.  So, thank you Jack.”

Jack had a thought “Hey Ianto, how would you like to impress you niece?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you admitted that you didn’t know anything about skating, how would you like to learn?”

“Me….ice skate?  I’d never be able to stand up.”  Ianto laughed

You’re even more gorgeous when you laugh  “How about I teach you?  You could come to the rink after work and I’d help you.  That way you’d be able to show Mica what you could do.  What time do you finish work?”

“Anytime between 4.00pm and 4.30pm each day.”

“Well then, how about you come straight from work tomorrow and I’ll give you a lesson, then you’ll be able to show Mica on Wednesday what you can do.  She’s got another lesson then.  Hey how about you come for another lesson on Tuesday too that’ll give you plenty of time to practice.”

“What about everyone else who uses the rink at night?”

“On Monday’s there’s no-one using it until 7pm when the ice disco’s on, and Tuesday’s there’s no-one there until 8pm when the hockey team practice.  So we’ll have plenty of time.”  Ianto hesitated.  “Come on Ianto it’ll be fun and it’ll surprise that lovely niece of yours.”  Jack had his hands in his coat pockets and realised he’d crossed his fingers hoping the young man would say yes.

Ianto looked at Jack and noticed how his blue grey eyes looked pleadingly at him reminding him of a puppy dog’s eyes.  His immediate reaction below the waist took his breath away, if he was honest he wanted to see this man again, why, he wasn’t sure.  He smiled at the look on Jack’s face “Go on then I’ll be there.  It might be fun.  But you’ve got to promise me one thing!”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“You’ll not let me fall on my arse.”

Jack laughed “I promise I’ll look after your arse, it’s too nice to damage.”  Jack you’ve done it again.  “I’m sorry….I” he noticed Ianto turn a cute shade of pink again and felt his arousal begin again.

“That’s ok Jack.”  He smiled through his blushes.  Ianto what is it with this gorgeous man?  What is it you want from him?

“That’s settled, what time shall I expect you?”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can after four.”

“Great.”  Jack stood to leave.  “Thanks for the coffee and I’ll see you tomorrow then!”  He held his hand out for Ianto to shake, this time the tingle that they both felt wasn’t in their imaginations.

“It’s a date then Jack, see you tomorrow.”

Jack left him and as he went back to his SUV he smiled, raised his eyebrows mm I’d love to go on a proper date with you Mr Jones.

Ianto watched Jack as he left the coffee shop. Wondering why he’d mentioned date.  Was that what he really wanted?  He smiled as he left the shop to walk home.  All the reactions he’d had to this man, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea seeing him again, he really did like him.

The following day at work Ianto found his mind drifting back to his conversation in the coffee shop.  He was still thinking about Jack when his phone rang “Ianto Jones, Finance….”

“Ianto I’m sorry.”

“Rhi, what now?”

“Just wanted to thank my little brother for looking after Mica on Sunday.  She says you went in the café for a drink with Mr Harkness.”

“Yeah we did, Mica was with her friend and her mam so I knew she’d be ok.  That was alright wasn’t it?  I mean you didn’t mind her going with her friend?”

“No, no problem at all.  We sometimes go after practice on Wednesdays so that’s fine.  Speaking of Wednesday, Mica says you’re coming to watch again.”

“Yeah, she talked me into it, it’s quite interesting to watch her do something that I’d find impossible to stand up on.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“What….what do you mean?”  Did she know he had liked talking to Jack?

“Oh it’s just Mica told me she’d let on that Karen’s mam was single.  I thought….”

“Rhi will you and Mica stop matchmaking.  When I’m ready for another relationship, I’m sure I’ll find someone.”  He laughed.

“I’m sorry little brother, right, I must go I’ve got work this afternoon.  We’ll see you Wednesday then.  Bye!”

“Yeah Rhi I’ll see you then, bye.”

Ianto replaced the receiver.  It wasn’t Karen’s mother he wanted to see again it was Jack and that both terrified him and excited him at the same time.

He suddenly realised he’d been clock watching, something he hadn’t done since he’d been at school.  He was, if he was truthful, looking forward to his skating lesson that night.

Jack had been pacing around his apartment for the last half an hour.  What’s wrong with you Harkness?  Get a grip, you’re only giving him a skating lesson.  But he couldn’t get those blue eyes out of his head.  He looked at the clock.  Aargh!  Another four hours to go before he saw him again.  He had to do something to take his mind off that young man.

He made a split decision he’d go shopping.  Yep that was always a good idea when he was nervous.  Jack grabbed his keys and headed out.  He spent the next couple of hours wandering around the shops but not really looking to buy anything.  He did however buy a pair of jeans.  Looking at his watch he saw he just had time to grab something to eat then get back to the rink.  He realised he’d subconsciously made his way to their coffee shop.  Since when had Coffee Mania become their coffee shop?  He smiled as he entered.  What was it that we had last night?  He looked at the menu board, oh yeah white mocha.  He ordered one and a ham Panini to go with it.  He usually ate late on a Monday, but he would be with Ianto so he needed something now.

