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Title:  Secrets Inside - Part 11
Author:  Iantosdreamer 46
Pairings:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen and Tosh/Paul
Spoilers:  set after "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Summary:  Jack goes to rescue Ianto, but does Tosh recognise the voice?
Disclaimer:  I own none of the characters, I just like to experiment with them from time to time.

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Ianto’s ribs hurt, in fact he hurt all over. The floor was hard and his knees were beginning to go numb. If he moved this crazy guy would hurt him he had no doubt about that. He just wanted to go home to JackWhat if Jack didn’t have the information he wanted? He hadn’t remembered seeing anything about Canary Wharf. Maybe Jack had put it somewhere else. He was trying to think of positive things like the last time they’d made love down in the archives. Suddenly he heard a phone ring. Not his though. It continued to ring. Why wasn’t this guy answering it? It stopped. Think positive, good thoughts Ianto. Jack will be here, good as his word, to come and get me. The phone rang again, this time the man answered it.


Tosh was sat at her workstation watching her monitor. She’d done as Jack requested and so far nothing had moved. They were still on the Grove Industrial Complex. She looked at the time, she wouldn’t be going out with Paul tonight. She wouldn’t be going out with him until Ianto was home safely. There wasn’t much she could do unless anything moved. She knew Jack wouldn’t mind, she could watch the monitors, she had to speak to Paul, he would be a calming influence for her while they waited for news. She dialled his number. That’s odd he usually answers it after a couple of rings. Maybe he’s in the shower. I’ll try again in a couple of minutes. She went to get a coffee. Passing Gwen she asked.

“Ianto will be all right, won’t he?”

“Hey Tosh, Ianto’s tough, Jack and Owen are on their way, they’ll get him home in one piece.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just the look on Jack’s face scared me. I’ve never seen him so worried before. I knew they cared for each other. But I think it’s deeper than any of us realised.”

“I know. They’ll get him back and the pair of them will be together again. I saw what you meant. I never realised Jack loved him so much.”

They hugged and went on with their work. Tosh dialled Pauls number again. This time he answered.


Paul’s phone rang. Looking at the caller ID he saw it was Tosh. He couldn’t be doing with talking to her right now. He’d decided to sever all ties with her. That was the best thing......wasn’t it? It rang again. He’d better answer it otherwise she’d just continue to ring.

“Morning gorgeous, how are you today?”

“Not too good I’m afraid.”

“Why what’s the matter sweetheart? Is there anything I can do?”

“No, it’s all in hand. But I just wanted to hear your voice. I’m sorry....if you’re busy....I’ll....I hope you didn’t mind?”

“Don’t be silly, of course I don’t mind.” But he was thinking go away silly girl, your precious Ianto and Jack will soon be no more.

“Paul, I’m so sorry but something’s come up at work, I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet you tonight.”

“Oh” he tried to sound disappointed. “That’s ok, maybe tomorrow night?”

“I’ll have to let you know. Until this problem at work is resolved none of us can go anywhere.”

“Never mind, you just ring me when you’re free.”

“Thank you for being so understanding, and Paul........” 

“Yes Tosh” Oh God what had he just done? Now he’d made a mistake, what if Jones had heard that? He looked across, but his bait looked as though he was ready to pass out.

“Paul, this may sound silly after a short time, but I’m missing you.”

What did he say to that? She was a means to an end. An end that was nearly in sight.

“Paul,..... I’m sorry.....I shouldn’t have said that should I?”

“Sorry....what....er....no, it’s all right. I miss you too. Maybe when everything’s over at your work you could call me and we’ll sort something out. Ok?”

“Thank you Paul that would be good. I promise it shouldn’t be too long. Jack’s on his way to the problem. I’m sorry I can’t say anymore. Look, I’d better go, I’ll ring you soon, I promise.” She hung up without saying anything else.

Paul closed his phone stupid girl, she’s served her purpose, now I’ve got to let her go. I don’t care if she gets hurt. I was only using her after all. These men are my prize. He was adamant that he would forget Tosh. The sex was fantastic, she was great. His thoughts went back to that first night he’d stayed with her. Stop it, you can’t have those feeling for her. His body told him a different story. He could feel himself hard again, just thinking about being in bed with Tosh. It was a good job it was dark in the warehouse, he didn’t want this man knelt in front of him to see his reaction. Turning his back for a second he pushed down on his groin to make the feelings go away.

Ianto was trying to listen to this crazy man’s conversation. He sounded as though he was talking to his girlfriend. Did she know what he was doing? Did she realize he was crazy? Then he thought he heard a name. No it couldn’t be. His mind was playing tricks wasn’t it? He couldn’t have heard Tosh’s name, she was seeing a good man wasn’t she? Not this.......this kidnapper!


Owen arrived at the Industrial complex. He saw the SUV parked outside the warehouse. He drove past it and parked the car behind the nearest building. He got out and walked to the corner. From there he could see the SUV and the doors to the warehouse, and he was hidden enough not to be seen if anyone came to the door. He hoped Ianto was all right. He promised himself he wouldn’t be too hard on the tea boy when they got him home. He must stop calling him that, he knew it wound Ianto up but he like to see him getting wound up. Stop it Owen, you’re being mean again.

He heard the familiar sounds of his own car arriving. Hell Jack, you’ve moved! I hope you’ve not scratched it. Owen you’re doing it again. You can repair your car. Just think about getting Ianto home.

He saw Jack get out of the car and look around for him. He made a noise by kicking a can. Jack heard him and looked over. He acknowledged Jack and nodded he was ready for his next instructions.


Jack arrived at the Industrial Complex and immediately saw the SUV. Parking the car he wondered where Owen was. Getting out he began to look around. Then he heard a noise. Looking in the direction of the sound he spotted Owen hiding at the corner of the building. Jack acknowledged him then tapped his comms.

