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Title: Baby It's Cold Outside
Author: Iantosdreamer46
Rating: R, adult themes, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: Ianto has been immortal for a while but Jack is scared he's going to lose him.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to RTD and the BBC. I am just experimenting with them....
Written for the longliveianto bingo 2: Ice
Words: 4,216

Jack was woken by the rift alarm sounding.  He looked across to a sleeping Ianto and smiled.  He still couldn’t’ believe how lucky he was to have found him and then his second stroke of luck to have Ianto immortal.  It had been tough on Ianto coming to terms with his immortality, but Jack and Owen were now even more convinced it was permanent.  Jack had tried to keep his young lover safe but the nature of their work meant they were all put in danger every day.

He tried to move without waking the sleeping man, but Ianto had his legs wrapped around Jack which made it harder to sneak away.

“Mmm still too early Cariad, need to sleep after last night.”

“I know sweetheart, but the rift alarms going off.”

Ianto was up and pulling on his trousers before Jack could get out of bed.  “I see you’ve got too much energy Yan, we need to do something about that.”

“Oh, we will, when we’ve sorted our visitors out.  I do believe it’s my turn to show you what I can do with my….”

Jack’s phone bleeped, he looked at Ianto, smiled and raised his eyebrow provocatively.  Ianto kissed him and went to put some coffee on, knowing the team would work much better with caffeine inside them.

Jack raced up the steps to Tosh’s workstation to see what it was that had come through the rift this time.  As he got there he glanced at his phone.  The message he noted, was from Tosh.  Jack, Owen and I are stuck in my apartment, there’s snow about ten feet high outside and it’s frozen solid, sorry.  Phone lines not functioning properly, will try again soon.  Txx

Jack smiled at the opening, he was pleased Tosh had finally managed to tame the cranky medic.  He texted back, Ok, no worries.  And Tosh!  Make the most of the time.  I’m sure you could find something to do with Owen.  Jxx

Ianto’s phone had buzzed whilst he was in the kitchen.  It was from Gwen.  It appeared she was having a problem getting out of her apartment too.  He went to see what Jack had found.  Wrapping his arms around Jack’s waist he leant in and kissed his lovers neck, “what have we got Jack?”  he heard a soft moan escape Jack’s lips before he answered.

“Other than me wanting you more than ever, it appears Tosh and Owen can’t get out of her apartment.  I’ve told them to enjoy and do whatever springs to mind.”

“It’s the same with Gwen.  She and Rhys are stuck in their apartment block.  She said she was going to get Rhys to dig their way out.”

“If it’s as bad where they are as it is with Tosh and Owen, they’ll not have much luck.  The snow that’s fallen has frozen solid.”

“Do we know what’s caused it?”

“Not yet, I’m still checking.  All I do know is that it should be hot and sunny out there, it is the middle of August.”

“But you know what British Summertime is like Jack!”  He kissed Jack’s neck again.

“Any more of that Ianto Jones, and we’ll have no problem melting the ice.”  They both laughed.

“Seriously Jack, what is going on?”

“Look here.”  Jack pointed to a spike, “the last time I saw anything like that was back in 1874”

“What is it Jack?”

“It’s an Illandsaf.”

“What is, an….Illan….?”

“An Illandsaf.”

“Yeah that.”

“They decide they want to move and find a new planet and freeze it.  The only problem is they don’t always like to be told to leave.”

“What are we going to do?”

We are not going to do anything my love.  I on the other hand am going to go and talk to them, tell them that Cardiff is not the best place to live.”

“Oh thanks Jack, I live here too don’t forget.”

“Mmm how could I when I have you in my bed every night.  But you know what I mean.  If they turn Cardiff to ice and snow where are they going to move on to next?”

“You could tell them the North of England’s a much nicer place.”  He smiled and kissed Jack’s neck again.

“Mr Jones, have you something against that part of the country?”

“No not particularly, but at least then they’ll leave us alone.”

“Unfortunately that’s not quite right.  Once they’ve cooled down the UK they’ll move onto Europe and eventually the whole world.  So you see I’ve got to persuade them to leave.”

“Well, let me come with you, perhaps two of us would be better at persuading than just one.”

“No sweetheart.  I want you to stay here, stay safe.  I don’t want anything to happen to you, just in case….”

“Jack!  We’ve been over that before, I’m ok with everything now and you know what Owen says, I’m more than likely the same as you now.  He’s forever doing tests and….”

