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Title:  Secrets Inside - Part 10
Author:  Iantosdreamer46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen Tosh/Paul
Spoilers:  set after "Coutnrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary: Ianto needs Jack and the rest of Torchwood.
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters I just like to experiment from time to time.

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Ianto was scared. He didn’t want to let this crazy man see he was frightened. Who was this man? What did he want with Jack? Ianto went to get out of the vehicle but was stopped.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re going to sit there, both hands on the wheel where I can see them. I’m going to come around the vehicle and make sure you don’t do anything stupid. Do you understand?”

Ianto nodded.

“I said do you understand?”


“Right no trying to go for your weapon, I’ll not hesitate to shoot you if you do.”

Paul got out of the vehicle and went and opened the drivers’ door. Digging his gun into Ianto’s side. “Get out Mr Jones, we’re now going for a short walk.”

Ianto slowly, got down from the seat and asked “What do you want from me? What did you do to Rhi? Is she all right?”

“Oh, don’t worry about your precious sister, she’ll get over it. No, I didn’t harm her. She was a means to get to you.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“All will become clear. I want you to ring Jack Harkness and get him down here.”

“Why should I do that? You have me, isn’t that enough? What do you want with Jack?”

Paul was getting fed up with all the questions from Ianto.

“Stop, stand right there.”

Ianto stopped and turned around to face his captor.

“I didn’t say turn around. You don’t have to look at me to hear me, now turn back and listen.”

Ianto remained facing Paul. He suspected that if he had his back to this crazy man he might shoot him.

“No, I’m not turning around until I get some answers.”

Paul was beginning to get annoyed with this insignificant Welshman. Whatever did Harkness see in this plain man in front of him? “I told you to turn around.”

“And I said no!”

Paul hit Ianto across the head with his gun. Ianto fell to the floor, with blood beginning to run into his eye he tried to move away from the blows. He was dazed and wasn’t quick enough because he saw a foot coming towards him, then he felt it attack his ribs. He went down and tried to crawl away.

Paul was quicker, he grabbed hold of Ianto’s hair and pulled him to a sitting position. Ianto screamed in pain.

“Oh if you think that hurts, then you’re greatly mistaken. This is only the beginning. Now get up and start walking over to that building. We are going to have a little chat and you are going to ring Captain Harkness.”

Ianto slowly stood up. He couldn’t move quickly, a burning sensation in his side prevented him. He wasn’t sure, but he thought one or more of his ribs may be cracked.

Once on his feet, Paul pushed Ianto towards the warehouse. Smiling to himself Paul realised his plan was finally coming together, it was just a shame that the beautiful Toshiko would be an extra casualty in all of this. Thinking about Tosh rekindled feelings and stirrings in his groin. Stop it, you can’t do that, she was a means to an end. But he couldn’t deny she had been fantastic. He was pleased that Ianto couldn’t see what he did next. His hardness became more prominent and he rubbed his hand over it to try to suppress the reaction. He had to remain focussed, she would be hurt but he had to forget her now….. didn’t he? 


Jack’s thoughts were interrupted when Tosh came into his office.

“Hey Jack, you heard from Ianto anymore? I thought he was on his way back? I could really do with his advice on something.”

“Firstly, no, I’ve not heard anymore from him. Secondly he should be back by now. It doesn’t take that long to get from Rhi’s. Thirdly, is your problem anything I can help you with?”

“No, thanks anyway. I just wanted to ask him about coffee. I want to take Paul back to Ianto’s coffee shop. The coffee’s all sound good, but I could do with some advice on the best one.”

Smiling at how relaxed Tosh was talking about Paul, Jack replied “I see. Another date on the cards for tonight is it?”

“Maybe!” she grinned, “I haven’t asked him yet. I’m going to ring him soon to find out. I….it’s….I’m”

“Spit it out. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, there’s nothing wrong. It’s stupid, well you’ll probably think it is, but I’m missing Paul. Does that sound crazy?”