Sitting down he began thinking back to the previous night and the whipped cream he’d wiped from Ianto’s nose.  Why he’d licked it from his finger he didn’t really know, but he’d felt a reaction and thought he’d seen something in the young man’s eyes too.  Checking the time he saw he’d got 45 minutes before he had to be at the rink.  Eating his snack he found himself looking forward to seeing the young man again.

Ianto checked his watch again.  It must have been the third time in the last 20 minutes, smiling when he realised that it was five minutes to four.  He couldn’t concentrate on drafting the monthly finance report, so he powered down his computer ready to leave.  Just as he was putting his jacket on Tosh walked in.

“Ianto….oh sorry, have I caught you at a bad time?”

“No not really Tosh, what can I do for you?”

“Oh, erm, Tommy, Suzie and I are going for a pizza tonight.  We thought you might like to join us.”

“Oh I’m sorry Tosh I’ve got another appointment.  I’m afraid I can’t get out of it.”

“Oh is there something I can help you with?”

He couldn’t tell her the real reason.  “Erm…no….but thanks anyway.  I’ve got a meeting with a guy from London who wants to produce a singing festival.  His name escapes me, but if you just hang on I’ll check my diary.  It was last minute and he’s only in town today.  The powers that be decided I’d be the one to meet him.  Anyway I’ve got to get to the St David’s in the next ten minutes so I’m sorry but I’m going to have to love you and leave you for today.”  Ianto you’re rambling, just come straight out and tell Tosh who you’re really meeting!

“Hey no worries, look if there’s anything you need whilst you’re in this meeting just let me know and I’ll bring it for you.”

“Great, thanks Tosh, but I think I’ve got everything covered.”

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then, and you can fill me in on the details.”

“Ok, night.  Hey maybe we can get that pizza some other night?”

“Sure Ianto, no problem, night.”  And he disappeared leaving Tosh staring after him.

He felt guilty not telling his best friend the truth, but he didn’t quite know what that was yet.  He looked at his watch 4.05pm he needed to get to the rink otherwise jack would think he wasn’t going.

Jack had been in the rink for the last fifteen minutes and had debated whether to lace his skates up or wait until Ianto arrived.  He decided he needed to warm up, so he quickly tied his skates and stepped onto the ice.  He looked at his watch 4.20pm, no sign of Ianto, maybe he wasn’t coming, maybe he’d decided against it.  He carried on around the rink and as his muscles warmed he began doing a few of the jumps he was teaching his students.  He’d just landed a double salchow when he noticed a figure stood in the doorway.  He stopped, a huge grin spreading over his face.  It was Ianto, he’d turned up after all.  He skated over to him.

Ianto got caught up in a traffic jam and what should have taken him five minutes took fifteen.  By the time he arrived at the rink it was 4.20pm.  He hoped Jack hadn’t gone, he was secretly looking forward to his lesson.  As he entered the rink he saw a lone figure on the ice, Jack.  He stood in awe as he watched him land the jump perfectly.  He smiled when he saw Jack heading towards him.

“Ianto, great you’re here.”

“Yeah, sorry, got caught up in a traffic jam, accident I think, not sure.  It seemed to have cleared as I got passed it.”

“No problem, I was just warming up.”

“Wow if that was warming up, I’d love to see you in full skating mode.”  He blushed at the choice of words he’d used.

Jack noticing the pink tinge creep up from Ianto’s neck into his cheeks caused him to take a deep breath, he didn’t want any reactions happening that might scare him away.  Not now he’d finally got him on his own.

“What was that you’ve just done?”

“Oh you mean that jump?”  Ianto nodded.  “It’s called a double salchow.”

“Sounds painful!”  Ianto smiled.

God you’re gorgeous when you smile.  “Only if you fall!”  Jack smiled then.

You’ve got a gorgeous smile Captain, no wonder people like you.  “So come on then explain it to me.  Maybe that’s all I’ll need to impress Mica, you know, telling her what a particular jump is.”

“Oh no Mr Jones, you’re not getting away with it that easily.  You are going to get on this ice and by the end of tonight’s lesson you will be able to stand up and skate around.”


“No buts, I’ll help you and as I said yesterday I’m not going to let you fall on your arse.  It’s too nice for that!”  He saw Ianto blush again, and smiled to himself.  I’m not going to apologise anymore for saying things that are true.  “Come on then let’s get you sorted with some skates.”

Jack stepped off the ice and led Ianto to the skate hire desk.  “Right, what size do you want?”

“Oh….erm….you sure this is a good idea?”

“I’ve told you I’ll not let you fall, and we can take things slowly.  So, come on what size?”