“No!  Yan, please, just this once, for me, stay here.  They’re a really nasty bunch.”

“But Jack, I’m….”

“NO!  I’m sorry Yan, I didn’t mean to shout.”  He turned to face his young lover, snaking his arms around his neck.  Jack leant in for a kiss, “I’m sorry sweetheart, but I’m scared.”  Ianto looked questioningly at Jack.  “I’m scared of losing someone else I love, I’ve lost too many over the years.  I know Owen’s done all those tests, but he didn’t know if it was permanent.”

“Jack, it’s been over a year and we’ve had….what shall I call them….incidents, and I’ve survived.  You’ve got to let me do more stuff Jack, I’m careful and you’ll be there.”

“Just this once, for me sweetheart, please stay here.  You’ll be helping me as Tosh can’t get in.  You’re the only other person who can read the computers.”

“That’s just an excuse Jack, we can monitor everything from the SUV.”

“Ianto….my gorgeous Yan, please, just this one last time, I promise once we get rid of the Illandsaf I’ll let you come with me every time.  It’s just these are extremely vicious.”  He looked into the crystal blue eyes he loved so much, smiled and batted his eyes.  He knew Ianto’s reaction would be immediate and sure enough he felt the start of the young man’s arousal.

Ianto couldn’t help but react when Jack batted his eyes like that.  He also knew Jack’s reaction wouldn’t be too far behind his own.  He pulled his lover closer, there it was.  He knew Jack was right, but he needed to get on with his work, his life, he couldn’t stay safe forever.  He had to get out and work.

“Ok….ok Jack, but this is the last time….I’ll stay, man the computers, but Captain Harkness, you owe me!”

“Oh most definitely Mr Jones and I’ll clear all my debts tonight and that’s a promise.”  He kissed Ianto gently, then felt hands around his neck pulling him in for a much deeper kiss.  Jack parted his lips allowing Ianto’s expert tongue entry to map every contour of his mouth. 

The rift alarm sounded again causing them to break apart.  “We’ll continue this when I get back.  Hold those thoughts Mr Jones and I’ll sort this out for you then.”  Jack palmed a hand over the front of Ianto’s trousers causing a moan to escape the young man’s lips.

“Mmm I’ll hold you to that Cariad,” and he brushed his hand over the now prominent bulge in Jack’s trousers.  “I love you Jack, and nothing is going to part us….ever.”

Jack quickly kissed him and turned back to the monitors.  “Looks like it’s moved and heading for Bute Park.  I’m going to get there quicker if I take the back streets.  They tend to snarl up all main roads first.  Keep monitoring it for me sweetheart and let me know if it moves.  The phones won’t work properly so we’re only going to be able to communicate by comms, but I’m not sure how long they’re going to last.  The Illandsaf take out all communication systems first, that way no-one can get to them.  Tosh and Gwen were lucky this morning, if they’d left it any later they wouldn’t have even got the texts through.”

“What about the cold Jack?  It’s going to affect you.  How are you going to negotiate with them if they’re going to freeze everything?”

“I have a thermal suit down in the archives.  It’s old but it worked last time, I’ll go get that and hopefully it still works.”

“I’m scared Jack.  I need you back here, safe, in my arms, in our bed tonight.  Don’t do anything stupid will you?”

“I promise, but I really need to get rid of them.  I have to keep this planet safe.”

“We do Jack, it’s not just your fight, its ours now.  All of us, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, as well as you and I.  We’re all in this together.  You don’t have to do anything alone anymore.”

“Oh Ianto, I know, it’s just I’ve….I’ve encountered these before and I know what they’re capable of.  Just….please just let me do this.”

“Ok, but remember if you need me, shout and I’ll be there.”

“I know, but don’t worry I’ll have this sorted out within the hour.  I’ve got the perfect planet to send them to.”  He kissed Ianto’s button nose and reached for his great coat.

Ianto was quicker, helping Jack into the coat he smoothed the fabric over his Captain’s shoulders.  He leant in and kissed Jack’s neck.  “Come back to me Cariad….please.”

“Jack turned and hugged his young lover, “always my love….always.”  He bounded out of the Hub heading to the Archives to retrieve the hot suit.

Ianto turned on the CCTV and watched as his lover grabbed a canvas bag, the turned to face the camera.  Jack smiled and winked, knowing Ianto was watching.