“No Tosh, it doesn’t. When Yan and I first got together it was awkward. He was unsure of his feelings for me. After all he’d just gotten over Lisa. He struggled to admit his feelings for a man. But now if we’re apart too long we both go crazy missing one another. I love him so much Tosh, it hurts when I have to spend too long away from him. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him forever!”

“Oh Jack, nothing will ever come between you. You have no reason to worry. You can see from the look on Ianto’s face when he’s with you, just how in love with you he is.”

Jack got up from behind his desk and hugged his friend.

“Thanks Tosh, I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to him.”

“No, thank you Jack. You’ve just helped me realise my feelings for Paul are more than a casual affair. I’m grateful to have you to talk to. But please, don’t tell Owen or Gwen. Not yet. I’ll tell them when I think the time is right.”

“No worries Miss Sato. Now, go….ring Paul, take him out, then take him to bed and loose yourselves in one another.”

Tosh hugged Jack and as she left his office his phone began to ring.


They reached the warehouse. The pain in Ianto’s side was like someone had stuck a hot needle in him. Paul pushed him forward and he had to put his hands out to stop himself from going head first into the door.

“Open it!”

Ianto pushed the door and it creaked open on its rusted hinges.

Paul pushed him inside. It was dark and smelled of stale fuel. Ianto remained still, his eyes trying to adjust to the darkness.

“Move, come on, walk!”

Paul kept digging the barrel of his gun into Ianto’s back.

They moved forward, slowly. The floor was slippery. Not wanting to fall and aggravate the pain, Ianto felt his way cautiously with his feet.

“Right stop there.”

Ianto put his hand out to see if there was anything he could hold onto. Nothing. His eyes were becoming adjusted to the dim light in the building. He tried to think positive. This man wasn’t going to destroy him or Jack. No one could destroy their love.

“Down on your knees. NOW. Don’t speak, just do it, otherwise I will have no hesitation to hurt you. Got it?” 

Ianto nodded.

“Ok, now for the icing on the cake. I want you to ring the great Captain Harkness. Get him here and we will have a nice little chat before I destroy you both. No, make that everyone at Torchwood.”

How did this man know about Torchwood? What was his reason for destroying them? Why did he have a grudge against Jack? So many questions going around in Ianto’s mind.

“Dial your lover, come on. I haven’t got time to waste.”

How did he know Jack was his lover? Where was he getting this information from? Ianto retrieved his phone from his pocket and hit speed dial for Jack.


“Cariad, where are you?”

“Listen, Jack, don’t say anything.” Ianto’s voice was rasping, he was having trouble breathing properly. The pain in his side was becoming more intense. His voice came in short bursts to try to alleviate the pain.

“Yan, Yan, what’s wrong, has something happened? Have you had an accident?”

“Jack….please….just listen. Urgh! It hurts!”

“Ianto!” Jack’s voice louder and frightened for his lover made the others in the Hub stop and look up to his office questioningly.

“Jack….please. I’m….ok but I need you to come and get me. I’m sorry Jack. I love you.”

“Ianto where are you?”

Another voice came on the line. A voice Jack didn’t recognise.

“Captain Harkness, so pleased to finally talk to the great man. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Who is this? What have you done to Ianto?”

“Oh don’t worry, lover boy is alive……for now!”

“What do you……”

“Stop talking Harkness and listen if you want to see him alive again.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Tears began slowly making their way down his face. The others had seen the look of anguish on his face and ran into his office. 

“Are you listening Captain?”

“Yeah, I’m listening.”

“Right, I want you to follow these instructions exactly. If you don’t your young lover here will suffer more than you can imagine.”

“Please….please don’t hurt Ianto. I’ll do anything you want. Just let him go”

“Oh no, I’m not going to do that. He’s my security. I know you’ll do what I want as long as I have him.”

“Ok, ok… what do you want me to do?”

“In your archives you have information on The Battle of Canary Wharf. I want you to bring that information to me. Got that?”

“How do you know about that? Who are you?”

“Too many questions Captain. Any more and I will be forced to hurt Mr Jones here.”

“Look, I’ll bring it, but I need to know if Ianto’s all right. Please let me talk to him.”