“Erm, 8 please.”  Ianto took the skates from Jack and they went to sit down.

“Have you ever skated?”

“Nope….and I’ve no idea how to do these things up.”

Jack laughed, “ok, lesson number one.  Here give me one of the skates, I’ll show you then you can do the other.”

Ianto handed a skate to Jack, he felt like a little kid learning to tie his shoe laces for the first time.

“Right, these hooks at the sides need the lace wrapping around them, then you need to cross the lace infront and continue up until you reach the top.  Then you need to wrap the lace around the top of the boot tightly so it supports your ankle, but not too tight as to cut the circulation off.  That’s right, then you need to tie it in a knot and make sure there are no loose ends dangling that you could catch your other skate in and trip up.  We cross the laces for ease of removal if you have an accident, that way we just cut up the laces to get the skate off.”  Jack looked up to see a look of horror on Ianto’s face.  “I’m sorry, I’ve just gone into teacher mode, it’s what I tell all my students on their first lesson.  Don’t worry you’re not going to have an accident, I won’t let you.”  He smiled as he looked into Ianto’s blue eyes.

“Oh….erm….right….thanks”  Ianto laced the other skate just as Jack had explained, “is that right?”

“Yep, I can see you’re a fast learner.  Com on then, let’s get you on to the ice.”

“Are you….are you sure I’m ready?”

Jack laughed.  “Oh Ianto if you never try something new you’ll never know if you like it or not.  So, come on.”  He held out his hands, “I’ll help you up and onto the ice.”

“Oh, ok.”  Ianto looked up at Jack as he stood and held out his hands for him.  Taking them he felt that tingle again and this time a sense of safety too.

As Ianto placed his hands in Jack’s, Jack knew he wasn’t imagining that spark from the previous night, he’d just felt it again.  “You set?”  Ianto nodded and looked down at his feet willing them to move.  “Come on then, we’ll walk over to the barrier and you can hold on to that whilst I get on the ice.”

Ianto tried to move, but his legs weren’t getting the signal.  It was proving difficult to walk let alone skate.

“Just put one foot infront of the other.  Your skates aren’t going to bend like shoes, but the blades are slightly curved.  Take your time we’ve got until 7pm.”

Ianto held tightly to Jack’s hands and started to walk.  Once he got the idea of knowing the blades weren’t flexible he slowly made his way to the barrier.

“Right Ianto, I want you to hold onto this whilst I get on the ice, then I’ll help you down.”

Ianto released his grip on Jack and reached for the barrier.  He held on tightly as he watched Jack step gracefully onto the ice and turn to make his way back to him.

“Come on then, slowly, still holding the barrier put your left foot down onto the ice first then your right.  Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I’ll not let you fall.”

Ianto carefully placed his left leg onto the ice and felt it move.  He gripped the barrier so tight his knuckles turned white.

“Don’t worry I’ve got you.”

He felt a protective arm go around his waist.  That feels nice Jack!  Ianto!  What the hell?  But he felt safe with Jack’s arm around him.  He moved slightly to put his right foot down onto the ice and felt himself begin to move forward.  “Jack I’m….”

“No you’re not, I’ve got you.  Take it slowly.  That’s right, now do you think if I moved infront of you, you could take hold of my hands, then as I skate backwards you could try moving forwards?”

“I’ll have a go.”  Ianto tentatively grabbed hold of Jack’s hands and as Jack began to move, his grip got tighter.

“Erm, Ianto….if you continue holding me that tight you’re going to stop my circulation.”

“I’m….I’m sorry, it’s just I don’t want to fall.”

“I’m not going to let you.  Just relax Ianto, I’ve got you.”  Ianto looked down at his feet.  “Ianto look up, your eyes don’t tell your feet what to do, it’s your brain.”  Jack stopped, Ianto looked up into Jack’s blue grey eyes and he felt his knees begin to turn to jelly.  Those eyes, God Jack they’re gorgeous.

“That’s better Ianto, keep looking at me, I’ve got you….honest.”

Ianto started to move again feeling a bit silly holding onto Jack’s hands, but also liking the feeling.

They managed to get a quarter of the way around the rink when Ianto’s right toe pick got caught on the back of the blade on his left foot, causing him to fall forward.

Instinctively Jack let go of his hands and grabbed him around the waist, Ianto’s arms went around Jack and held on.

“See I told you I wouldn’t let you fall”  He helped Ianto up so they were facing each other.  They hadn’t let go of one another, so their faces were close, each feeling the others breath.  Jack looked into Ianto’s blue eyes, “you ok?”

“Mmm I am now, thank you.”

Not knowing who actually made the first move, but Ianto felt his head lean forward and his lips on Jack’s, kissing him.  He realised what he was doing and pulled away.

“Oh God….I’m….shit….I’m sorry Jack.”  He pulled right away from him, slithered to the barrier and made his way off the ice.


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