Ianto smiled as he felt his blood supply head south again.  No matter what anyone said Jack was the best thing that had happened to him in years.

Jack headed to the SUV hoping the exit to the garage would be free of snow and ice.  By all accounts they hadn’t reached the Bay area just yet.  He smiled at the images of Tosh and Owen stuck in her apartment.  He was wishing it was him and Ianto that were trapped, but….that would happen soon enough.  He’d persuade the Illandsaf that this planet was unsafe and give them the co-ordinates for another more suitable planet.  He smiled at the thought of crawling back into bed with his Ianto.

Ianto couldn’t do anything but wait.  He went for a coffee.  He felt useless, he wanted to be with Jack, he wanted to be able to help.

Jack arrived at Bute Park, the trees were already like huge crystals.  The Illandsaf hadn’t wasted any time turning the park into ice.  He retrieved the suit from the bag and knowing he would freeze outside, he struggled into it still sat in the SUV.  His comms got in the way so he removed them briefly and placed it on the passenger seat thinking he should remember to replace it just before he put the head cover on.

As Jack was zipping the suit up he saw movement out of the corner of his eye.  He looked out of the window to see two Illandsaf running through the park.  Quickly he replaced the head cover and made his way, albeit cumbersome, after them.

Ianto was monitoring the spike and noticed a second one appear at the Millennium Centre, he was about to call Jack to let him know, when he saw a third spike at the St David’s.  He knew it would be impossible for two of them to go to the three places, besides Ianto didn’t know if there was another hot suit, he’d have to ask Jack first.

“Jack, we have two more sightings, one at the Millennium Centre and the other at the St David’s.  which one would you prefer me to go to first?”  he waited for a reply.  Nothing.  “Jack, Jack….Cariad….can you hear me?”

Still nothing.  Ianto was beginning to get worried.  Jack always answered his comms.  He tried again.  “Jack, please tell me what’s going on.  Jack we have more of the Illandsaf appearing, what do you want me to do?”  Nothing.  He was scared, Jack had to be alright.  He made a decision, he would go to Bute Park, help Jack, then they’d go to the other locations and get rid of them.

Ianto made his way down to the Archives to check for another hot suit.  He couldn’t locate one, Jack must have taken the only one.  There was nothing for it, he’d just have to hope that Jack had been able to get rid of them and be on his way back.  Ianto tried to send a text to let Jack know he was on his way, but there was no signal.  The Illandsaf had finally disabled the communication system.

That was it, he was scared that something had happened to his Jack, he needed to find out.  The only way to do that was to go to Bute Park.  He just hoped his car would get him there.  What had Jack said?  He was going via the back roads, the main ones would be out of action.  He ran to his car, praying Jack was ok.

Jack had finally managed to catch up with the creatures.  He suddenly realised in his haste to stop them, he’d left his comms in the SUV.  He just hoped Ianto was ok and hadn’t been trying to contact him.

Jack stood facing the Illandsaf “you need to leave, you don’t belong here.  Your race promised you wouldn’t come back.”

“Well, if it isn’t Captain Harkness, I thought you’d be old or dead by now.  You don’t look any different.”

“My good looks keep me young and my varied lifestyles have helped along the way too.  Now, you need to leave.  This is not the planet for you.  I have just the place where you’ll be extremely happy.  Let me give you….”

“No Captain, you forced us to leave once before.  That planet you sent us to died, we need to have this planet.  The life on here will sustain us for several hundreds of years.”

“Oh, but I can’t let you do that, I live here and I like the planet as it is thank you.  Now, here are the co-ordinates for a planet very similar to Earth, you’ll be very happy there.  Leave us and let these people get on with their lives.”

“Oh very touching captain, but I do believe we’ll stay.  We like it here.  Now go back to where you came from and let us continue dealing with this planet.”

Jack was too busy concentrating on trying to persuade the Illandsaf to leave, he hadn’t seen Ianto arrive in his car.  He was about to try negotiating again when he heard movement behind him.  Turning around he saw Ianto getting out of his car.

“NO!  Ianto, stay in your car.  The cold will….”  He couldn’t make his lover hear, the visor muffled his voice and with his comms still in the car, he had no way of alerting Ianto to the problem.