“Ok gang, I’ve arrived. I’m hoping that everyone is ready. I’ll leave my comms open so you can hear what’s going on. Tosh, I want you to record all the conversation. Gwen, sweet talk PC Andy to keep the roads clear. Owen, on my signal I’ll need you to come and get us.”

They all said they were ready.


“Yeah Owen?”

“He’s gonna be all right. You’ll get him back. He’ll be glad of your help and your love with get you both through.”

“Thanks Owen, with our help he’ll get out of there and we can get back to normal.”

“Jack, what are we going to do with that crazy guy in there?”

“Don’t kill him. I want some answers. If we have to shoot, aim low or use the taser, I want to make him suffer just like he’s making us all suffer especially Ianto.”

Ok, let me know when you’re ready, I’ll be straight in there.”

Jack pushed on the door of the warehouse, it creaked open. Damn, that’s just heralded my arrival. Just what I didn’t want. He entered, closed the door and waited until his eyes had adjusted to the light. Knowing that they’d heard him he shouted “Ianto, where are you?” He got no reply. He tried again, this time he heard.

“Jack, I’m over here, be careful he’s got.......aarrgh!” 

Paul hit Ianto again, now he was eager to end this. He was getting bored with this man in front of him. He wanted to kill him. But he knew he couldn’t until Harkness had seen him. If he was dead then the great Captain would never tell him about Karen.  

Jack had heard Ianto scream in pain. I’m coming sweetheart, don’t do anything silly. This guy may kill you and I’m not going to lose you. I love you. He didn’t want to say out loud how he felt, Ianto knew, but this crazy guy would certainly use it against them. He made his way slowly in the direction he’d heard Ianto’s voice.

“Captain Harkness, so good to have you join us. Now, make you way slowly towards my voice. I want to show you your lover boy here. Oh, he’s still alive.....just.....I need him to remain like that.....for now. But who says what is going to happen to him later. That all depends on you.”

Jack made his way closer to the voice and to his gorgeous Welshman. Ianto was not going to die, this man was.

“Stop right there Harkness. That’s close enough.” Paul pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and shone it in Jack’s face. “Right Captain, now I have your attention, this is what is going to happen. The three of us are going to take a ride. Oh, don’t worry, no one will get hurt anymore if you follow all my instructions. And if I notice anyone following us, Mr Jones here will be the first to go. GOT THAT?”

“Yeah, I’ve got it, but before we go anywhere, I want to see Ianto, I want to see that he’s all right.”

Paul shone the light at Ianto “There he’s Ok, well he’s alive. Now come on let’s go.”

Jack looked across at his beautiful man and saw what this crazy man had done. Ianto’s head was bleeding, he had bruises on his gorgeous face and the expression told Jack he was in a lot of pain. He went over to him and helped him up.


“Don’t Yan, save your strength, we’re gonna be ok.” He hugged him and helped him out.

“Oh very sweet. Our lovers re united......for now.”

Paul followed the two men to the door. He had his gun pointing at both of them. He wouldn’t hesitate to shoot either of them if they didn’t do what he wanted.  Finally he was going to get to the truth and Karen would be avenged when these two were dead. Oh he knew he couldn’t really kill Harkness, but killing his lover would destroy him inside. He would suffer in that way, just as Paul was suffering over Karen. And now she had lapsed into a coma he was more determined to see the great man destroyed.

They made their way out of the warehouse. Owen saw the door open and Jack appeared with Ianto in his arms. Ianto looked bad. He was having trouble walking. His face was black and blue. It looked as though every step he took was a step of agony. Owen was ready, he wanted these two men home safely. He wouldn’t admit to anyone but these men were like family. He saw their captor emerge from the warehouse. He got ready to shoot, but saw Jack glance in his direction and very slightly shake his head. Where was this crazy guy taking them? Jack would let him know, wouldn’t he? Owen waited, he didn’t want to reveal his position. 

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t talk Harkness, I’ll tell you all in good time. Now get in, you’re driving, put lover boy here in the back, I’ll tell you where to go when we are away from this estate.”

Jack did as he was told. Putting Ianto into the back he whispered “Hold on my love, we’ll get home soon and I’ll look after you. Remember I love you.”

Paul got into the passenger seat still pointing his gun at Jack.

“Right, Captain Harkness, I know Mr Jones here has a flat not far from here, so that’s where we’re going. It’ll be cosy, no one will disturb us there. We can say that he’s been in an accident if anyone sees us. Now....don’t do anything stupid, I know you know where he lives, so drive.”


All the while, Tosh and Gwen were listening to the conversation back at the hub. Tosh’s face fell No it couldn’t be.....could it?....not her Paul?

“Tosh, what’s the matter? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost?”

“What....oh.... nothing, I’m ok. I’ve just seen that they’re on the move. Look phone Owen, I can’t risk using the comms, this crazy guy might hear me through Jack’s earpiece. Tell Owen to make his way to Ianto’s flat. He knows the address....and Gwen....tell him to be careful.”

“Ok” Gwen went to ring Owen with the information. She was worried about Tosh too. She was sure that Tosh had recognised the kidnappers voice. No don’t be stupid.   She scalded herself. Tosh would never get involved with anyone like that.

When Gwen had left her to ring Owen, Tosh listened carefully to the recording of the voice. Sure enough....her fears were realised. This crazy man was her Paul. She definitely couldn’t say anything to Gwen, not now. But she must try and get word to Jack. How she was going to do it she didn’t know.....yet. But somehow she would put things right. 


Secrets Inside Chapter 12iantosdreamer46.livejournal.com/9587,html

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