Paul laughed. This was even better than he’d imagined. He knew they were lovers, but this went deeper. It wasn’t just sex as he’d originally thought. It certainly made things more interesting. He was going to destroy them.

“Hey, are you listening? I said I’ll do it but I want to talk to Ianto….NOW!”

“Don’t shout at me Captain, otherwise I’ll be forced to hurt him again.”

“What do you mean again? What have you done to him?”

“Oh dear Jack, I told you not to ask any more questions.”

Paul held the phone towards Ianto and then kicked him again. Ianto screamed in agony. If that rib wasn’t broken before, it is now he thought. Tears began running down his face. He thought of Jack and how he felt safe and secure wrapped in his arms. 

“IANTO, IANTO!” screamed Jack.

“Oh so I have your attention now, do I?”

“Ok, ok, I’m on my way. Where are you?”

“Just before you reach the Grove Estate there is an old industrial complex which they’re going to demolish in the next few days. Come there, you’ll see your vehicle parked outside a warehouse. We are in there. And Captain Harkness......”


“Come alone. Don’t think about bringing Miss Sato, Dr Harper or Miss Cooper. If you do, your precious boy here will die. Got that?”

“Yeah, I’ve got it.”

“You have an hour to get here with that information, otherwise you will be responsible for what happens to Mr Jones here.”

“I’ll be there, just please, don’t hurt him. Now put him back on.”

Paul put the phone to Ianto’s ear.

“Jack.....please do what he....says....aargh!”

“Ianto, hang in there, I’m on my way. Don’t do anything to annoy him anymore. And Ianto.....”

“Yes Jack.”

“Remember ..... I love you.”

“I know Jack, I....love....you....too.”

Paul hung up “Oh very sweet. Right now we wait.”


Owen was the first to speak. “Jack, what’s wrong? What’s happened?”

Tosh and Gwen looked at each other then at Jack questioningly.

“It’s Ianto.”

“What’s happened, has he had an accident?”

“No Tosh, someone’s got him and he’s hurting him. This guy knows all about us. Knows about Canary Wharf. He wants me to take all the information I have on what happened to where he’s holding Yan.”

“What can we do to help?” asked Gwen.

“He’s told me that I have to go on my own. If he see’s any of you, then he’ll kill Ianto.”

The four of them looked at one another. They saw the tears in Jack’s eyes. They hadn’t really grasped how much he loved Ianto, till now.

“Ok we have to get the tea boy.....sorry Jack, Ianto home safe. We must be able to do something.”

“Owen, just at present I don’t care what you call Ianto, it feels good to have your support and I know you don’t mean anything nasty when you call him that. So Owen don’t apologise. You’ve just proved that you care about what happens to him.”

Owen was slightly shocked by what Jack had just said. “Jack you know we’ll do anything to help. Just give the word.”

“I know. Right now this talking is not getting Yan home where he belongs. I have less than an hour to get the information and get to the Grove Estate.”

“You’ll need a fast car so take mine. Only don’t prang it will you? You’ll pay if you do.” Said Owen, trying to lighten the mood slightly.

“Thanks Owen. I’ll keep it in one piece. Right I have to go and get the information. Gwen can you contact PC Andy to see what he can do to help with the traffic? Tosh put a track on Yan’s phone and the SUV just in case our crazed man decides to move him. Owen I need you to somehow get to the Grove Estate Industrial Complex before me. Take Gwen’s car and go now, if you find the SUV don’t approach it, just park somewhere out of sight. Right everyone got that?”

They all nodded that they had and went off to execute Jack’s wishes.

Jack went down to the archives, remembering the last time he was down there with Ianto. A smile crossed his face at his memory of the passionate love they made when they were there. We’ll do it again my love, that I promise. No one is going to hurt you and get away with it. 

He retrieved the information. He’d thought he’d never have to see this again. The box was heavy. He remembered the Doctor, Rose and the loss that everyone had felt. Especially the Doctor. Who was this man? What did he want with this information?  And why now? Jack put the box in the boot of Owens car and drove. Good to her word Gwen had spoken to PC Andy and had sorted out the traffic.

Hold on Yan, I’m coming. I love you



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