Ianto saw the suited Jack talking to two of the aliens and knew he couldn’t use the comms.  So he decided to go over and talk to him.  He knew it would be cold so he’d brought an extra coat.  He just didn’t realise it would be this cold.

“Jack!  Jack, there’s more of them….Jack, Cariad can you hear me?”  He began making his way to his lover.

Jack looked on with horror as Ianto began walking toward him.  He had to stop him, the cold would knock him out, it may even kill him.  He had to….

“Ah, what do we have here?”

“What?  What are you talking about?”

“We have another human, and….Oh dear Captain, he appears to be concerned for your safety.  I see he cares a great deal about you.  Oh Captain what will you do without him?  He’s more than a colleague isn’t he?”

“He’s, no he’s a colleague.”  Jack was trying not to think of Ianto in any other way.  He’d forgotten the Illandsaf were telepathic.  “No he’s….”

“You can’t fool me Captain Harkness, he’s your lover isn’t he?  We can see from his thoughts you are more than just his colleague.”


“Oh dear Captain, we have hit a raw nerve haven’t we?”

“Please, just leave earth and let us all just get on with our lives.”

“Not so quickly Captain, we’re going to have some fun first, then we may decide we like it here and stay.”

Ianto had reached Jack and placed a hand on his shoulder.  Jack turned to face Ianto “go back to the SUV, get warm, it’s not safe for you here.”

“They’ve….a.a.a.appeared at t.t.the Millennium Centre.  S.s.sooo c.c.cold Jack.”

Jack could feel Ianto shivering even through his hot suit.  “Ianto it’s too dangerous, please go back, they know about us.”

“Want….w.want to help y.y.you Cariad.”  Ianto could feel his legs shaking.  It seemed as though he was being frozen from the outside in.  He couldn’t feel his fingers and it had only been a matter of a couple of minutes since he got out of the car.

He was looking from Jack to the Illandsaf.  He could hear Jack talking but couldn’t understand what he was saying.  Jack could feel Ianto shaking even more.  He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.  He had to get him back to the SUV.

Jack turned to the Illandsaf, “LEAVE.  US.  ALONE.  We haven’t done anything to you, what do you want from us?”

“We want your planet, you’re food to us.  We need you all so we can survive.”

“But you’ll kill us all.”  He felt Ianto slip and went to catch him, but the awkwardness of the suit and trying to negotiate with the aliens, he was too late.  Ianto had fallen to the floor.  Jack screamed, “NO!  Ianto!”  He looked at the alien, “You’ve killed him.  Get away from here.”  Jack fumbled with his gloves, he had to get to his wrist strap.  He didn’t want to do it this way, he’d wanted to negotiate a peaceful settlement.  Now they’d made him angry.  This was the only way to be rid of them.  He pressed a few buttons.

“No Captain, you can’t do that we’re too strong, we are going to stay.”

“No….you’re not.”  He looked at them and pressed on final button and the Illandsaf disappeared.  Jack had sent them to the coldest planet he could.  They’d survive, just.  They would have to make do with a lack of light, but at least it would be cold.

He bent down to see if Ianto was breathing.  He felt like a block of ice.  No pulse.  His lips were blue and he had ice crystals forming all over him.  Jack knew he had to get him warmed up.  He needed to get him back to the hub.  He tried to phone Tosh, still no signal.

He tried to send a text, no luck there either.  He bent down and picked his gorgeous Welshman up.  Cradling him carefully in his arms he carried Ianto back to the SUV.  Placing him in the back Jack removed the hot suit.  He checked again for a pulse.  Still nothing.

“Yan, sweetheart, wake up.  I need you to come back to me again.”  He leant in to kiss the gorgeous lifeless lips just as his phone buzzed.  Jack, it’s like a miracle, the snow’s gone, we can get back to the Hub if you need us. Txx  Jack quickly typed a reply Tosh I need Owen there asap.  Ianto’s….Yan’s dead.  I need him to help him.  Jack pressed send and jumped into the drivers’ seat.  He drove back as quickly as he could, checking on Ianto as he went, hoping that he’d come round and everything would be alright.

As he pulled into the garage, he saw Tosh, Gwen and Owen waiting for them.

“Anything Jack?”

“No Owen, he’s still….still….”

“Ok, let’s get him into the Medical Bay, Tosh, Gwen get some heaters, as many as you can find.  Jack….hey Jack, help me carry him.”

“No!  Sorry Owen, no, let me I’ll carry him.”

“Ok, but Jack, he….”

“Don’t say it Owen I’m not listening.  He’s going to come through this like every other time.”

“Jack you’ve got to understand, this was one eventuality we didn’t allow for.  I can’t promise….”

“You’ve got to save him Owen, I couldn’t….”  Jack couldn’t finish his sentence.  He could feel tears coursing down his face.

“I’ll do my best Jack.  First we need to warm him up, and no I don’t mean in the way you normally would.”  Owen was trying to calm Jack down.

“I don’t need your sarcastic remarks thank you Doctor Harper.  I just need you to make him well again.”

“Yeah Jack, I know and I’m going to do everything in my power.  Now go get a coffee and I’ll call you if….when I need you.”

Owen looked at Tosh, indicating with his eyes that she should take Jack out of the way.

“Jack, come on, let’s get that coffee.”

“No!  Sorry Tosh, didn’t mean to snap, but I want to stay here in case….when he comes back to me.  I don’t want him on his own.  He’s still relatively new to all of this.”

“Please Jack, I’ll let you know when….”

“OWEN!  Get it through your head that I’m not going anywhere until….until Yan’s back with me.  And don’t tell me he might not come back, because I know he will, he has to.”

“Ok….ok, but stay out of my way.  Sit over there if you have to stay.”

Jack moved across the room as Owen switched on all the heaters the girls had found.  He wrapped Ianto in a foil blanket hoping and praying he would come back.  Not only for Jack’s sake, but for everyone’s.  he knew if Ianto died, Jack would disappear and this time he wouldn’t come back.

They must have been in the Medical Bay for about twenty minutes when Jack thought he saw Ianto’s hand twitch.

“Owen….Owen, did you see that?”

“What, what did you think you saw.”

“I didn’t think, look….”

Just as Jack pointed to Ianto’s hand he heard the young man gasp, and shout Jack’s name. 

Jack pushed Owen out of the way.  “Yan, sweetheart I’m here.  Hey my love, you’re going to be ok.”

“Nnngh….it hurts Jack.  I’m s.s.soooo cold, it hurts.  Did we, did they go away?”

“Yes sweetheart, I sent them away.  I need you to rest, you’ve been gone a long time.  You need to get your strength back.”

“Mmm yes please Jack, take me to bed, then I’ll sleep.”

“For goodness sake, don’t you two ever think about anything else but that?”

“Owen, you should know.  Haven’t you just spent….”

“Yeah, well that’s enough of that.  Erm….Tosh and I….erm.”

“Wow Doctor Harper are you finally lost for words?”  Jack laughed at the look of shock on Owen’s face when he realised everyone knew about his relationship with Tosh.  Jack looked at Tosh who was smiling and had turned a lovely shade of pink.

“Hey it’s about time, and I say good for you both.  Now Doc, can I please take Yan here down to bed?  It’ll be more comfortable for him and I’m sure he’ll get warmer quicker with me looking after him.”

“Ok, ok, but promise me, nothing too strenuous, not tonight.”

“Mmm does that mean we can be adventurous in the morning?”

“You Captain Harkness are….”

“The best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I love him.”  Whispered Ianto.

“Oh please tea boy, enough.  Now on that note I think that’s our cue to leave you two alone.  Come on Tosh, Gwen, let’s go get a drink.  And Jack….”

“Yeah Owen?”

“Look after him.”

“Oh I will…. I definitely will.”  He leant down and lightly brushed his lips over Ianto’s.

Owen wrapped his arm around Tosh and along with Gwen they left their friends to recover.

“Ianto I….I thought I’d lost you again.  I….I don’t know what I’d have done if you hadn’t….”

“Jack, Cariad, don’t even say it.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’m here for as long as you want me.  Now, take me to bed, I need to feel your arms around me.”

“I love you Ianto Jones and I’m never going to let you go.  Now come on I’ll help you.  Then I’ll hold you all night.  I was so scared Yan.”

“I know, and I’m sorry for not staying here.”

“That’s all forgiven, now come on, I’m going to undress you, hold you all night and then in the morning show you how much I love you.”

“Mmm yes please Cariad.”

Jack helped his young lover off the bed and down into their quarters.  It wasn’t long before Ianto was sleeping soundly in Jack’s arms.

Jack kissed Ianto’s nose, saw him smile and whispered “I’m yours forever sweetheart, forever.”


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